Newsfeed: Sunday, May 5

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    21 Individuals Arrested in Kabul on Charges of Organized Crime

    Security officials reported the arrest of 21 individuals last week in Kabul on charges of organized crime.

    Speaking to a news conference on Sunday in Kabul, Nusrat Rahimi, spokesman of Ministry of Interior said that these criminals were engaged in different crimes including armed robberies, kidnapping and banditry in various areas of Kabul city.

    Rahimi emphasized that with the arrest of these criminals, Kabul’s crime graph declined to 50 percent in the past week.

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    Seven IS-K Terrorists Killed in Nangarhar

    Local officials reported that seven IS-K including five Pakistani fighters of the group were killed in Nangarhar province.

    Press office of Nangarhar province said on Sunday that these terrorists were killed as a result of air operation in Abdul Khiel village of Achin district.

    “Some weapons and ammunition of IS-K were also destroyed in this operation,” the press office added.

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    Former IEC Chairman Yousuf Nuristani Sentenced

    Former Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairman Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani was sentenced to more than one-year imprisonment on the charges of taking money during his tenure in Herat province.

    Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani, former head of the Independent Election Commission, former governor of Herat and a Senator, was sentenced to 13 months in prison and was fined AFs1 million by a special court on graft charges.

    Attorney General Office said that, in 2009, when Mr. Nuristani was the governor of Herat province, he took one million AFN from the “National Entity” and did not return the money to the government.

    Meanwhile, the establishment of National Unity Government is the outcome of chairmanship at Independent Election Commission (IEC).

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    Developing: Two Assailants in Baghlan Police Headquarters Attack Gunned Down

    Security forces announced that so far two insurgents of the attack on Baghlan police headquarters were killed.

    Nusrat Rahimi, spokesperson of Ministry of Interior confirmed this and said that the rest of the insurgents are surrounded by special police unit forces.

    In the meantime, he didn’t comment about the number of insurgents. At least 30 wounded were taken to Baghlan hospital following a complex attack on police HQ in Pul-e-Khumri city, the provincial public health office confirmed.

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    Six Injured in Two Explosions in Khost

    Local officials have reported that 6 individuals including a policeman were injured in the explosion in Khost.

    Talib Mangal, the spokesman of Khost governor told Reporterly on Saturday afternoon that these two explosions occurred in a close time interval in the center city of Khost.

    Mangal further added that, the injured individuals were taken to hospital. At the same time, he emphasized that the third IED which was embedded in the blast area was discovered and defused by the police.

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    Developing: Taliban Claims Responsibility of Attack on Baghlan Police Headquarters

    Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in tweet that the attack was carried out by Taliban insurgents and the first explosion was carried by a military vehicle.

    Meanwhile, local authorities reported that armed insurgents have attacked on the Baghlan police Headquarters command.

    Asadullah Shahbaz, a member of the Provincial Council of Baghlan told Reporterly that initially an explosion occurred in front of the Baghlan police command of the province, after which there was firing in the police headquarters.

    So far, there is no further detail about the casualties of this complex attack

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    Developing: Insurgents Attack on Baghlan Police HQ

    Local authorities reported that armed insurgents have attacked on Baghlan police Headquarters command.

    Asadullah Shahbaz, a member of the Provincial Council of Baghlan, confirmed the news and told Reporterly that a strong explosion occurred in front of the Baghlan police command of the province, after which there was firing in the police headquarters.

    Mr. Shahbaz added that there is no exact detail about this incident.

    More details to follow.

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    Terrorist Attack Prevented in Kabul

    Security officials have reported that a terrorist attack was prevented in Kabul city.

    Kabul police said on Saturday morning that, a magnetic IED which was attached to a Corolla type of vehicle in PD1 of city of Kabul, located at Eidga mosque was discovered and defused.

    This is the latest incident about using magnetic IED in recent weeks in Kabul city.

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    Breaking: Explosion in Baghlan

    It has been reported that an explosion rocked northern Baghlan province on Sunday.

    As per news media, some gunmen entered provincial police headquarters in Pul-i-Khumri city of the province following the blast.

    More details to follow.

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    Afghan Senate Member Wounded, Wife Killed

    Mohammad Afzal Shamil, a representative of people of Takhar in the Senate, was wounded and his wife was killed in a shooting at his home, as per security officials.

    Ferdows Faramarz, Kabul police spokesman told Reporterly on Sunday that a shooting occurred at the residence of Mohammad Afzal, member of Afghan Senate on Saturday night in the Chahar Rah-e-Trafik area of Kabul city that left him wounded and his wife killed.

    Mr. Faramarz further added that this member of the Senate had about 12 guards, and it is still unclear whether it was a terrorist or armed attack, but there was no problem outside his home. According to Mr. Faramarz it is likely that it is a family related affair.

    Spokesman of Kabul police stressed that this member of Afghan Senate did not cooperate with the police and did not allow the corpse of his wife to be transferred to forensic medicine for investigation.

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    50 Insurgents and Two Taliban Commanders Killed in Ghazni

    Local officials have announced that in the past 24 hours, 52 Taliban insurgents, including two commanders of the group were killed in Ghazni.

    During clearing operation of Afghan forces and coalition air operations in past 24 hours in center and Qarabagh, Andar and Deh Yak districts of Ghazni province, these insurgents were killed along with two commanders of the group by nickname of Abu Khalid and Farmande Sarhadi, Mohammad Arif Noori Ghazni governor spokesman told Reporterly.

    Mr. Noori added that during the operation, four individuals including a Taliban commander were arrested from Mirwayiz Qala area in Qarabagh district of the province.

    “A local police soldier was killed and two others were injured in a clash at border line of Jaghatu district of Ghazni province,” Noori added.

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    Iranian President Rouhani’s Brother Convicted on Corruption Charges

    An Iranian court has sentenced Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s brother to an unspecified jail term, state news agency IRNA reported on Saturday.

    The court sentenced Hossein Fereydoun guilty in a corruption case that the president’s supporters allege is “politically motivated”.

    “This person (Hossein Fereydoun) was found not guilty on some charges, while he was sentenced to prison on other accusations,” IRNA quoted judiciary official Hamidreza Hosseini as saying.

    The trial of Fereydoun, along with six co-defendants, began in February without the judiciary giving details of the charges. He had initially been held in 2017 before being released on bail.

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    President Ghani Meets Loya Jirga Delegates

    On Saturday, the presidential palace announced that President Ghani met with the delegates of Loya Jirga from Faryab, Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Samangan provinces

    President Ghani expressed to the delegates that “if we want peace then we must stop the culture of bullying”.

    The Loya Jirga on Peace concluded on Friday with a 13 point resolution and demanded a permanent ceasefire from Taliban starting Ramadan. However, despite the international community appreciating the efforts of Loya Jirga, many opposition politicians were not happy with the conduction.

    Moreover, Taliban responded and rejected the offer of ceasefire, to which US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad reacted saying “All sides laying down arms is the outcome of any peace process. All sides agreeing to reduce violence is a necessary step toward achieving that outcome and the morally responsible choice to make. We stand ready”.

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    Deputy of Red Taliban Unit Killed in Takhar

    Local officials reported that deputy of Taliban Red Unit was killed in Yangi Qaleh district of Takhar province.

    Speaking to Reporterly, Jawad Hijri spokesperson of Takhar governor said that as a result of clash between security forces and Taliban insurgents in Yangi Qaleh district of Takhar province on Saturday, Mawlavi Zakir who was the deputy of Red Taliban Unit was killed along with two of his subordinates.

    “Three insurgents were wounded in the clash”, Mr. Hijri added.

    The spokesperson of Takhar governor also stressed that during clashes in past three days, three Public Uprising Forces were also killed in Mawarai Kokcha.

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    MoFA Summons Chargé d’affaires of the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul

    The spokesperson and director general of communication for Ministry of foreign affairs Sibghatullah Ahmadi tweeted on Saturday night that his ministry summoned the Chargé d’affaires of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul and condemned the attack on the two countries’ soldiers.

    “Explaining the immediate measures of Afghanistan’s Security Forces against anti government elements active on both sides of the Durand line, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afganistan also condemned Pakistani froces’ violation of Afghanistan Airspace and launching rockets that caused material and bodily harm”, he added.

    It was written in the statement that the Afghan government once again encouraged Pakistan to honestly fight these groups without distinction, observe the principles of good neighborliness and trust building, and engage in result oriented cooperation mechanisms.