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    Enlightening Movement Demands Justice For The Hazara Protestors Of Baghlan

    Enlightening Movement (Junbish Roshnayee) has urged the government to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack on demonstrators in Baghlan province and address the demands of the protesting Hazaras in Baghlan.

    The Supreme Council of the Enlightening Movement said in a statement on Sunday that “violent and suppressive behavior of the security forces with Sunni Hazara protesters in Baghlan is one of the most prominent examples of the autocratic behavior of the government towards the citizens.”

    The Enlightening Movement emphasized that if the government does not pay attention to the demands of protesters in Baghlan province, the Enlightening Movement will take serious measures to support this movement.

    Meanwhile, since past few days, a number of residents in Baghlan province have protested against the parliamentary election votes which has so far left at least 1 dead and 6 injured.

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    12 Afghan Presidential Candidates Calls Consultative Jirga Against Peace

    12 Afghan presidential candidates along with a number of political party leaders in a joint statement considered Peace Consultative Jirga contrary to peace efforts. The joint statement issued on Sunday states that “according to us, this Jirga is unseasonable and contradictory to the peace efforts.”

    These candidates have questioned the ambiguity in the agenda and the lack of inclusiveness of the members of the Jirga, emphasizing that, as the presidential elections approach, any kind of action at the national level is the misuse of government resources indicating the usage for the election campaign of a particular person.

    They argued that the Supreme Court review which has extended the term of office of the president until the election is in contradiction to its authorities and competencies.

    These presidential candidates considered the Supreme Court’s decision unconstitutional and against political consensus, saying that it is a serious obstacle to peace and transparent elections.

    “Instead of spending government financial resources for Jirga, the government should utilize it to address the victims of natural disasters and wars and improve people’s lives,” said presidential candidates in the statement.

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    Peace And Elections At the Center Of Celebration of Mujahedin Victory Day In Kabul

    On the occasion of April 28, when Afghanistan celebrates the Mujahedins’ Victory Day to commemorate the victory of Mujahedin forces over the Communist regime, President Ghani called for a transparent elections saying that “”Let us make the upcoming election the most transparent election.”

    He also talked the consultative peace Jirga and announced that “Afghans will discuss peace in details in the Jirga which will kick off on Monday”.

    At the same gathering, Afghan Chief Executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah also talked about the peace process and said that the war has taken many opportunities from Afghanistan over the years. He added that all efforts should be used for reaching an enduring and dignified peace through an Afghan-led process. The Afghan people are not interested to go back to the “hard days”. Adding to that, the international community’s support to the Afghan peace process is crucial.

    Abdullah said he welcomes the recent consensus reached in Moscow trilateral meeting between US, Russian and Chinese representatives. He instantiated that the ultimate decision about peace will be made by Afghans.
    The former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf in the same ceremony calls on the nation and the government leaders to follow the peace process with unity and says that peace is a must.

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    Chief Executive Welcomes International Consensus In Support Of Afghan Peace

    In a meeting with U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Consensus, Chief Executive Dr Abdullah welcomed the international communiqué in support of peace in Afghanistan, with the participation of the European Union, China and Russia.

    Office of Executive Chief said in a statement on Sunday that in this meeting Dr Abdullah and Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani appreciated the efforts of the United States and Mr Khalilzad to establish a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan and assured the readiness of the government and the help of the people this process.

    “Khalilzad briefed chief executive about the results of his recent trips and visits with representatives of various countries to create a global and regional peaceful settlement for peace in Afghanistan, and the two sides agreed on the principle of inclusive Intra-Afghan peace talks, international and regional consensus in support of peace, joint fight against terrorism and continuation of efforts to achieve peace,” the statement added.

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    Joint Operations In Farah Province Seizes Drugs And Kills 8 Taliban In Ghor

    In a joint operation with Coalition Forces, ANA Special Forces conducted a large scale operation in Bakwah, Farah and destroyed more than 100000 KGs of opium drugs. It is speculated that the Taliban were involved in preparing, dealing & smuggling of these drugs.

    In another Statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, 8 Taliban insurgents were killed, 6 were wounded and a vehicle was destroyed in clearance operations conducted by ANDSF with air support from Coalition Forces, in Bandbayan area, Dolina village, Ghor province.

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    President Ghani’s Special Envoy Daudzai Fights To Conduct The Peace Consultative Jirga

    April 29, 2019, will observe a peace consultative Jirga as a part of efforts towards Intra-Afghan dialogue, as stated by the President Ghani Special Envoy Umer Daudzai. The Taliban has already condemned the Jirga and among others, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is in opposition to it.

    Although, there are efforts going on to bring Dr. Abdullah in support of the Jirga. According to Daudzai, the Consultative Jirga on Peace is not aimed at election campaign and that it is held to discuss issues around the peace process in Afghanistan.

    Replying to the grand opposition towards the jirga, including the ex-president Hamid Karzai, Daudzai reasoned that Jirgas in Afghanistan have often faced opposition. Aimed at identifying the red lines for peace talks with the Taliban, Daudzai said that the regional nations are also optimistic about the expected results of the jirga.

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    People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan Considers Peace Consultative Jirga A Pre-time Campaign

    The People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, led by Mohammad Mohaqeq, the deputy Chief Executive considers Peace Consultative Jirga order a pre-election campaign of a particular election team and also deception and distraction to public opinion.

    In an issued statement, the party questioned the Jigra’s objectives and said that the efforts in recent weeks to hold this Jirga are biased and by a team affiliated with the presidential palace.

    While saying that the Peace Consultative Jirga does not have a traditional nature the statement emphasized that no consultations were conducted with political parties in this regard.