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    MoI Signs MoU with Kabul Municipality for Setting Up Police Unit

    The Afghan Ministry of Interior signed MoU with Kabul Municipality on setting up a police unit for the municipality that is aimed at preventing land usurpation, return usurped lands and prevent illegal housing. The unit is made of 409 personnel.


    Acting Minister of Interior, Massoud Andarabi said, “Today we are signing MoU with Kabul Municipality (KM) on creation of KM Military Unit.”

    With 409 personnel, this unit will work to prevent land usurpation, return usurped lands, and prevent illegal housing.

    MoI will be providing all military facilities to the Unit and Kabul Municipality is in charge for commanding and using them effectively

    After the implementation of executive plan, no police officer has the right to interfere in housing issues and the Kabul Municipality military unit would be responsible to address such issues.

    “Here I would like to ask Kabul citizens to inform us through 119 number, in case they witness any interfere by Police officers especially the District Police, so that we address them legally”, Andarabi said.

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    Afghanistan Seeking IMO Membership: Reports

    Afghanistan has sought the membership of the International Maritime Organization to use its own ships for trade with India via Iran’s Chabahar port, authorities said on Sunday as reported by 1TV News.

    Mahdi Rouhani, a spokesman for Afghanistan Transport Ministry, said that a request has been sent to IMO to secure membership of the organization and that talks are underway on both IMO membership and purchasing ships.

    A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been finalized for creating a special shipping route from Chabahar port as per the reports.

    The agreement is expected to be signed by Afghanistan, Iran, and India. The ministry said that technical studies on 200km railway between Chabahar port and Milak on the Afghanistan border will begin this year.

    Meanwhile, Tawfiq Dawari, deputy CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce, said that investing on ships is costly. He, however, said that a businessman has expressed interest to invest on it.

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    IEC Leadership Meets With Officials of DERMALOG Company In UAE

    Independent Election Commission announced that, the leadership of the commission met with officials of DERMALOG company in UEA regarding the biometric system.

    On an official visit the leadership of IEC went to United Emirates Arab and talked with officials of DERMALOG company, IEC said in a statement on Sunday.



    Hawa Alam Nuristani, chairman of the Independent Election Commission attributed the purpose of the trip to exchange of ideas and discussion regarding the issues on biometric materials and added that: ”the information and elaboration of the authorities of the company indicate that, the technical team of IEC and the delegation have reached some agreements and improvement.’

    Ms Nuristani, Rahima Zarifi, IEC commissioner, Habibu-rahman Nang, IEC secretary, Sayed Abdulahad Reshtia, finance and administrative deputy of the secretariat and technical panel are the members of this delegation.

    According to the Independent Election Commission, the process of registrations and display of the voter list is about to wind up.

    Meanwhile, due to lack of time, the Independent Election Commission recently decided to use the biometric system only on 28 September for the upcoming presidential election which met with criticism of a number of election candidates

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    Ministry of Finance: 11 Government Institutions Received 15 Days of Incentive Pay on The Eve of Eid al-Fitr

    The Ministry of Finance has announced that so far, 11 government institutions have received 15 days of incentive payment based on a president’s decree on the eve of Ramadan.



    According to the presidential decree for approving 15 days of encouraging payment for government employees, as of now, the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Women Affairs, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Mines and Petroleum, Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Attorney General’s Office have all received all the incentive payment for their employees, Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Sunday.

    Ministry of Finance added that the remaining institutions should also pay 15 days of incentive payment for their employees from their current budget, and in the mid-term review of the year, the ministry will provide them the budget that the administrations pay for their employees now.
    This decree only applies to civil employees who work in the positions of civil service (junior positions) and do not advantage from NAT salary, allowance, exceptional salaries and other privileges and benefits, according to the ministry.

    The President’s decree was issued on the eve of Eid al-Fitr during the holy month of Ramadan, based on it, the government employees could receive 15 days payment as Eidi. According to officials of Ministry of Finance, the total amount of this Eidi is estimated 1.7 billion AFN, equivalent to more than $ 21 million.

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    60 Taliban insurgents Killed & Injured in Badakhshan

    Local officials reported that 60 Taliban insurgents were killed and injured in Badakhshan province.

    As a result of joint operations which has been ongoing since past few days by ANDSF and public uprising forces in surroundings of Shuhada, Kasham, Yaftal bala and some other areas, 30 Taliban insurgents were killed and 30 others were injured, Badakhshan provincial press office said in a statement on Sunday.

    One security personnel was killed and two others were injured in the operation, as per statement.

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    Afghanistan Bags $75m Contract at Exhibition in Mumbai, India

    Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan has announced that the country has won a contract worth $75 million in a two-day agricultural exhibition in Mumbai, India.

    The Ministry announced on Sunday, the end of two-day agriculture product exhibition in India saying that Afghanistan’s products received a contract of $ 75 million.

    Afghan investors were able to get a contract worth $ 30 million on the first day of the exhibition, the figure raised to $ 75 million on the second day which was the last day of exhibition, Abkar Rustami, spokesman of the Ministry said on Sunday.

    According to Mr. Rustami, medical plants drew more attention and was welcomed by buyers than any other products at the exhibition.

    The Afghan agricultural products exhibition began in Mumbai, India on Friday and rounded up on Sunday evening. In this exhibition Afghanistan had 75 stalls.

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    National Boxing Federation Referee Killed in Kabul

    A National Boxing Federation referee was on killed on Sunday morning in Kabul city, officials of the General Directorate of Physical & Sports, said.

    Hamidullah Hamidi, a prominent federation referee was killed in an attack by unknown gunmen in Khoshal Khan area of the city while on the way to office, the directorate said.

    The directorate further added that apart from being one of the referees, Mr. Hamidi also served as the Secretary Gen the National Boxing Federation as well as head of a taxing department of Ministry of Finance.
    So far, the motive behind the murder is not clear.

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    Agriculture Minister Travels to Italy to Attend FAO Conference

    The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that Nasir Ahmad Durani travelled to Rome, capital of Italy to attend the 40th United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) conference.

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said in a statement on Sunday that, 100 ministers from around the world will be convened to attend 40th United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) conference for selecting the General Director of the Organization.
    Three people from China, France and Georgia will compete for the position and the head of FAO will be elected for a four-year term.

    Meanwhile, the current head of this international organization is General José Graziano da Silva, who assumed the work in 2011.

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    Three Key Taliban Commanders Killed in Maidan Wardak

    Security officials have reported the killing of 18 Taliban fighters including 3 key commanders of the group in Maidan Wardak.

    As a result of airstrike on hideouts of Taliban in Maidan Wardak province, 18 Taliban insurgents were killed, Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement on Sunday.

    MoD further added that, Mawlavi Mazmal, one of the Taliban commanders in Helmand, Haji Khalil and Haji Mutmayeen, two commanders of the group for Maidan Wardak are also among the fighters killed in the air strike.

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    US Secretary of State: Willing to Engage with Iran When Time is Right

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clarified on Twitter that US President Trump did not pass a message through Oman calling for talks with Iran, “We have made our position abundantly clear and we are willing to engage when the time is right.”

    He added that the U.S. has shown beyond any doubt that Iran shot down a U.S. unmanned aircraft in international space and the U.S. is not evacuating personnel from Balad Air Base in Iraq.

    Pompeo’s statement continued with saying that “It’s telling that the Iranian regime rejected the recent, historic diplomacy of Japanese Prime Minister Abe, attacked a Japanese tanker in the Gulf of Oman, and shot down a U.S. aircraft operating in international airspace.”

    It was pointed out that the United States is not evacuating personnel from Balad Air Base in Iraq and that under President Trump’s leadership, the United States is more committed than ever to supporting our allies and partners in the region.

    Pompeo conceded that the United States stands for peace and stability in the Middle East, “The decisions we have taken in response to Iran’s reckless attacks have been to deter the Islamic Republic of Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and delivery systems for those weapons, and to prevent the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism from threatening Americans and American interests worldwide. Iran’s leaders know this is the truth, which is why they resort to violence and disinformation. We will continue to set the record straight”.

    One day after US President Donald Trump announced he had cancelled plans for military action against Iran, Iranian officials issued a stark warning to the US, saying Iran is ready to “firmly confront any aggression.”

    The cancelled strike was planned as retaliation for the Iranian downing of a US drone Thursday. Tension between the two countries has been building for more than a year following the US’ exit from the Iran nuclear deal, and only intensified when the Trump administration imposed new sanctions and trade restrictions on Iran.

    In recent weeks, the US has stationed additional troops in the Middle East and Iran has announced it will stop abiding by parts of the nuclear deal. The US has also accused Iran of attacking oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, something Iran claims it did not do.