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    Security Forces Launches New Operation in Faryab; 21 Taliban Killed, Wounded

    Afghan security forces have launched a new operation under the name of “Qeyam” in the Faryab province, officials confirmed.

    The Faryab Police press office in a statement on Thursday said that the ‘Qeyam’ operation started from Andkhoy district’s front up to the 01 highway front in Faryab.

    According to the statement, at least seven Taliban militants were killed, and two of them including the deputy of Taliban Red Unit for Qarghan district were wounded during the operation.

    The Faryab Police press office stated that one soldier was killed and another one inured in the operation.

    Police added that in separate clashes in Chaqmaq area of Pashton Koot district last night, seven insurgents were killed and five others were wounded. Also five mines were detected by security forces.

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    Govt. Finalizes Participants List For Intra-Afghan Talks in China

    The Afghan government has finalized the list of participants for the China meeting on intra-Afghan peace talks, an official said on Thursday.

    The president’s senior adviser for strategic affairs, Wahid Omar in a press conference said, “This list of participants is short but inclusive that will represent all groups of Afghan society.”

    Omar declared that the Afghan government is not seeking to monopoly the peace process but wants the unity of people in the process.

    “Everyone wants the war to end in our country, and the government wants to lead the peace process because the government and the Taliban are fighting,” he said.

    The top adviser of President emphasized that the precondition of the Afghan government for peace talks is a ceasefire by the Taliban and the group should declare their will by announcing a ceasefire.

    “Taliban want us to enter into talks with it as representatives of tribes, political parties while it enter as a government and emirate, but our emphasis is that talks should not take place with that humiliation,” Omar asserted.

    He further added that the red line of government is a stable and dignified peace for Afghan people.

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    Four Judges Killed in A Taliban Ambush in Logar

    At least four judges killed in a Taliban ambush in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province on Thursday afternoon, local police confirmed.

    Logar Police say the judges were on their way from Paktia to Kabul that faced Taliban’s ambush.

    The Taliban group has not commented regarding the incident so far.

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    ‘Further Delay in Announcement of Election Results Will Not Be Acceptable’: IECC

    The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) says the violating the election calendar is the violation of law and if the Independent Election Commission (IEC) violates the law, we will not remain silent.

    The IECC spokesman and commissioner, Muhammad Qasem Ilayasi in a press conference on Thursday said, “The IEC should announce the preliminary results this time– on time. If they delay, it won’t be acceptable to the IECC or the people.”

    Ilayasi declared that IECC has made decisions on all electoral complaints saying the commission’s decisions on complaints should be implemented.

    He noted that the IEC must give details to the people over the Dermalog report on the election process and about changes in the votes.

    At the same time, the IECC commissioner stated that the candidates who quit election race should immediately return armored vehicles to government.

    “A few individuals including election officials and strongmen have been referred for prosecution” he asserted.

    Ilyasi further added that the commission made decisions on all 4,528 complaints; 30 polling centers and 105 polling stations have been invalidated and 2,118 polling stations need recounts.

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    IS-K Branches in Afghanistan Plan Expansion to CIS Territory: Russian Security Service

    The special services of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have registered increasing activity of the branches of the IS-K terrorist group operating in Afghanistan, noting their planned expansion to the CIS, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov said on Thursday.

    “We have registered an enhanced activity of IS-K branches in Afghanistan, united as the so-called Wilayat Khorasan. The Jamaat Ansarullah and the Turkistan Islamic Party are closely connected to it. They aim to create a staging ground for expansion to the territory of the CIS”, Bortnikov said at a meeting of the Council of the Heads of Security Bodies and Special Services of CIS Member States.

    As per Sputnik report, this expansion is expected to be conducted by militants from the Central Asian republics, Bortnikov noted.

    According to the head of the FSB, terrorists understand that they have suffered a defeat in Syria and Iraq and are therefore deploying their remaining forces outside the Middle East, creating new zones of instability in Asia and Africa, and forming a sleeper cell network in Europe.

    First Deputy Chief of the Russian Government Staff Sergei Prikhodko said in early November that up to 10,000 IS-K terrorists were operating in Afghanistan, mostly in its northern and eastern territories.

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    Six Police Killed in Badghis Roadside Mine Blast

    At least six police including a female officer have been killed in a roadside mine blast in the western province of Badghis, local officials confirmed.

    The provincial police Chief of Badghis, Shir Aqa Alokozai said, “incident took place in Qarquch village of Moqur district after a police vehicle struck the roadside mine.”

    “The police were traveling to Qala-e-Naw, to collect their salaries when their vehicle struck the roadside mine,” Alokozai said.

    “The mine was planted by the Taliban,” he added.

    The Taliban have not commented regarding the incident so far.

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    CIS States to Discuss Situation in Afghanistan & Its Impact on Central Asian Security

    The 47th meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of Security Agencies is held in Tashkent today.

    As per AKIpress report, the CIS states discuss ways to enhance cooperation in fight against international terrorism, illicit drug trafficking, trans-boundary organized crime.

    They will identify measures to prevent incitement of inter-ethnic and inter-religious hatred in the CIS region, ensuring security in transport communications and national economies.

    The situation in Afghanistan in context of its impact on regional security in Central Asia will be discussed among other issues.

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    8-Feet Tall Afghan Cricket Fan Struggles to Find Place to Stay in India

    Height became a problem in finding accommodation for an Afghani man who flew down to watch one-day international cricket series between Afghanistan and West Indies in Lucknow.

    Sher Khan, who is 8 feet and two-inch tall, visited several hotels in search of a place to stay but no hotel allegedly agreed to rent him a room courtesy to his height.

    Disappointed and alone in a new city, Khan approached police for help which took him to a Hotel Rajdhani in Naka area where he spent Tuesday night.

    Due to the people gathered outside the hotel, the police had to escort Khan to Ekana Stadium where the international match is being played.

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    Afghanistan Private Education Sector Is Vulnerable To Corruption: MEC

    The Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) says the private sector of education in Afghanistan is vulnerable against corruption.

    MEC officials in a press conference have released its fifth regulatory report on the implementation of orders submitted by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

    According to the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, MoE and other stakeholders involved in the education private sector have been able to fully implement nine new orders during the monitoring period.

    MEC officials emphasized that the private school in Afghanistan had grown less and the regulations of private education institutions in the solar year of 1398 have not been complaint with stringent conditions and have occasionally led to the corruption.

    The committee stated that their supervisory findings indicate that the majority of private schools do not meet the requirements of this regulation, which has led the Ministry of Education’s review board to deal with private schools.

    This comes as nearly 2,218 private schools are operating in all across the country.

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    IS-K Terrorists Disguised in Women’s Dress Detained in Nangarhar

    The Afghan forces arrested four IS-K terrorists dressed up like women and were attempting to escape their operations in Nangarhar province.

    The Nangarhar governor’s office in a statement said the security forces detained the terrorists from Achin district.

    The statement further added that the Afghan forces arrested the ISIS fighters in Achin district on Wednesday.

    The IS-K group have not commented in this regard so far.