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    ‘Presidential Candidates Council’ Gives Warning To Ashraf Ghani

    The “Presidential Candidates Council” has warned that if President Ashraf Ghani does not correct his behavior regarding the country’s highest interests, using the national options, they will focus on efforts to strengthen the peace programs.

    With approving the Solidarity Covenant, the Presidential Candidates Council calls President Ghani’s claims of giving money to candidates, selecting election commission’s members, providing security services for candidates as playing games with the public opinions.

    “President Ghani puts the responsibilities of Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Presidential candidates, fails to give response that who interferes in the IEC’s affairs, except himself and questions the independency of IEC,” the council said.

    The council called President Ghani’s intervention in IEC’s affairs a serious threat to the electoral process, warning this will create instability and complicate the crisis in the country.

    It expressed concerns over the security measures of candidates, pointing out that the government has not provided professional services in this regard and Ashraf Ghani should be accountable if any incident occurs.

    The presidential candidates council considered what they termed as Ghani’s lying propagation contrary to the ethical standards of election campaign and said the misuse of government facilities by his team is a major factor in deviating from the main electoral path.

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    Member of Haqqani Network Detained in Kabul

    Security officials said that a member of Haqqani network was arrested in Kabul city. Kabul police in a statement confirmed that a member of Haqqani network who was involved in killing of government employees in the vicinity of Deh Sabz district was arrested.

    The statement further added that the person was arrested on Saturday night as a result of police forces operation carried out in Deh Sabz district.

    The detainee killed a man in connection of cooperating with the government on 1st August in village Tarakhel of Deh Sabz district and was being followed by the police since the incident, read the statement.

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    Abdullah Soon To Announce Third Deputy CEO of His Electoral Team

    Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the government and one of the presidential candidates, said that he will soon announce the third deputy CEO of his electoral team.

    Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at a campaign rally of women held in support of Stability and Partnership Team made this statement. He did not comment who the third deputy chief executive office would be.

    While referring to women’s issues, Dr. Abdullah said, “The issue of women in the country have witnessed positive and negative developments in the last 18 years and the name of women has been misused.”

    He added that the presence of women in the election campaign signals that women want to define their fate and future by their own hands.

    He promised women that if he came to power, he would bring structural changes to women’s institutions and will increase women’s presence at the leadership level.

    Abdullah’s campaiagn rally was also followed by ridiculing President Ghani and his “state builder electoral team”. The presidential candidate went on to say that the Coordination Council of Jamait-Islami Afghanistan endorsed Stability and Partnership Team and those who supported another team in continental hotel do not represent the council.

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    16 Taliban Insurgents Including 2 Pakistani Suicide Bombers Killed in Ghazni

    Provincial officials reported that 16 Taliban insurgents including 2 Pakistani suicide bombers were killed in Ghazni province.

    The press office of Ghazni said in a statement that 16 Taliban insurgents including 2 Pakistani suicide bombers of the group were killed in the vicinity of Khogyani, Qarabagh and Khwaja Omari districts of Ghazni province. The statement added that 4 vehicles of Taliban insurgents were also destroyed.

    As a result of the airstrike in Deh Mullah village of Khogyani district, 12 insurgents were killed including 2 Pakistani suicide bombers, Ghazni’s governor office said. The security forces conducted the raid on Saturday evening.

    Furthermore, the Governor’s Office said the security forces carried out two airstrikes in Khwaja Omari and Qarabagh districts which killed 4 Taliban insurgents. The statement said that no harm was posed on civilians in the operations.

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    AIHRC: Govt. Should Provide Data On Civilian Casualties in Zurmat District

    The AIHRC denounced the civilian causalities in Zurmat district of Paktia and expressed hope that the Special Investigative Team of the government provide report on the civilian causalities.

    Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in a statement said on Sunday that, “killing of civilians in armed conflict is a breach of human rights” and hoped that the Special Investigative Team of the government will provide documented data as quickly as possible in this respect.

    The statement added that, the killing of civilians is prohibited in all circumstances, and the offenders shall be held criminally responsible based on IHL

    The AIHRC called on the relevant Afghan government organs to closely investigate the civilian casualties in Zurmat and to share the findings of their investigations with Afghan citizens. The Human Rights Commission also called on justice and judicial authorities to identify and prosecute the perpetrators and punish them in accordance with the law.

    Meanwhile, The National Directorate of Security in a statement said on 12 August that NDS Special Unit launched an operation in Zurmat district Paktia of Afghanistan southeastern province, in which 11 Taliban insurgents including two group leaders were killed were killed.

    However, after this operation local reports claimed that the killed men were not Taliban insurgents. And those killed in the operation of the National Security Forces were Civilians indeed.

    Additionally, acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khaled, Acting Interior Minister Massoud Andrabi, National Security Chief Masoum Stankzai and NATO General Commander Scott Miller in Afghanistan visited the province on first day of Eid to investigate the civilian causalities.

    While UNAMA chief of Mission in Afghanistan and National Security Council ensured that they will investigate the alleged incidents of civilian casualties, but so far, the investigation has not been completed and the findings are not yet shared with public.

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    6 Security Forces Killed, Several Wounded in Zabul

    Provincial officials reported that 6 security forces were killed in Zabul province.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Sunday, provincial spokesperson Gul Salam Khial said that Taliban group attacked a security outpost last night in Spin Aghbarak area in Qalat city, the capital of the province.

    He added, harm was inflicted on security forces but there is no exact report of the causalities.

    The provincial spokesperson said, the area is currently under control of security forces and added that the Taliban group suffered causalities in the clash too.

    Meanwhile, Asadullah Kakar a member of Zabul provincial council told Reporterly that 6 security personnel were killed and 7 others were injured in the clash.

    Kakar added, the Taliban group did not succeed in capturing the outpost of security forces.

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    IDB to Build One Hundred Bed Hospital, Four Clinics in Afghanistan

    The Chairman of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the acting minister of finance, Mohammad Homayoun Qaiyoumi have signed an agreement of building a one hundred beds hospital and four clinics in Afghanistan, the Presidential Palace said in a press release on Sunday.

    The press release said, President Ashraf Ghani on his second day of trip to Saudi Arabia met with Dr. Bandar Al-Hejar, the chairman of IDB and discussed upon cooperation, economic development and Afghanistan’s self-sufficiency and long-term debts with the bank.

    President Ghani has demanded the IDB to cooperate and invest in improving the agricultural sector, Afghan farmers’ revenues and livelihoods.

    Ghani emphasized that the exports of Afghanistan’s fennel, saffron, almond and other products to Saudi Arabia and the world have increased and as a result of the long-term cooperation and granting of long-term loans by the IDB to Afghanistan, further progress will be made in this area.

    Ashraf Ghani also met with the Secretary General of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen in Jeddah and discussed issues related to Afghan peace process and countering terrorism

    In the meantime, OIC Secretary General announced its readiness to send election observers for the upcoming presidential election. Al-Othaimeen also stressed that the Taliban must abandon violence and enter into direct negotiations with the Afghan government.

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    Taliban Kills Member of Samangan Provincial Council

    Security officials reported that a member of Samangan provincial council was killed by Taliban group in Baghlan province.

    Jawid Bisharat spokesperson of Baghlan police told Reporterly on Sunday that Taliban group killed Syed Abdul Halim Sadat, a member of Samangan provincial council along with another person in Chashm-e-Sher area of Baghlan province.

    Bisharat said that, the body of Sadat and another person were found in Chashma-e-Sher area in the northern province of Baghlan around 9 am on Sunday morning.
    He added that police have transferred the bodies of the individuals to Baghlan Police Command.

    Meanwhile,confirming the incident Mohammad Hashim Sarwari, a member of Samangan provincial council said that there is no report about four others hostages.
    Taliban group kidnapped Syed Abdul Halim Sadat a member of the council and 4 tribal elders from Chashma-e-Sher area of Baghlan province on Saturday.

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    30 Taliban Insurgents & 3 Security Personnel Killed in Balkh

    Army in the northern part of Afghanistan reported that 30 Taliban insurgents and 3 security personnel were killed in Balkh province.

    209 Shaheen Corps said in a statement on Sunday that as a result of air operations, artillery attacks and ANDSF operations carried out in past 24 hours on compounds of Taliban insurgents, in Sia Ab village of Sholgara district, Alamkhel village of Balkh province, Asiab Khan of Chimtal district and Shahrak Afghania in Nahr Shahi district of Balkh province, 30 Taliban insurgents were killed.

    The statement added that, 18 Taliban insurgents including a commander of the group were also injured during the operations.

    The 209 Shaheen Corps said that no causalities were posed to civilians but 3 security personnel were killed and 5 others were wounded.