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    Former NDS Chief and Presidential Candidate Makes Startling Claims on the NUG and the 2014 Elections

    Former Afghan intelligence chief and current presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil, in a press conference claimed that the NDS received reports of money injection in 2014 elections while he was in charge.

    He said huge contracts were awarded by the government during the last couple of years in return for supporting a specific candidate in the upcoming elections. Nabil claims that President Ghani is misusing government resources for the elections. He accuses the government of opening electoral offices in the provinces before election campaigns.

    The former chief also claims that President Ghani’s recent trips and decrees are merely for “campaign purposes”. He added that 95 percent of the recent appointments and dismissals have made for campaign purposes. He touted the recent visit by Afghan officials to Pakistan for the sake of elections.

    Nabil criticized the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for delaying the provincial council and district council elections, saying it will decrease people’s observation in the presidential election.

    Coming hard on President Ashraf Ghani for staying on to power, Nabil said that the NUG’s term cannot be extended.
    Nabil says his electoral team is not supporting chaos and protests; however, he suggested that President Ghani should not be allowed to appoint or dismiss, sign contracts or travel to provinces after May 22 until re-election of a new president. “We are not in favor of crisis in the country because we know that most of Afghans are living in poverty,” Nabil said.

    Nabil suggested that President Ghani and other presidential candidates should not have visits to foreign countries until the end of the election process.

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    Kakar Advocates Ranked As Top Law Firm in Afghanistan

    Kakar Advocates which is a standard firm that provide a wide range of commercial services including tax and banking for foreign contractors and corporates is listed as the top law firm in Afghanistan in The global Legal 500’s annual ranking of law firms for 2019.

    The Legal 500 also recognized Managing Partner Kawun Kakar, and Senior Counsel Thomas Kraemer as Leading Individuals for their work as the top lawyers in Afghanistan.

    Senior Associate, Jordy de Meij, was also recognized as a Next Generation Lawyer practicing in Afghanistan.
    The Legal 500 acknowledges the potential for continued growth of the legal sector in Afghanistan.

    The legal system continues to be strengthened and businesses and individuals increasingly turn to it for protections and assurances. Recent legislative reforms, in which Kakar Advocates has had a prominent role, have been instrumental in helping create an improved legal environment for persons seeking a stable investment climate, equitable treatment under the law, or redress for wrongdoing.

    The Law Firm said in a statement, “We would like to express our appreciation to our clients and partners, who have believed in us and have entrusted us to represent them. Their feedback was instrumental to the firm’s top ranking in the Legal 500.”

    The Legal 500 has been ranking law firms across 150 jurisdictions for the past 32 years. The criteria-based rankings highlight law practices that deliver the most cutting-edge services in their jurisdiction.

    For this year’s rankings, it received feedback from 300,000 clients worldwide, submissions from law firms and interviews with leading private practice lawyers, and a team of researchers with experience in the legal market.

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    Taliban Kills Three Passengers in Jalrez District of Maidan Wardak

    Local officials reported the killing of three passengers in Jalrez district of Maidan Wardak province.

    Speaking to Reportely on Sunday, Ahmad Hussain Baligh, a member of the Maidan Wardak Provincial Council said that the Taliban opened fire on passengers of a vehicle in No. 2 road of Jalrez district on Sunday which killed three passengers and injured two others.

    Baligh added that this is the second incident that has occurred in a week.

    No. 2 Road of Jalrez is one of the most insecure roads in Maidan Wardak province which is also known as the death road. Every year the travelers of this road who are mostly young people and students from Bamyan, Daikundi and Maidan Wardak provinces become victims of Taliban insurgents.

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    Terrorist Attacks Prevented in Bamyan Province

    Security officials reported that 10 explosive devices were defused in Bamyan province. Following the operations of the Bamyan Police Command Forces in the province’s Kahmard district, 10 embedded mines of insurgents were discovered and defused, the Afghan Interior Ministry said on Sunday.

    The Ministry of Interior added that these mines were embedded in different areas of Kahmard district and among people in Bazars and on the roadside.

    Bamyan is a safe province in central Afghanistan, and the Taliban constantly target the residents of this province on the highways, especially the Kabul-Bamyan highway

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    A Dangerous Member of IS-K Killed in Nangarhar

    Security officials reported the killing of a dangerous member of IS-K terrorist group in Nangarhar province.

    Special Forces of Afghan police killed a dangerous member of IS-K group during a special operation conducted in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province, said Ministry of Interior.

    The statement further added that the member of IS-K killed in the operation was involved in planning and conducting terrorist attacks in Nangarhar.

    He was mainly involved behind some attacks in Jalalabad city, according to MoI statement.

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    Ghazni VBIED attack Leaves 15 Killed and Injured

    Ghazni Security officials reported that 15 security forces were killed and injured in a vehicle blast on Saturday night.

    Ahmad Khan Serat, spokesman of Ghazni Police Command told Reporterly on Sunday that, as as result of a VBIED attack early last night on police personnel, eight security forces were killed and seven others were injured.

    This is the second vehicle blast that takes place in recent weeks in Ghazni Province.

    Previously, a Humvee type of vehicle packed with explosives was targeted before reaching the target which was PRT of Ghazni province, resulting in causalities of security forces and civilians. ⁩

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    Explosion in Kabul Left 1 Killed and 10 Wounded

    Security officials reported that one person was killed and 10 other were wounded in a Magnetic IED explosion in PD5 of Kabul city.

    Speaking to Reporterly, Ferdows Faramarz spokesman of Kabul Police said that the IED attached to a bus exploded in Hafizullah Ameen Street.

    Faramarz added that according to reports the explosion left ten wounded and one killed. ⁩