Newsfeed: Saturday, June 15

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    Criminal Boss Nabi Kohbandi Killed in Kabul

    Ministry of Interior reported the killing of a boss of a criminal band in Kabul city.

    Nabi Kohbandi was a dangerous and fugitive criminal who operated in in the surroundings of PD9 of Kabul city and organized criminal activities. He was caught with his subordinates, Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Saturday.

    The statement added that, Nabi Kohbandi was killed on Saturday afternoon in a clash with security forces in surrounding of PD9 of Kabul city.

    Kohbandi was in charge of a group of ten armed individuals in Kabul and was involved in theft, banditry and disturbance of public order in the areas of nine district of Kabul city, as per Ministry of Interior.

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    Herat Provincial Council Gunfire Injures Four

    Security officials in Herat reported the injury of four people in an armed clash in Herat provincial council. Ahdulahad Walizada, Herat provincial spokesman told Reporterly that: “disagreement between members of provincial council led to gunfire.”


    Walizada added that no one was killed in the clash but 2 or 3 people were injured and also said that this incident is followed up by the governor, Army Corps, Police command and Herat NDS directorate.

    According to the report the injured individuals were the bodyguards of Herat provincial council, said spokesman of Herat police command.

    Meanwhile, Ghulam Habib Hashimi, member of Herat provincial council told Reporterly that: “a number of provincial council members were in social – cultural office when Kamran Alizaie’s bodyguards stormed on them, as a result of which several members of the council and many security guards were injured.”

    He attributed the motive of the clash on objection of other members of provincial council against Kamran Alizaie.

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    Armed Clash Occurs Between Two Members of Herat Provincial Council

    Security officials in Herat reported occurrence of armed clash between two members of Herat provincial council.

    Ahdulahad Walizada, Herat provincial spokesman told Reporterly that: “an armed clash happened between two members of Herat provincial members”.

    He added that, the police were sent to the area and the situation is normal now.

    Spokesman of Herat governor did not provide further detail about the incident and stressed that the incident is under investigation by police.

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    Case Involving Embezzlement of 600m AFG From Police Food Contracts Dispatched to AGO

    The Ministry of Interior announced that the case involving the embezzlement of 600 million Afghani from police food contracts has been sent to the Attorney General’s office.

    Nasrat Rahimi spokesman of Ministry of Interior said on Saturday that, the case involving the embezzlement of 600 million Afghani from police food contracts sent to the Attorney General’s office on Tuesday June 11.

    He reported the arrest of 23 employees of logistic and finance departments of the ministry and in charge of a private company in connection case involving the embezzlement of 600 million Afghani from police food contracts.

    Meanwhile, 23 employees of the Logistics and Finance Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Haji Reza, in charge of a private company (Shuja Ab Dara and Hamid Company) were arrested on May 29 in connection with the case involving the embezzlement of 600 million Afghani from police food contracts has been sent to the Attorney General’s office.

    The Deputy Interior Ministry for Support and General Directors of logistics and finance of the ministry were banned from leaving the country.

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    India Emphasizes on Continuation of Cooperation With Afghanistan

    In a meeting with president Ashraf Ghani, Indian PM, Narendra Modi reaffirmed the continuation of India’s support to Afghanistan and said that India will stand with Afghanistan as a friend and strategic partner.

    The meeting took place on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan and both sides discussed about fight against terrorism, regional connectivity, expansion of economic and transit cooperation and regional consensus on Afghan peace process.

    While appreciating the support and cooperation of India in various fields in Afghanistan, president Ghani expressed that sustainable peace is the desire of Afghan people and said that regional countries should coordinate their cooperation on peace process.

    Indian Prime Minister reaffirmed the continuation of cooperation with Afghanistan and added that his country supports Afghan led and owned Intra-Afghan talks.

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    60 Percent of Voter Registration Centers Remain Closed in Ghazni Province

    The Independent Election Commission announced on Friday that 60 percent of the centers will remain close in Ghazni province.

    According to the Independent Election Commission (IEC), voter registration process in some provinces especially Ghazni has not proceeded as it was planned and of the 247 registration centers in the province, only 78 of them are open.

    Meanwhile, new round of voter registration started on 8 June and unlike other provinces, in Ghazni, it is a public registration process.

    According to Independent Election Commission, besides the closure of the centers in Ghazni, the voter registration centers were also closed last week in Baharak, Ishkamish, and Khwaja Ghar districts of Takhar province and Dai Chopan district of Zabul province due to security threats.

    Since the beginning of the new round of voter registration, nearly 25,000 people have registered in 33 provinces without Ghazni province and 35-40 percent of the population are women, IEC officials said.

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    Key Taliban Member Arrested, Weapon & Ammunition Cache Discovered in Uruzgan

    Security officials reported the arrest of a key Taliban member and also the discovery of an ammunition cache of the group in Uruzgan province.

    As a result of the operation of Police personnel of Uruzgan Police Command in surroundings of center areas of the province, a Taliban insurgent was arrested and a large amount of light and heavy weapons and ammunition were seized by the police, said Interior Ministry in a statement on Saturday.

    The statement further added that, following the arrest of the Taliban insurgents, security forces discovered a huge cache of ammunitions of the insurgent group which were kept in a container.

    The security forces seized ammunition depot containing various types of weapons, artillery shells, rocket launchers, hand grenades, radio handsets, military equipment & thousands of light bullets, the statement added.

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    NATO SCR Kay: Afghanistan at Historic Moment for Peace, Call Upon Taliban to Sit for Intra-Afghan Talks

    NATO Senior Civilian Representative for Afghanistan Sir Nicholas Kay expressed in a positive light that Afghanistan is at a historic moment, as opportunity for the peace after 40 years of conflict is “strong and real”.

    Sir Kay commended the efforts of ANDSF who are trained and aided by NATO, and are achieving on “battlefield what Afghan people want-that is peace”.

    Kay also called upon Taliban to sit in an intra-Afghan dialogue with fellow Afghans, and the Afghan government as soon as possible and reach a negotiated end to the conflict.

    “Afghan people demand peace and reduction in violence. And taliban should respect the will of afghan people” he said.

    Sir Kay conceded that NATO and its allies are working closely with government of Afghanistan to bring conditions for lasting peace and that they are united and strong and firm in their commitment for Afghan peace and stability.

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    Khalilzad: International Support Will Enable Peace that Encourages Self-Reliance in Afghanistan

    US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad participated in a meeting chaired by the World Bank. The meeting was about what donors can do to arrive at & cement a peace agreement in Afghanistan that allows for increasing economic well being and prosperity.

    “With international support, such a peace will promote self-reliance by developing internal resources, attracting investments, and reducing security costs”, Khalilzad expressed on Twitter.

    He also said that such a peace can also be a springboard for regional connectivity, development, and economic integration.

    “I was encouraged by what I heard. All Afghans across the country should be encouraged”, he conceded.