Newsfeed: Thursday, December 6

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region

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    Developing: Situation Under Control After Explosion in Chabahar Area

    Official sources have confirmed that a suicide bomber attacked the Chabahar police headquarter with a car bomb.

    Chabahar acting governor Bameri told Tasnim news agency that four people have been killed in Chabahar’s terrorist attack and many shopkeepers around the police headquarters in the area have been wounded

    According to him, at 9:55 this morning, a suicide bomber with a small Nissan truck carrying explosives was planning a suicide attack into the police headquarter in Chabahar, faced the security forces and failed to enter the headquarters and detonated the explosives at the gate.

    The official said the situation in Chabahar is now in the normal state.

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    No safe Haven for Returnees in Afghanistan: MoRR Deputy Minister

    The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation has raised concerns over the lack of safe haven for returnees in Afghanistan.

    The ministry said in a statement that Dr Alema, deputy minister for refugee affairs, in a meeting with a joint delegation from Norway and Sweden who are conducting a research on the situation in Afghanistan, emphasized that sustainable projects for the integration of returnees plays a major role in reducing illegal immigration.

    “We call on the Swedish and Norwegian governments to pay attention to vulnerable refugee groups, non-separation of families and human rights of refugees,” the statement reads, “There are no safe havens in Afghanistan, and returnees have difficulty in finding jobs.”

    The delegation is said to cover the security, legal services, and employment issues for returnees in their research.

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    Special Representative Khalilzad Visits Kabul to Discuss Preparations for Negotiations, Next Stop is Moscow

    The US Embassy in Kabul has released a statement informing that US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad visited Kabul on December 6 and met with President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah.

    “The discussion centered on his regional engagement and Afghan preparations for negotiations to reach a political settlement to the conflict. Following the meeting, Special Representative Khalilzad departed Afghanistan for Moscow for discussions on regional peace efforts” the statement added.

    Khalilzad comes to Kabul after his visit to Islamabad.

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    NATO Welcomes Husna Jalil’s Appointment as Deputy Minister of Interior- Policy in MoI

    The NATO Senior Civilian Representative on Thursday expressed that they welcome the newly appointed deputy minister-secretary of policy and strategy at the ministry of interior, Husna Jalil,
    “I welcome the appointment of Ms. Husna Jalil, as the DM fro Pol&Strat in Afghan MOI. this is an encouraging demonstration of the AFG government’s commitment to strengthen women’s role in AFG institutions. NATO firmly believes that women’s full involvement in the process of strategic decision-making will contribute to implementing fundamental reforms in Afghanistan and to shaping the future of the country.”

    The number of women deputy ministers in Afghanistan stands at 15 and there are currently 4 women ministers in the cabinet.

    A few days ago, the former Interior Ministry’s Deputy spokesman Nasrat Rahimi confirmed that former deputy minister Ahmad Azizi had given his resignation and said that Ms Hasna Jalil would replace him as deputy policy and strategy at the ministry.

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    Breaking: Explosion in Chabahar Region of Iran

    Reports indicate an explosion and shooting in the Chabahar region of Sistan Wa Balochistan, Iran.

    The Iranian Khabar Channel reported that the explosion was a result of a car bombing.

    The exact details of the explosion are not yet clear.

    Three people have been killed and several others have been injured as a result of the blast, according to the Khabar channel.

    The security deputy of provincial governor of Sistan Wa Baluchestan, while confirming the news, told Iranian media that a few minutes ago a bomb blast was heard on one of the streets of Chabahar, immediately the security and relief forces were deployed to the area.

    The Chabahar harbor, which has a particular importance to Afghanistan, is located in this area.

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    Afghan Security Forces are Resilient: Acting Foreign Minister Salauddin Rabbani at NATO Meet

    Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani conceded at the NATO foreign ministers meet that the security forces are sustaining many casualties in Afghanistan, but he also assured that they are increasingly successful in repelling enemy attack.

    “In any war there are casualties on both sides and of course this is not an exception,” Rabbani said on the sidelines of the NATO meeting. “But as far as the determination and resolve of the Afghan security forces are concerned, I reassure you that they are very resilient.”

    The NATO Foreign Ministers meet was a two day event which took place in Brussels, Belgium. The NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg also acknowledged the work of the security forces but expressed concern over casualties.

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    9 Die Due to Traffic Accident in Herat

    At least nine people were killed in a traffic accident in Herat-Islam Qala highway on Thursday.

    Herat governor’s spokesperson Jailani Farhad confirmed to news sources that “all the victims of this incident were young men.”

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    Developing: IECC Dismisses IEC Officials for Violation of Electoral Laws

    As the votes cast in Kabul parliamentary elections have been deemed invalid, IECC is taking further steps to mitigate the issue.

    IECC’s Rohani had said that Ahmad Shah Zamanzai, head of IEC secretariat, Awal al-Rahman Rodwal, the former head of election affairs in Kabul province, Izmaray Qalamyar, operational head of IEC, Abdul Aziz Samim, the deputy operational head of IEC, Sayed Ibrahim Sadat, IT head of IEC due to violation of provisions of paragraphs 16, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 30, 33 and 35 of Article 98 of the Electoral Law, have been dismissed from their duties, and each of them should pay AFN 100 thousands as a fine.

    Their criminal cases will be re-examined and the result will be announced soon in a decision, he added.

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    Breaking: Parliamentary Elections Votes Declared Invalid in Kabul province

    IECC has officially declared the parliamentary elections votes in Kabul as invalid.

    Spokesman Alireza Rohani said a few minutes ago at a news conference in Kabul that the Independent Election Complaints Commission has invalidated the votes of the entire Kabul province based on more than 25 documents.

    Accordingly, the Independent Election Commission should hold the parliamentary election in Kabul province once again.

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    Washington Keen on Exiting Arms Treaty so They Are Pressurising Us, If They Make Arms We do the Same: Putin

    Russia may now develop missiles which banned under the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty if the United States decided to exit the arms control pact and start making such weapons, President Vladimir Putin expressed on Wednesday.

    The United States gave Russia a 60-day ultimatum on Tuesday to come clean about what Washington says is a “violation of the 1987 nuclear arms control treaty”, saying it would be forced to start a six-month process of withdrawal if nothing changes.

    Putin, in televised comments, has accused the United States of blaming Russia for violations as a pretext for Washington to exit the pact. Putin says Russia will be compelled to respond if U.S. exits arms treaty itself.

    Putin noted that as such, many other countries produce missiles banned under the INF treaty, but that Moscow and Washington had undertaken to limit themselves with the accord signed in 1987.

    “Now it seems our American partners believe that the situation has changed so much that the United States must also have such a weapon. What’s our response? It’s simple: in that case we will also do this,” he said.