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    Heavy Causalities of Taliban in Badghis: 109 Taliban Insurgents Killed in the Province

    Afghan Army in the northern part of Afghanistan reported that 109 Taliban insurgents including 19 Key commanders of the group were killed and wounded.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Thursday, Mohammad Hanif Rezaee spokesman of 209th Shahin Corps said that, as a result of national army special operation and Resolute Support Mission on Tuesday night in Ghormach district of Badghis province on hideouts of Taliban, 82 insurgents were killed including 16 commanders of the group.

    Rezaee added that, Haji Mullah, head of military commission of Taliban for Ghormach district, Mullah Abdulrahim, commander of Badghis are also among the commanders killed in the operation.

    In this operation, Haji Abdulrahim shadow district chief for Ghormach district, Mullah Ismail in charge of targeted assassinations and Mullah Karim along with 25 insurgents were injured, as per press of 209th Shahin Corps.

    Rezaee further added that, this operation was carried out when Taliban wanted to attack on Qaisar and Almar districts of the province.

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    HPC: Afghanistan’s War & Peace Has Widespread International & Regional Dimensions

    The Deputy of High Peace Council said that, in addition to internal factors, Afghanistan’s war and peace, has widespread international and regional dimensions. He added that there it is clear that apparent and hidden hands are involved in these issues at international level.

    In a meeting on Thursday titled “Peace Talks, Fluctuating Politics and Uncertain Future” held by Afghanistan Law and Political Studies Organization, Mawlavi Ataullah Salim said that the delegation of the opposition group has always been under political pressure of some intervening countries who feel that peace in Afghanistan will not be in their interest.

    He stressed that the lack of authority of the armed opposition at the negotiating tables indicate that neither our war is Intra-Afghan and nor our peace.

    While stating that separate meetings of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia religious scholars and also the meeting of 36 Islamic countries in Mecca, were based on the recognition of the war in Afghanistan has questioned the legitimacy of the Taliban’s war against the government, according to Mr. Salim.

    “The opposition’s war is neither legal nor Islamic, nor for the interests of Afghanistan. Now the rules of the game are clear, the cause of the war is known and the elimination of the legitimacy of war by the scholars of the Islamic world, the increase in national and international pressure on supporters of the insurgents have been created in order to encourage them to peace,” he noted.

    The deputy head of the High Peace Council made these remarks that Taliban have not yet agreed to meet with Afghan government in Intra-Afghan talks.

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    Key Taliban Commander Arrested in Ghazni, Found With Police Ranger Vehicle

    Local officials have reported the arrest of a Taliban commander with a police ranger vehicle in Ghazni province.

    As a result of operation of 703 unit of NDS in Khwaja Khel area of Khogyani district in Ghazni province, a Taliban commander was arrested with a police ranger vehicle, Ghazni provincial press office said in a statement on Thursday.

    The Taliban commander was arrested when he wanted to pack this police vehicle with explosive components for terrorist attacks.

    According to the press office, one Taliban insurgent was killed and one other was wounded in the operation.

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    CE Abdullah on World Refugee Day: Appreciate Efforts of Regional Countries for Hosting Afghan Refugees

    Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, while addressing a ceremony on the World Refugee Day on Thursday expressed that some significant efforts have been made for refugees, “We thank neighboring countries for hosting Afghan refugees for over four decades.

    He assured that meetings have been held on the issue of repatriation of Afghan refugees from neighboring countries. He said that the refugees’ issue does not only belong to the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation; it but is also the “responsibility of all of us”.

    The CE said that people of Afghanistan will pass the tough days and will definitely have a better future, but he also pointed out that “Today, we also have a huge number of people displaced in the country.”

    CE Abdullah also expressed his gratitude for Pakistan, saying “We will not forget the treatment of Pakistani people with Afghan refugees. It was a humanly treatment.”

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    Presidential Palace Rejects Claims of Parliament Shutdown By the President

    The presidential palace has said that a false report circulated by a number of media outlets about parliament having been blocked by the president is baseless.

    Haroon Chakhansuri, the spokesman to presidential palace wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday that: “Pajhwok News quoting the president regarding the parliament is baseless.”

    Meanwhile, news outlets quoted sources from State Ministry for Parliament Affairs reported that president had given week one time that if they don’t solve the problem of parliament, he will close the parliament.

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    Chinese Envoy Ma Zhaoxu Calls for Bolstering Afghanistan’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity

    Chinese envoy Ma Zhaoxu on Wednesday called for efforts to help boost Afghanistan’s capacity for combating terrorism and maintaining stability.

    Ma Zhaoxu, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, expressed the hope that the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) will continue to help the country strengthen capacity building in the field of security.

    The international community should strengthen coordination and cooperation to support Afghanistan in its counterterrorism efforts to effectively respond to terrorism, transnational crime, and drug trafficking, among other threats, he told a UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan.

    The Chinese ambassador also urged the international community to help improve the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

    Recently, conflicts and natural disasters have left large numbers of Afghans displaced, while millions of people affected by droughts still need humanitarian assistance, he said.

    The international community should effectively honor its assistance commitments to Afghanistan and help the Afghan people seriously affected by natural disasters, improve the humanitarian situation of Afghan refugees in neighboring countries, and help with an early return of Afghan refugees, said Ma.

    UNAMA should coordinate efforts to help the Afghan people and government eliminate poverty and improve people’s livelihood, he said.

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    Developing: Roadside Mine in Nangarhar Kills & Wounds 19 People

    Local officials have reported that a roadside mine explosion in Nangarhar killed and wounded 19 people.

    Speaking to Reporterly, Nangarhar provincial governor’s spokesman said that, a Hilux type of vehicle carrying the guards of Malik Dehqan, a commander of Public Uprising Forces, was targeted with a roadside mine on Thursday morning around 9:30AM at “Ada Chaparhar” in the surrounding of PD4 of Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province.

    Ahmad Farid further added that, in this incident a civilian was killed and 18 civilians including 3 guards of the commander were injured.

    According to the Nangarhar provincial spokesman, no harm was posed to the commander of Public Uprising Forces.

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    Breaking: Explosion Occurs in Nangarhar

    Security officials reported the occurrence of an explosion in Nangarhar province.

    Speaking to Reporterly Nangarhar provincial governor spokesman said on Thursday morning that an explosion occurred in PD3 of Jalalabad city.

    He added that, so far, the type of explosion casualties of the explosion is not clear.
    More details as follows.