Newsfeed: Sunday, November 18

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    Malistan district of Ghazni Cleared Of Insurgents: MoI

    Ministry of Interior has released a statement informing that the Afghan forces have cleared Malistan district of insurgents.

    The statement also added that now, Afghan commandos, police special forces and NDS units are about to carry out air and ground operations on the insurgents to clear Jaghori.

    MoI also added in the statement that 2 units of territorial army including 6000 personnel are to maintain security in Jaghori and Malistan. They will be assigned for security of these two places once the personnel complete their training.

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    HPC Meets President, Clarifies Advisory Body Not Parallel to it

    As per a statement by the Presidential palace, President Ghani met with members of the High Peace Council in the Chaharchinar palace of ARG yesterday in a series of Peace Consultative Meetings.

    During the meeting, Mohammad Karim Khalili, head of the High Peace Council, Qazi Mohammad Amin Waqad and Asila Wardak spoke on behalf of others, as informed by the statement.

    The HPC thanked President Ghani for “his support to High Peace Council and his efforts to establish a Consultative Peace Council and presented information on the activities and achievements of the HPC.”

    President Ghani praised the efforts of the High Peace Council saying: “The Consultative Peace Council, which is to be established, is not parallel to the High Peace Council. He added that uur discussions and consultations are due to the willingness to prepare for an intra-afghan peace talks.”

    The president also emphasized that counseling is an important principle in our religion and culture and we will consult on any major national effort.

    Shah Hussain Murtazawi, posted on Twitter clarifying that “The Consultative Peace Council, which is to be established, is not parallel to the High Peace Council. Our discussions and consultations are due to the willingness to prepare for intra-afghan peace talks.”

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    First Woman Appointed in the 98-year History of the Kabul Municipality

    Media sources have announced the appointment of the first woman in the 98-year history of the Kabul Municipality.

    Today, Sahar Hamdard has started her first day as a designated urban planning and development deputy in the Kabul Municipality.

    Mrs. Hamdard has been appointed as a new deputy of the Kabul Municipality Authority on the basis of a proposal by the Kabul Municipality and the approval of the President Ghani.

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    65 Insurgents Killed Across 3 Provinces

    In multiple statements, the Ministry of Defense has reported that in the past 24 hours, 65 insurgents have been killed across 3 provinces.

    36 insurgents including Sardar Vali a Taliban who was local commander were killed and 38 others were, wounded in ANA clearing operations in Dasht Archi district of Kunduz Province.

    Five other insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Nawa and Marja district of Helmand Province.

    Four more insurgents were killed and 4 others were wounded in ANA response attacks in Chine-Zahey area of Kunduz Province.

    Finally, 20 insurgents were killed and 11 werewounded in ANA airstrikes in Maiwand district of Kandahar Province.

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    Uzbekistan Seeks Trilateral Trade Commission with Afghanistan and Pak

    Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Furqat Sidikov has expressed that Uzbekistan is seeking a trilateral trade commission comprising of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, he said while addressing the business community during his visit to Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan on Saturday. Such a commission will be to promote trade, logistics and investment, according to Pakistan’s The Nation.

    Uzbekistan has previously expanded its railway line up to Mazar-e-Sharif, wants to facilitate expansion of the same line through to Torkham border, along the Durand Line, to facilitate trade with Pakistan, Sidikov said.

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    2 Gun Traffickers Arrested in Nangarhar

    Ministry of Interior has informed in a statement that two gun traffickers were arrested in Nangarhar by the Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police.

    The traffickers were caught with 21 AK-47 rifles, 30 pistols and 10,000 light bullets.

    The operation was conducted in Behsud district of eastern Nangarhar province on Saturday.

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    National Consensus Important for Peace: President Ghani

    President Ghani on Saturday met with Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq and other political leaders to discuss the ongoing efforts regarding reconciliation process, as reported by a statement from presidential palace.

    The Office of the President in a statement said President Ghani on met with Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, Sadiq Mudabir, Asadullah Sadati, Mohammad Akbari, Syed Ali Kazemi, Abdul Haq Shafaq, and Mohammad Nateqi on Saturday evening.

    The statement added that President Ghani held talks with the political leaders regarding the establishment of peace consultative board, high peace council activities, formation of peace negotiators delegation, as well as establishment of several committees in the event peace talks commence.

    President Ghani also listened to the opinions and suggestions of the political leaders and called their views as crucial to reach to a peace deal.

    The president emphasized that national consensus is a key foundation of government’s activities and expressed that consultations would be foundation for peace as well.

    According to President Ghani, the main purpose of the peace consultative board is “to prepare for peace talks and to establish a specific address for Afghan-led peace talks.”

    This comes as President Ghani had earlier met with Jamiat Islami and Hezb Islami leaders, Senate Chairman, and some other political leaders to consult on peace process.

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    VP Dostum Meets Mohammad Haneef Atmar

    It was reported by official statement from Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum’s office that he met with Mohammad Haneef Atmar.

    The two discussed peace process, security aspects and also talked about the upcoming presidential elections.

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    Afghan U17 Football Team Makes it to Subroto Cup Finals

    The Afghan Under-17 national football team has made its way to the U17 Subroto Cup 2018’s finals after it defeated India’s Kerala team in semi-finals, on Saturday night.

    For the finals, the team will face the Bangladesh team on Tuesday.

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    As Peace Talks begin Attacks on Hazara Areas increase/ Khalilzad’s Efforts Are Unilateral: Mohaqiq

    Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy Chief Executive of the Afghan government and leader of Hizb-e Wahdat Islami Mardum-e Afghanistan party, has expressed that Khalilzad’s efforts are unilateral in the peace process and he has so far not come to the Hazara leaders for consultation.

    Mr. Mohaqiq, in a conversation with Voice of America (VoA), said that Khalilzad had told him in a telephone conversation that his visits were pressed, but the deputy chief executive emphasized that “when he goes to Pakistan, his time is not pressed. Here he meets with all the elders and his time is not pressed, even he goes to Khak Afghan area and his time is not pressed, but when it comes to Barchi [PD-13) in Kabul, his time is pressed.”

    Mohammad Mohaqiq has claimed that Zalmay Khalilzad, the US State Department’s Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, has met with Mullah Yaqub, son of Mullah Omar, the former Taliban leader in the “Khak Afghan” district of Zabul province in the past few days.

    This claim by Mr. Mohaqiq has not been confirmed by US officials. But the Taliban have rejected the claim by publishing a statement.

    Taliban’s attacks on Hazarajat regions have increased with the start of US efforts to bring the Taliban to the peace talks, and the intensification of the war on the safe areas of Afghanistan is questionable to the people, According to Mr. Mohaqiq.

    Mr. Mohaqiq has also emphasized: “With the advent of peace talks and undisclosed meetings inside and outside of the country, the war on” Hazarajat “has intensified and Taliban attacks have been unprecedented in these areas, which has raised many questions for the people.”

    He has confirmed that he supports the peace process and efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan, but these dialogues should not be unilateral.

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    Acting Governor and NDS Manager of Baraki Barak District in Logar Killed in Bomb Blast

    Local sources reported to 1Tv News that the acting governor of Baraki Barak district in Logar, has been killed in a bomb blast. The NDS manager of the district was also killed.

    Local officials have said that a car was carrying both the officials when it was hit by a roadside mine in Sher Darwaza area of Logar.

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    Don’t Persist with Negotiations Team In Parallel with HPC: Mohammad Ismail Khan

    A leader of Jamiat-e-Islami party Mohammad Ismail Khan, said on Saturday that the representatives of the party have requested the president to not dissolve the High Peace Council.

    Additionally, they want the President to not persist with a peace negotiations team that is a parallel body to the HPC.

    “We clearly said that it will be good that the High Peace Council, which started its work years ago, should not be dissolved and that a bigger commission should not be formed on a provincial and Kabul level parallel to the High Peace Council. A peace delegation should be formed instead, to start talks and Mr. President accepted this,” he said.

    As per a statement by the Presidential Palace, President Ghani began consultations and discussions with political parties and former jihadi leaders over the formation of a negotiations team on peace.

    The Presidential Palace stated on Friday that President Ghani met with a several political figures and former jihadi leaders including Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, former vice president Mohammad Yunus Qanuni as well as members of Jamiat-e-Islami’s leadership Salahuddin Rabbani and Atta Mohammad Noor to discuss the establishment of the advisory board.