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    AGO: 743 Cases of Child Abuse Registered & Assessed

    The Attorney General’s Office announced that in first 3 months of the current Year, 743 cases of child abuse have been registered & assessed

    In first three months of the current year, Deputy Attorney Office for Prevention of Violence Against Women and Child Abuse has registered and assessed 743 cases of child abuse in 34 provinces of Afghanistan, AGO said in a statement on Sunday.

    The statement added that, based on the reports of the deputy office, it has made verdict on 556 cases of child abuse and 38 individuals were acquitted.

    During this period, 138 cases have been returned to the relevant authorities and 78 other cases have been retained due to lack of sufficient documents, as per AGO.

    It is said that most cases of child abuse are registered in Kabul, Herat and Kunar province.

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    TAPI Route to See Some Changes

    The planned route of multi-country TAPI natural gas pipeline project will see some changes in Afghanistan, Afghan authorities said on Sunday.

    Hashmatullah Naseri, a spokesman for the Ministry of Urban Development and Land announced that the changes will happen in order to avoid damage to agricultural lands and gardens owned by local residents and said that the changes will happen mostly in Kandahar’s Maiwand district and Delaram of Nimruz province.

    The regulation of TAPI project and the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on land acquisition have been finalized and will be signed with TAPI Limited company in next one month, he added.

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    Kandahar Police Chief: Taliban Attacks Have Intensified on Security Forces As Pakistani Madrassas Begin Holidays

    Kandahar police chief, Gen. Tadeen Khan has informed that Taliban attacks on security forces in the south of Afghanistan have increased in frequency with the beginning of summer holidays in Pakistani madrassas.

    Gen Khan believes that these particular Madrassas are training “extremism and terrorism” to its students and said that lack of religious schools in the country is pushing the Afghan youth to go to Pakistan where they get “training on terrorism and extremism”.

    “It is the summer and it is a war season because madrassas in Pakistan are off and they [the students of the madrassas] are sent to Afghanistan in the name of Jihad,” the police chief said.

    Khan said that while peace efforts are underway, the Taliban are intensifying the war in the south so they can “get privileges” during the talks and he also said that they are prepared and will respond to every attack by the Taliban.

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    HPC: Peace Process Slowed Down by Lack of Authority on Taliban Delegation’s Part

    The Afghan High Peace Council has expressed that a lack of authority of the Taliban Negotiating Delegation and participation of Mullah Baradar has slowed down the peace process.


    “Participation of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as head of Taliban Representatives in Qatar Office not only did not help peace talks, but the lack of authorities have increased than before”, Abdulrahman Salim, deputy of HPC said in a meeting in Kabul.

    He added that, efforts to start direct talks between the government and Taliban is ongoing, and two rounds of talks in Qatar have signaled hopes for the start of the talks. In addition to commencement of Zalmay Khalilzad negotiations in Qatar, the Intra-Afghan talks will be hosted and held in Germany

    Meanwhile, reports indicate that, the 7th round of talks of Taliban delegation with US representatives is scheduled to kick off in Doha, Qatar in 10 days.

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    MoI: Only 3 Cases of Criminal Offences in Kabul in Past 24 Hours

    Security officials have reported the occurrence of three cases of criminal offenses in the past 24 hours in Kabul, as per Nasrat Rahimi, the spokesman of Ministry of Interior.

    Rahimi added that the number of criminal offenses has lessened in Kabul, while some days earlier, every 24 hours, an average of 70 crimes was registered by police in Kabul.

    The MoI reports of decline in criminal activities in Kabul just after an incharge of a group of ten armed individuals was killed by the police forces in PD9 of Kabul city.

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    AGO Investigating The Gen. Ahmadzai’s Claim In The Presence Of The Ulema, Media, Others

    The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has called on General Council of Afghan Ulema, Media, Afghan Women Network, Civil Societies, and Integrity Watch Afghanistan on 13th of July 2019 through an official letter to introduce their representative for completing the investigating case for Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai.

    The letter states that based on Article 143 of the “Afghan Constitution” and other Laws of the country, investigation of criminal cases is one of the specific authorities of the AGO. The Office has assigned a qualified and competent prosecutor’s committee to review the case in the light of the Provisions of Law and by considering their legal competency, demand the documents and evidence to support the claims made by General Habibullah Ahmadzai, and begin the investigation of the case in the best possible way, the AGO said in a statement.

    At the same time, the AGO has decided to investigate the case in the presence of representatives of the Afghan Ulema General Council, Media, Afghan Women Network, Civil Society and Afghanistan Integrity Watch, in order to ensure the transparency of the investigative process.

    The AGO has so far has received an official letter from the Deputy of Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation of The Office of Chief of Staff to the President in regards to legally investigation of Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai’s claims with the media.

    Prior to this, the AGO has issued separate Press Releases, as well as summon letters to security and detective agencies, and was asked from Mr. Ahmadzai to prove his claims with evidence to the investigation team, but so far he has not presented any documents in this regard to take any necessary step.

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    21Taliban Insurgents Killed in Last 24 Hours

    The ministry of interior released multiple statement to inform that 21
    Taliban insurgents were killed across many provinces of Afghanistan in the last 24 hours.


    Three Taliban insurgents were killed & 3 were others injured in a clash with ANDSF in Sheikh Abad village, Farah City. In the meantime, a key member of armed Taliban was killed & 2 others injured in a joint clearance operation carried out by ANDSF in Pusht Rod district of Farah.

    Moreover, two Taliban insurgents were killed in a clash with ANP in Aka Khil village, Takhta Pul district of Kandahar. In another report, ANP & ANA discovered and defused 10 roadside bombs in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar.

    Furthermore, 13 Taliban insurgents were killed & three others injured after GCPSU launched a clearance operation in Mohammad Agha district of Logar.

    Finally, two Taliban insurgents were killed during ANDSF joint operation in Nawa district of Helmand. ANDSF also discovered and neutralized 20 various types of roadside bombs as well.

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    Afghanistan’s Under 20 National Futsal Team Defeats Hong Kong

    Afghanistan’s under 20 National Futsal Team had a great start in the AFC Futsal Championship in Tabrez city of Iran and defeated Hong Kong 6-1 in their first match.

    Afghanistan’s under 20 National Team was against the Hong Kong National Team which began at 7:00 PM on Saturday at Shahid Poursharifi stadium in Tabriz, and the Afghan national team managed to score 6 -1 and defeat Hong Kong. With this Afghan National Team made it to the next round of the championship, as per reports.

    Afghanistan will face Iran in their second match on Sunday night and the match will kick off at 7:30pm Kabul time.

    Meanwhile, Iran under 20 Futsal Team defeated Hong Kong Friday night 7-2.

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    16 Taliban Insurgents Including A Commander Killed In Ghazni

    Local officials have reported that 16 Taliban insurgents including a key commander were killed in Ghazni province.

    As a result of thr air operation of Resolute Support Mission Forces in Juy Chahar area of Andar district of the province, 5 Taliban insurgents including a commander of the group by the name of Mullah Edriss, famous as Mullah Shafiq were killed, thr Ghazni provincial press office said in a statement on Sunday.

    The statement further added that, in two other air operations of Resolute Support Mission Forces in Shili and Shal area in Giro district of the province, 11 Taliban insurgents were killed and 7 injured.

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    President Ghani to Visit London

    President Ashraf Ghani is set to visit London on Sunday where he will meet the officials of UK Government.

    He is also set to attend the cricket match between Afghanistan and England which will be held in Manchester on Tuesday.

    The Cricket World Cup began a fortnight ago in London.

    Presently President Ghani got done with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit which was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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    Pakistan to Receive $3.4b from Asian Development Bank

    Pakistan is set to receive $3.4 billion in budgetary support from the Asian Development Bank (ABD), the de facto finance minister of the country said on Saturday, as the government seeks help to overcome a ballooning balance of payments crisis.

    Last month, Pakistan reached an accord in principle with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a three-year, $6 billion bailout package aimed at shoring up its fragile public finances and strengthening a slowing economy.

    The ADB financing would come on top of the IMF loan, with most of the funds to be disbursed in the current fiscal year.

    “The ADB will provide $3.4 billion in budgetary support,” de facto Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh said on Twitter.
    “$2.2 billion will be released this fiscal year (FY), starting in the first quarter of FY 2019-20. This will help the reserve position and the external account.”

    The first disbursement is to “cover such policy reform areas as trade competitiveness, energy sector and capital markets development,” Pakistan’s Finance Ministry said in a statement.

    Financial crises have shaken the world’s sixth-largest nation repeatedly over the years, threatening the stability of a nuclear-armed state plagued by Islamist militancy.

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    India To Impose Retaliatory Tariff on US From Today

    India will impose higher tariffs on 28 US products including almonds, apples and walnuts, a government notification said.

    The new duties take effect from Sunday.

    Reuters had previously reported that India was preparing to levy higher tariffs following Washington’s withdrawal of key trade privileges for New Delhi.

    India initially issued an order in June last year to raise import taxes as high as 120% on a slew of US items, incensed by Washington’s refusal to exempt it from higher steel and aluminium tariffs.

    But New Delhi repeatedly delayed raising tariffs as the two nations engaged in trade talks. Trade between them stood at about $142.1 billion in 2018.