Newsfeed; Sunday, November 24 2019

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Explosion Strikes UN vehicle in Kabul

    The Ministry of Interior confirmed that an explosion took place in the capital, Kabul city on Sunday night.

    Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for Interior Ministry said that a vehicle of the United Nation was targeted in Bokhar Khana area of Kabul, PD9 at around 18:20pm on Sunday.

    According to Rahimi, one was killed and five others were wounded.

    The nature of the explosion is not clear yet.

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    Security Forces Thwart Insurgents Bid to Detonate IEDs in Khost

    The security forces foiled insurgents bid to detonate multiple Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in South-eastern Khost province.

    According to a statement released by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the security forces discovered and defused 8 IEDs during the operations which they launched a few days ago in Musa Khel district.

    The MoI statement stated that the insurgents had planted the IEDs on main roads frequented by ordinary civilians.

    The statement added that Some of the IEDs also carried ‘illusory’ messages about paradise.

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    Airstrike Killed, Wounded “11 Civilians” in Farah

    Afghan local officials say at least 11 civilians have been killed and wounded in an airstrike in western Farah province.

    Confirming the incident, a provincial member of Farah, Shah Mahmoud Naeemi told Reporterly that an airstrike was carried out on Gagchin village of Post Rood district on Saturday night.

    “At least three civilians were killed and eight others were wounded in the airstrike,” Naeemi said.

    However, he refused to give further details about the airstrike that was carried out by Afghan forces or the coalition forces.

    In the meantime, the head of Farah provincial hospital, Abdul Hakim Rasouli told media outlets that among the injured, the condition of three of them is critical.

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    Eight Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Operation: Officials

    At least eight Taliban insurgents were killed in an ongoing clash in northern Kunduz province over the past four days, provincial police officials said.

    The clearing operation was launched by the Afghan security forces from three directions to engage insurgents in the outskirts of Kunduz city, according to officials.

    “Afghan forces also have air support, which is targeting the Taliban,” officials added.

    The MoD announced first announced the operation on Thursday, calling it “Pamir 110.”

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    IEC Invalidated Votes of 1,190 Polling Stations

    The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has said that it invalidated votes from 1,190 polling stations after investigating reports and the checklists.

    IEC stated that to ensure transparency and protect the real votes of the people, 8531 polling stations where problems were recorded have been audited which the process completed in 24 provinces.

    According to the election commission, the audit process was normal in three provinces and due to some protests, the process has not been started in seven provinces.

    IEC added that the materials from 23 provinces had arrived at the commission and the process of scanning the results forms is underway.

    Earlier, some candidates criticized the IEC for including the 2,423 polling stations in the recount, claiming it was against electoral laws and procedures.

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    Detection chief of Kandahar police Assassinated

    Afghan Security officials say the detection chief of the Kandahar Police has been assassinated.

    Abdul Basir Khaksar, spokesman for the Kandahar Police told Reporterly that at around 16:30 pm yesterday afternoon, the detection chief of police was Assassinated in PD1 of Kandahar.

    Khaksar accused the Taliban of Assassinating the Police officer, adding that no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

    Kandahar province is one of the relatively safe provinces in southern Afghanistan, where there has been an increase in assassinations recently.

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    22 IS-K Terrorists Surrender to Afghan Special Forces in Nangarhar: MoD

    A group of 22 in of IS-K terrorists in Afghanistan, surrendered to Afghan Special Forces in Nangarhar province.

    According to a statement released by Ministry of Defense (MoD), the terrorists surrendered to Special Forces in Achin district of Nangarhar.

    According g to the statement, they also handed over 18 Ak-47 assault rifles to Special Forces.

    This comes as a group of 10 IS-K terrorists surrendered to Special Forces in Achin district a day earlier, days after more than 600 terrorists and family members of the group surrendered to security forces in Nangarhar.

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    Security Forces Are Neutral in Election Affairs: Defense Minister

    The Acting Defense Minister, Asadullah Khalid says the Afghan security forces are neutral in election affairs and will not allow any violence that harms the people’s livings.

    Khalid in a press conference today said that any peace that comes to Afghanistan is owned, implemented and maintained by the Afghan National Army.

    He stated that the ANA is the guarantor of peace and said that no one can impose anything that is against the will of the Afghan people.

    “The achievements of the last two decades in Afghanistan are in peace conditions and we will never let them to be lost,” he said.

    Mr. Khalid emphasized that the historic mistake of the past will not be repeated to dissolve the security forces.

    Pointing to the recent controversies, the acting minister stressed that the election will not lead to crisis.

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    8 Security Forces Killed in Taliban’s Attack in Daikundi Province

    At least eight security forces have been killed in Kejran district of Daikundi province, local officials said.

    The spokesman of Daikundi governor, Sakina Ehsani told Reporterly that the Taliban insurgents attacked security outposts in Tange Soof and Dawzda Imam areas at around 00:10AM.

    According to Ehsani, as a result of the attacks, eight security forces were killed and three others were wounded.

    She added that the situation of Kejran district is alarming, but no security forces’ outposts have been collapsed so far.