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    19 Terrorists Killed in Helmand Province by Joint Operation of NDS and RSM

    Security officials report the killing of 19 terrorists in Helmand province in a joint operation.

    In operation of NDS special units with the cooperation of Resolute Support Mission forces conducted on hideouts of Bari Gul 19 terrorists were killed, National Directorate of Security said in a statement on Sunday.

    Bari Gul was the part of Mawlavi Asad network responsible for making IED mines and vehicle bomb in Gereshk district of Helmand provinces.

    The statement added that in this operation two hideouts of terrorists were destroyed and some weapons were confiscated by the joint forces of the operation.

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    15 Member Committee Formed to Resolve Tension Of Wolesi Jirga

    A committee of 15 lawmakers has been formed to solve the tension over the election of Mir Rahman Rahmani as Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House of the Parliament.

    The committee includes Khan Agha Rezaee, Ajmal Rahmani, Mirdad Nijrabi, Nahid Farid and Humayun Harirod are the five members of the committee from Rahmani’s side while Khan Mohammad Wardak, Jawed Safi, Sayed Ahmad Khadim, Razia Mangal and Abdul Rasheed Azizi are from Kamal Nasir Osuli.

    Five MPs, including Abdul Qayum Sajjadi, Irfanullah Irfan, Fraidoon Mohmand, Sediq Ahmad Osmani, and Mohammadullah Batash, are the impartial members of the committee.

    The aim of the committee is to handle the tension as a result of the non-acceptance of the new Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani who was declared a winner after a voting session on Saturday. Angered MPs allegedly tried to hammer the functioning of the lower house by preventing the speaker to continue.

    Rahmani, who was competing for the seat with Paktia MP Kamal Nasir Osuli, got 123 votes and his opponent got 55 votes.

    On Saturday, May 18, there were 247 MPs when the voting started and based on this quorum, 124 votes were needed for a winning candidate, but 244 MPs cast their votes at the end of voting. Due to the lack of three votes
    123 votes were needed for a winning candidate. The problem arose due to the missing votes from the total 247 MPs.

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    MoE: Proposal for Increase of Teachers’ Salaries & Privileges Sent to Presidential Palace

    The Ministry of Education says that in order to address the financial problems of teachers, a proposal to increase the salaries and privileges of teachers was sent to the presidential palace.

    Based on the framework of policy some pointers in the proposal are the raise salaries of civil servants, car fare payment which is 80 AFN per day for teachers, implementing regional privileges and monthly bonuses of 500 AFN for teachers who hold 12th grade diploma and 1000 AFN for teachers who hold 14th grade diploma , Ministry of Education said in statement on Sunday.

    Ministry of Education says that the insignificant salaries of teachers, allocating a part of monthly salary for car fare, the non-payment of professional privileges for graduates of 12th and 14th grades and lack of paying regional privileges of teachers are the problems that teachers currently face.

    The approval of this proposal by the government will affect the quality of education in the country positively, the statement added.

    Ministry of Education has also pledged that in order to improve the livelihood of teachers, residential apartments will be distributed near their neighbourhoods with long-term instalment.

    Meanwhile, in several provinces of Afghanistan, a number of teachers protested in the past few days due to insufficient salary and privileges.

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    UN Envoy Yamamoto Stresses On Conducting Timely Presidential Elections

    UN envoy Tadamichi Yamamoto said at IEC that it is critically important that credible presidential elections take place on time this year in Afghanistan.

    According to the Official account of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan-” Everyone should play their role to ensure Afghans can exercise their constitutional right to vote without delays,” said Tadamichi.

    The UN has advised that there is a need for realism and urgent focus among all actors in the Afghan election process when there are merely four months left to elections.

    Yamamoto said -“The IEC is the independent decision-making body running Afghan elections. The IEC decides on how many elections to hold. The UN provides technical guidance to it and respects its decisions,” he added as known from a tweet by UNAMA.

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    Munera Yousufuza Becomes the First Woman Deputy Defense Minister Of Afghanistan

    Munera Yousufuza becomes the first woman of Afghanistan who has been appointed as deputy defence minister. Before this, she was serving as director of programs coordination on cultural, political and social affairs in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the President.

    Apart from this, she has also served as deputy governor of Kabul, spokesperson of the Independent Directorate of the Local Governance and some other senior governmental positions.

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    Taliban Confirms Baradar Meeting with German Envoy Potzel

    The Taliban group has confirmed that the deputy leader of the group Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has met with Markus Potzel, Germany’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    According to a statement released by Taliban, the meeting between Mullah Baradar and the German delegation led by Mr. Potzel was organized in Doha on Saturday.

    “Both sides discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, various aspects of a peaceful resolution to the Afghan issue and efforts of Germany in this regard,” the statement added.

    The statement also added that Mr. Potzel has assured of Germany’s positive role in Afghan peace process while stressing on the need for maintaining regular contact with the political leaders of Taliban.

    The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi had also met with Mullah Baradar in Doha earlier this month.

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    AGO Announces Completion Of Investigation Of Election-Related Cases

    The Attorney General’s Office said that the investigation of cases, related to the election has been completed by the institution and the case file of the previous commissioners has been sent to the Supreme Court.

    The results of the Attorney General’s Office investigation of election cases related to the parliamentary elections of 2018 were finalized. Also, all the election cases which were handed to Attorney General’s Office have been investigated, spokesman of General Office, Jamshid Rasoli said in a news conference on Sunday.

    Rasoli added that, in addition to investigating 191 election cases, 72 complaints which were solicited jointly or at a personal level from 28 provinces of Afghanistan were also investigated.

    Attorney General Office spokesman further said that out of a total of 191 cases, 35 cases including commissioners of election commissions are related to Kabul and the rest to the 24 provinces of Afghanistan.

    “In connection with these cases, 495 individuals are accused and their cases have been sent to the Supreme Court,” Rasoli said.

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    Six Taliban Insurgents Killed By Drone Strike in Barmal district

    The 203rd Thunder Corps in a statement said the airstrike was carried out by coalition forces that left at least six Taliban insurgents dead.

    The drone strike was done in South-eastern Paktika province where a vehicle of the insurgents was targeted.

    The statement further conveyed that the vehicle was targeted in Bakir Khel area of Barmal district killing three insurgents and injuring three others.

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    Council for Protection and Stability Says Delay In Elections Is Unacceptable

    Council for Protection and Stability in Afghanistan (CPSA) says that delay in the presidential election is unacceptable regardless of the reasons.

    Following a meeting held on Saturday, the council said in a statement that CPSA considers the success of reconciliation important. They added that the Leadership Council for Reconciliation should pursue the peace process in light of the recommendations of the people’s representatives in the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga.

    The presidential elections, district councils and parliamentary elections in Ghazni province should be held in accordance with the announced calendar. The IEC needs to take the necessary measures to ensure its transparency and fairness, the statement added.

    The Council also called on Afghan politicians to resolve their differences through agreements and peaceful means.

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    Kabul-based Iranian bank, the Arian Bank Shut On Non-Compliance to Afghanistan Banking Policies

    Kabul-based Iranian bank, the Arian Bank engaged in commercial banking services, has been shut down due to money laundering charges and non-compliance of the Afghanistan banking policies..

    Arian Bank, located in Wazir Akbar Khan in downtown Kabul, is an Afghan-based joint venture between Iran’s Bank Melli and Bank Saderat.

    Central Bank spokesman Aimal Ashoor said the Arian Bank’s license was cancelled because the bank could not operate better and did not follow the Afghanistan banking policies.

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    18 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Ghazni Province

    Local officials of Ghazni province reported that 18 Taliban insurgents including three commanders of the group were killed in the province.

    Ghazni media office said in a statement on Sunday that these insurgents were killed last night as a result of air and ground operations in Deh Yak and Andar districts of Ghazni province.

    These insurgent commanders were targeted when they were transferring the corps of other insurgents to Zakir area of Deh Yak district, the statement added.

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    Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Meets Potzel

    Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Idrees Zaman met with the Special Representative of the Federal Government of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Markus Potzel.

    The meeting was to brief the representative on the Consultative Peace Jirga and the 3rd Kabul Peace Conference which is soon due to be held in Kabul.

    Ambassador Potzel appreciated the leadership and involvement of Mr Idrees Zaman in the International Contact Group and conveyed the readiness to attend the 3rd Kabul Process Conference.

    Other than this the two sides discussed bilateral relations, peace, and ongoing political situation in the region as well as trilateral meetings.

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    Taliban Commander Killed By Own Bomb Explosion

    According to reports by the Afghan Military, an explosion in eastern Kunar province has killed a local Taliban commander. 201st Silab Corps said the incident took place in Dangdam district on Saturday.

    The Taliban commander killed has been identified as Bilal who was involved in roadside bombings and other terrorist-related activities in Dangam district

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    Parliament Session Disrupted After Election of Speaker

    The lower house of the parliament on Sunday saw disruptions after tensions soared between the various MPs, as per pictures circulated on social media.

    The reason for such escalation was the election of newly selected Speaker of the house, Mir Rahman Rahmani, who did not gather the sufficient votes for the position but held majority of the votes as compared to his contender.

    The situation had become so bad that security forces were seen controlling the members in the house.

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    Afghan National Army and Special Operation Forces Kill 10 Taliban Insurgents in Kandahar & Kunduz

    As part of operations, the Afghan National Army and Special Operations forces killed at least ten Taliban insurgents. The operations were conducted in northern Kunduz and southern Kandahar provinces.

    “Afghan Special Forces conducted a raid in Khan Abad district of Kunduz province killing 5 Taliban fighters and destroying 4 rocket-propelled grenades,” the sources said.

    In another operation, conducted in Khakrez district of Kandahar province the 205th Corps killed at least 5 Taliban insurgents.

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    India Extends Full Support for Sustainable Peace, Stability and Development in Afghanistan

    India has expressed its full support for sustainable peace, economic development and stability in Afghanistan.

    India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj gave this assurance to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s Special Envoy and High Peace Council Secretary Umer Daudzai in New Delhi yesterday.

    Mr Daudzai briefed the Minister on the outcome of the recently held Loya Jirga in the country.

    Both sides also discussed India’s role in Regional Peace Consensus with regards to Afghanistan, progress in peace talks and bilateral relations.

    Mr Daudzai also met National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Foreign Secretary Vijay K Gokhale.