Newsfeed: Sunday, August 4

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    2 Killed & 4 injured in MagIED Explosion in Kabul

    Security Officials reported a magnetic IED blast in Kabul city.

    Interior Ministry’s spokesperson Nasrat Rahimi said that the explosion targeted a bus carrying the employees of Khurshid TV in the 5th street of Taimani in Kabul.

    Meanwhile, Mr Rahimi stated that 2 persons were killed and 4 injured in the explosion that targeted a bus carrying the employees of the TV station.

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    19 Taliban Insurgents Killed In Logar & Helmand

    14 Taliban insurgents were killed and five others were injured during Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) joint clearance operation in Nehr Saraj District of Helmand.
    ANDSF seized one rocket launcher, several AK-47 rifle and one radio handset. Two motorcycles used by the militants were also destroyed.

    Moreover, 5 Taliban terrorists were killed in a clash with Afghan National Police (ANP) in Alozai region, Pul-e-Alam City of Logar, last night.
    One Afghan Local Policeman (ALP) was wounded during the clash.

    Additionally, the Ministry of Interior informed that the Afghan National Police (ANP) detected a roadside bomb, planted by terrorists in the vicinity of the Bak District of Khost.
    In another report, ANP discovered and defused a BM-1 rocket, placed by terrorists in Shamal Peeran region, Khost City of Khost.

    ANP also discovered and defused a remote- controlled bomb, planted by terrorists in the Ghorband valley, Siya Gard district of Parwan.

    Finally, the Ministry in a statement said that, Afghan National Police have discovered an explosive rigged bicycle at Bibi Mahro area, in the surrounding of PD10, Kabul City.
    The timely discovery of the explosives has foiled terror attack and saved the city from tragedy, the statement said.
    Meanwhile, Kabul city has witnessed bloody incidents in past one month.

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    Iran Revolutionary Guard Claims to Seize Foreign Oil Tanker

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) seized a foreign oil tanker they say was smuggling fuel to some Arab states, Iranian news outlets reported on Sunday.

    Seven sailors were on board the ship which was carrying 700,000 litres of oil, according to Press TV and al-Mayadeen.

    Iranian authorities seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz last month, with Foreign minister Javad Zarif arguing the country was “upholding international maritime rules.”

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    51 Taliban Killed & Injured Including in Ghazni

    Provincial officials in Ghazni have announced that in the past 24 hours, 51 Taliban insurgents including 2 Pakistani nationals of the group were killed and injured in the province.

    As a result of 13 air operations carried out in past 24 hours by NATO and Afghan forces, as well as a special operation, an armed clash and premature explosion of Taliban, 51 insurgents were killed and injured, Ghazni press office said in a statement on Sunday.

    The statement added, these operations were conducted on Taliban gatherings in Nazar Khan area of Andar district, Berimzi, Pailoch, Balai, Ulakhel and Naw Abad areas of Deh Yak district and Ali Khan village of Khogyani district.

    In the operations some ammunition and vehicles of the insurgents were destroyed.

    The statement further said that in the clash between security forces and Taliban in Karusai village of Qarabagh district, 9 Taliban insurgents including 2 Pakistani nationals were killed and 3 others were injured.

    The Ghazni press office did not comment about the number of security forces causalities in the clashes but Taliban claimed that 3 security forces personnel were killed and 4 others were wounded in Karusai area of Qarabagh district.

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    Taliban Storm Border Outpost in Takhar, Kill & Injure 8 Police Force Personnel

    Three border police personnel were killed and 5 others were injured in a Taliban attack in Takhar province, as per provincial officials.

    Jawad Hejri, the provincial spokesperson of Takhar confirmed the incident and told Reporterly that on Saturday night, Taliban insurgents attacked a border outpost in Samti area of Chah Ab district of Takhar and as a result, 3 border police personnel were killed and 5 others were wounded.

    Taliban also suffered causalities in the clash but there is no exact number, Hijri added.

    According to Hijri, Samti area shares border with Tajikistan and the presence of drug traffickers has contributed to its insecurity and the Taliban insurgents also focus on the area to get control of drug market.

    The Taliban attack was pushed back, and back up forces are in the area.

    He emphasized that Taliban insurgents were retreated from most areas of Ashkamash district and in a week the district will be cleared of insurgents if defense and interior ministries give sufficient attention.

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    Iran’s Parliament Speaker Says Afghan Govt Must be at Centre of Peace Talks

    Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said that Iran has always tried to preserve Afghanistan’s integrity, independence and security, adding “today, the strategic policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is that any move towards peace in Afghanistan must be organized with the Afghan government at the center.”

    He made the remarks in a joint press conference with the Chairman of the Afghan Senate House, Upper House of the Parliament, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar in Tehran on Saturday.

    The Iranian parliament speaker criticized the US administration’s negotiations on Afghanistan in the absence of Afghan government, stressing that the Afghan government has to be present in any peace negotiation.

    He noted that the Americans are not trustworthy in negotiations, something that could be seen in talks with Iran to reach the Iran nuclear deal.

    Larijani further congratulated successful holding of parliamentary elections in Afghanistan recently, further wishing a good upcoming presidential election in the neighboring country.

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    Ghani Meets NATO Ambassadors, Discusses Upcoming Election & Progress in Peace Process

    The Presidential palace has announced that president Ghani met the ambassadors of various NATO countries and discussed preparations for upcoming election and progress in peace process.

    Ghani met the ambassadors of NATO countries Saturday evening and briefed them about the recent progress in peace process and the discussion with the United States in this regard, the presidential palace in a statement said on Sunday.

    In the meeting, the ambassadors of NATO countries expressed their support for the Afghan peace process.

    The ambassadors of NATO countries expressed support after the 8th round of U.S.-Taliban peace talks began in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday, and the both sides are said to have been on the verge reaching a final agreement.

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    US Delegation to Visit Pakistan

    A US delegation is set to visit Pakistan on Monday to discuss bilateral relations, according to Pakistan’s Dawn news.

    This comes after US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad visited Islamabad this week before he were to land in Doha, Qatar for the talks with Taliban on Afghan Peace.

    Recently, Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan visited Washington and met with US President Donald Trump. This meeting is seen as a rekindling of bilateral relations between the two nations as it was tense before when Trump had cut down on grants to Pakistan.