Newsfeed: Sunday, December 9

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    President Ghani Appoints Mohammad Daudzai as Special Representative in Regional Affairs for Peace Consensus

    President Ghani issued a decree to appoint Mohammad Omar Daudzai as his special representative in regional affairs for peace consensus.

    Daudzai is becoming the special representative whilst he will also serve in the position as High Peace Council secretary.

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    The Attorney General’s Office Should Investigate the Case of Women’s National Football Team Impartially: MoWA

    In her meeting with the Attorney General of Afghanistan, the Minister of women affairs has asked him to investigate the sexual harassment of the women’s national football team impartially.

    Delbar Nazari, in a meeting with Farid Hamidi, said: “The charges of harassment of the Afghan women’s football team have had a negative effect on female athlete’s and their families.”

    She further emphasized that the Attorney general’s office should investigate this case impartially.

    At this meeting, the Attorney General also reported on the formation of a committee to investigate the allegations in the case.

    He called the investigations a long and complex process and emphasized on the provision of justice. Hamidi emphasized that the issue of violence against women should be looked at in a strategic vision, and priority should be given to courts to review.

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    33 Insurgents Killed Across Afghanistan in Past 24 Hours

    Ministry of Defense released a statement to report that 33 insurgents have been killed across 11 provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the offensive, airborne and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Herat, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Logar, Paktia, Farah, Samangan, Kunduz, Zabul and Helmand, 33 insurgents were killed and 19 others were wounded, according to the statement.

    The statement added that during these operations, 18 people were arrested, several hideouts and a significant amount of ammunition and explosives belonging to the insurgents were also destroyed.

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    Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Force Destroy 2 Drug Cache

    Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Force Destroy 2 Drug Cache

    The Ministry of Interior released a statement informing that on Saturday night, Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Forces carried out successful ground and air operations in Khogyani district, eastern Nangarhar province.

    The statement added that in the course of the operation, Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police and Afghan Air Forces seized and destroyed 1500 kilos of hashish.

    The Ministry of Interior Affairs affirmed that it is “committed to fight against narcotics and Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police are having major success in fighting against smugglers and narcotics, which will continue”.

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    Attorney General Suspends Football Federation Head & 5 Members After Sexual Abuse Allegations Probe

    The attorney general of Afghanistan has suspended the head of country’s football federation, Keramuddin Karim, and five other members of the body over allegations of sexual abuse of female footballers. The officials’ suspension was reported to news sources by the President’s adviser, Fazl Fazly.

    The allegations received attention on social media last week and consequently led to investigations by the FIFA as well as Afghan authorities.

    Although the Afghanistan Football Federation has rejected the allegations as baseless as the body claimed to have “zero-tolerance policy towards any such type of behaviour”, Jamshid Rasooli, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office said that the probe committee, led by deputy of the attorney general, would act with people who are involved.

    President Ashraf Ghani also responded to the allegations saying he cannot tolerate “immorality.”

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    Afghan-American Female Football Player to Play for Florentia Football Club

    Hailai Arghandiwal, the Afghan-American football player has been selected by Italy’s Florentia football club.

    Arghandiwal is a 22 year old football player. She will be donning the jersey of Florentia Club to compete in Italian Serie A.

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    14 Armed Insurgents Killed in Ghazni province

    Security officials have reported that 14 insurgents were killed during an operation in Ghazni province.

    The press office of Ghazni province said in a statement that 14 insurgents were killed and 15 others were arrested during operation of commando forces in Sulaiman Khel Village of Dehyak District of Ghazni Province.

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    Taliban Shadow Governor and 4 Insurgents in Paktika Killed

    Taliban’s shadow governor for southeastern Paktika province of Afghanistan has been killed during an operation according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday.

    The statement informed that the Taliban’s shadow governor for Paktika Pir Agha was killed during an operation in Gomal district of the province.

    The statement further added that four other members of the Taliban group were also killed during the same operation.

    According to the Ministry of Interior, the security forces also confiscated some weapons and munitions.

    Pir Agha, the taliban shadow governor who was killed, was supposed to be one of the key leaders of Taliban who had major role in planning attacks, the interior ministry statement adds.

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    Former Interior Minister Daudzai to be Appointed as HPC Secretariat Head

    Former interior minister of Afghanistan Omar Daudzai is going to be appointed as the head of the High Peace Council secretariat. Even the members of the Consultative Peace Board have been named according to Pajhwok News.

    Earlier, Akram Khapalwak served as head of HPC, but last month he resigned as HPC secretary and presidential advisor.

    It is being also claimed that Daudzai has been offered membership of the Consultative Peace Board.

    President Ghani had announced at the NATO summit in Brussels that he had appointed a 12-member team which will be led by his chief of staff Salam Rahimi for talks with the Taliban.

    The consultative board’s function is to give advise and suggestions to the 12-member negotiating team.

    The consultative board is supposed to have 30 members coming from various backgrounds.

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    Pak Foreign Minister to Visit Kabul in Mid December

    As per Pakistan’s media sources, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is said to visit Kabul on December 15.

    The agenda of his visit will be to explore the issue of “political reconciliation and durable peace” with Afghan leadership.

    This comes after US has sought Pakistan’s ‘cooperation’ for the peace process in Afghanistan.

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    IECC: Will Not Change Kabul Vote Decision Unless IEC Gives Necessary Information

    The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) on Saturday announced that it will not change the decision on invalidating Kabul votes unless the Independent Election Commission (IEC) provides all the necessary information and data regarding Kabul polls.

    This comes after both the commissions issued a joint statement on the Kabul vote decision and stated that they will cooperate to solve the issue.