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    Taliban Suffer Casualties in Malistan and Jaghori Districts

    A source in Ghazni province has reported heavy casualties on Taliban in the Qol Moklai Miradena area of Malistan district, Ghazni province.

    The source told Reporterly that there were heavy casualties inflicted on the Taliban last night as a result of air strikes, and attack of military as well as people uprisings forces on the Taliban.

    The source noted that the Taliban are now under the siege of government and people forces in the Qol Moklai Miradena area.

    Regarding the latest situation in the Jaghori district of Ghazni province, reports also indicate that the Taliban were still fighting until 9 am today.

    According to the report, there were casualties on both Taliban and the people uprisings sides during the clashes, but the local source told Reporterly that there were no casualties in the commando forces.

    However, some media outlets have reported loss of 25 commandos and 15 civilians in a Taliban attack on the Hotqol area of Jaghori.

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    UNHCR Suspends Afghan Refugee Repatriation from Pakistan for Cold Season

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has decided to suspend the repatriation process of Afghan refugees KP on Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan for around four months due to incoming winter season.

    According to a spokesperson of the UNHCR, the repatriation process will be halted from the first of next month till 28th of February next year due to a drop in temperature and severe cold.

    PM Imran to grant citizenship to Pakistan-born Bengal, Afghan refugees
    He said all UNHCR centers in Pakistan and Afghanistan will remain closed during the winter.

    Registered Afghan refugees will not be given financial compensation in case of return during the period.

    The operation will resume from March next year.

    Earlier, UNHCR had suspended the voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) on the occasion of Eid ul Azha.

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    60 Insurgents Killed Across 5 Provinces in Past 24 Hours

    The Ministry of Defense has released multiple statements informing that a total of 60 insurgents have been killed across 5 provinces.

    32 insurgents were killed and 31 others were wounded, as well as 2 hideouts were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Dasht Archi district of Kunduz Province.

    Secondly, 17 insurgents killed and 11 wounded in ANA clearing operations in Sayed Abad district of Wardak Province.
    In Paktika, 5 insurgents were killed and 2 vehicles were destroyed in ANA airstrikes.

    3 insurgents were killed and 2 vehicles were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Maidan Shahar capital of Wardak Province.

    In Helmand, 3 insurgents were killed, 7 were wounded, 3 fighting positions destroyed and 7 round of mines were discovered and defused in ANA clearing operations in Nawa and Sangin districts.

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    Afghan-Turk School Students and Teachers Arrested in Herat

    The Herat governor announced that based on a court order, security forces have taken control of an Afghan-Turk school. Many students and teachers from the Afghan-Turk school in Herat province were arrested on Sunday morning, officials confirmed to TOLO.

    The students and teachers were taken to the local police HQ.

    Security forces in Herat also confirmed the arrest.
    Herat governor’s spokesman Jelani Farhad said that based on a court order, security forces took control of the school based on its links to the Fethullah Gulen movement.

    Meanwhile, Afghan-Turk CAG Educational NGO issued a statement shortly after the arrests and condemned the move.

    In February of this year, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education (MoE) formally transferred the management of Afghan-Turk schools to the Turkish government. Turkey claims that these schools are run by Turkish cleric Muhammed Fethullah Gülen who is currently in exile in the United States.

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    Afghanistan’s Karimi Scores a Silver at All Asia Open Karate Championship

    Afghanistan’s Ehsan Karimi bagged a silver medal at the 17th All Asia Open Karate Championship in Bangladesh.

    Karimi bagged silver medal after defeating his rivals from Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Iran, the General Directorate of Physical Education and Sport of Afghanistan said in a statement.

    Karimi was the only Afghan athlete representing his country at the event which was organized by the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan in Dhaka.

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    Denmark Financially Supports ACJC Efforts

    Danish Ambassador Nikolaj Hejberg met with Afghanistan Attorney General Mohammad Farid Hamidi on Sunday.

    The statement of Denmark’s Embassy in Kabul pointed that the meeting was to demonstrate and affirm the “strong Danish support to the Attorney General’s efforts to deal with electoral fraud.”

    The social media statement also announced a new financial support by Denmark to anti-corruption efforts through Anti-Corruption Justice Centre which was also discussed in the meeting.

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    Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Meets Abdul Rashid Dostum

    Hizb-e-Islami leader, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar met with First VP, Gr. Abdul Rashid Dostum on Saturday.

    In the meeting both the sides discussed the Afghanistan situation, peace process as well as the upcoming presidential election, according to the press office of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

    It has been also reported that this meeting may have a decisive role in forthcoming presidential elections.

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    President Ghani Meets with US Envoy Khalilzad

    According to a statement by the Presidential Palace, President Ghani met with US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Saturday night.

    The president was briefed about Khalilzad’s visit to other countries of the region.

    This comes after Khalilzad visited Kabul twice last month to step up in the reconciliation process. He also visited Qatar and Islamabad.

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    Jaghori to be Promoted to Province: President

    Afghan president spokesman, Shah Hussain Mortazawi, wrote on his Facebook page, “the president on his visit to Bamiyan and Daikundi pointed out to necessity of the government structure to be reviewed, saying the number of ministries will be reduced and the number of provinces will be increased.”

    He added that the the administrative units will be revised, including the Jaghori district, and Jaghori being promoted to a province is one of the people’s long-awaited demands.

    With the establishment of the Jaqhori province, security in Malistan, Jaghori, Qarabagh and Uruzgan Khas will also improve, the president further claimed according to Mortazawi.

    This comes after the conflict continues with the Taliban in the districts of Jaghori and Malistan for a week.

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    New Department of Shipping to be Established Soon

    The Afghan Ministry of Transport has announced that it will soon establish a department of shipping, and ships from Afghanistan in international waters will have the Afghan flag.

    These ships would be between Iran’s free port of Chabahar and India.

    According to officials after the US renewed sanctions on Iran, Afghan officials have been working to resolve the problem through creating a shipping line to India through the Chabahar Free Zone port.

    The Ministry of Transport also said that it has sent the proposal to India, Iran, and a number of other countries and that Iran will step up in investments.

    Imam Muhammad Warimach, deputy minister of transport said that “These ships, which will be purchased by Afghan businessmen, will carry Afghanistan’s flag in the open waters and will benefit Afghanistan’s investment in this sector”.

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    Hijack Alert on Kandahar-Bound Flight a Goof-Up


    A hijack scare on a Kandahar-bound Ariana Afghan Airlines flight was sent security officials at Delhi airport on Saturday. Reportedly, the pilot had “mistakenly” pressed the “hijack button” as the plane taxied for take-off, sources told Telegraph India.

    The action had released much tension and panic as per sources.

    India’s National Security Guard commandos and officials of other agencies were on alert about the situation and proceeded to surround the aircraft.

    The Delhi-Kandahar flight FG312, scheduled to depart at 3.30pm, was cleared for take-off after a two-hour operation and checks.