Newsfeed: Sunday, December 16

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    2.1 Million Afghans Covered by WHO Health Services in 2018

    The World Health Organisation in Afghanistan on their social media declared that as a consequence of their health clusters partners’ efforts, Afghans across 140 districts in 32 provinces have been reached out to which amounts to 2.1 million people being covered by their health services in the year 2018.

    The health services include primary health care, trauma care, immunisation, health education, and maternal and child health services.

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    Defense Minister Bahrami Meets Italian Defense Minister

    It was announced in a statement by the Ministry of Defense that the defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami met with his Italian counterpart Elisabetta Trenta.

    During this meeting, both sides discussed bilateral cooperation on the training of ANA forces and ensured their long-term partnership.

    Mr Bahrami while expressing his gratitude to the Italian government for advising the ANA forces and the presence of its troops in the framework of the Resolute Support forces in Herat province and describing the security situation in the country, informed about the preparations for ensuring the security of the presidential election process next year.

    “In order to improve the affairs and raise the combative alert, various departments of this ministry, in parallel with managing the war, are engaged in combating corruption and implementing reforms” he said.

    The Italian Defense Minister promised that Italy is prepared to work on the training of ANA forces, especially Afghan pilot, the statement added.

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    79 Insurgents Including Several IS-K Terrorists Killed Across Afghanistan

    Ministry of Defense released a statement to report that 79 insurgents including two Taliban local commanders and 6 IS-K terrorists have been killed across 12 provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the offensive, air and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Nangarhar, Khost, Logar, Paktia, Paktika, Uruzgan, Kandahar, Zabul, Farah, Badghis, Faryab and Helmand, 79 insurgents including two Taliban local commanders and 6 IS-K terrorists were killed and 24 other were wounded, according to the statement.

    The statement added that during these operations, 4 insurgents were arrested, several hideouts and a significant amount of ammunition and explosives belonging to the insurgents were also destroyed.

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    UNICEF Grants $2.2 Million to Support Winter and Drought Vulnerabilities in Afghanistan

    On Sunday, Ms. Adele Khodr, the UNICEF Representative in Afghanistan signed an agreement of USD 2.2 million to “support most vulnerable children and women affected by displacement due to drought”.

    This was announced by the UNICEF on social media.

    The contribution, according to the statement will protect 21,000 families from the harsh winter season.

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    Abbas Karimi Bags Gold in 50m Freestyle US Paralympics

    A young Afghan swimmer, Abbas Karimi, has won the gold medal for 50m freestyle in the US Paralympics Swimming Para national championship.

    Karimi is set to compete for two other categories on Monday.

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    Renowned Artist Haneef Hamgam Passes Away

    Renowned Afghan TV actor and comedian Haneef Hamgam died at the age of 56, while undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of 400-bed hospital in Kabul.

    According to reports, Hamgam was in a coma and was being treated following a severe stroke which he suffered a few weeks ago.

    Mr Hamgam was well known for his role in TV programs, mainly for his role in ‘Zang Khatar’ or the ‘Warning Bell’ episodes of Tolo News in which he was portraying the social, political, economical, and other national issues in a sarcastic way.

    Hamgam has also appeared in a number of movies produced locally by the cinematographers as well as Bollywood movie “Kabul Express”.

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    Pak Military Says They Will Complete Fencing Work Along Durand Line by 2019

    The Pakistani military has said that they have begun fencing work along thr Durand Line which will be completed by 2019. They claim that the work has already been completed in 802 kilometers of the line.

    A spokesman for the Military of Pakistan Major General Asif Ghafoor said on social media, that 233 forts have also been constructed and 843 forts would be constructed along the Durand Line.

    “Work on forts & fence continues on Pak-Afg Bdr. Total length 2611 KM. Work on 233 of 843 forts & 802 of 1200 KM pri 1 areas completed.Aiming speedy completion in pri 1 areas, overall completion [is expected] by Dec 2019 IA. Shall benefit peaceful people of Pak & Afg while restricting terrorists,” he said in a Twitter post.

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    President Meets Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and China in Bilateral Format

    In two separate meeting, President Ghani met with the foreign ministers of Pakistan and China on Saturday. Chinese Foreign minister Wang Li and Pakistan’s foreign minister Qureshi had come to Kabul for the trilateral meeting.

    President Ghani first met with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the Presidential Palace on Saturday. Presidential Palace’s statement on the same read that mutual cooperation and joint efforts against terrorism were discussed in the meeting.

    Later on Saturday, President Ghani met China’s FM where they discussed connectivity & counter-terrorism cooperation, then presidential palace said, adding that in this meeting Ghani insisted on a comprehensive & profound roadmap for peace & said peace can only be achieved when it is “led and owned by Afghans”.

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    UNAMA Looks Into Kunar Civilian Casualties

    The United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan on Sunday announced on social media that the body’s human rights team has started to look into reports of several civilian deaths and injuries which resulted from the airstrikes in Kunar province.

    This comes after the Afghan ministries of Interior and Defense launched a probe into the civilian casualties.

    The issue took the social media by storm on Saturday when first reports of such casualties came in.