Newsfeed: Thursday, November 8

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    Reconstruction Agreement of Dahla Dam Finalised

    The reconstruction agreement of Dahla dam which is situated in Kandahar province, has been signed between Asian Development Bank, World Bank and Afghanistan’s finance ministry.

    As per the statement by the finance ministry of Afghanistan, thr reconstruction of Dahla dam will cost $ 400 million.
    Dahla Dam’s first phase of rehabilitation was carried out by aid from Canada and the phase two was initiated by United States.

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    China Set to Invest in Fiber Optic Project in Wakhan

    It was announced on Thursday that China has granted an investment deal of $50 million in the fiber optic network project of Wakhan district of Badakhshan.

    The announcement was made by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

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    Two Al-Qaeda Networks Members Killed in Kunar

    Security officials said two Al-Qaeda members were killed in Kunar province.
    The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that two al-Qaeda members were killed in the operation of the Afghan security forces in Wat Por distict of Kunar province.

    The ministry also said in another statement, that an ISK member has been killed in another operation in the Achin district of Nangarhar province.

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    US Embassy Set to Participate as ‘Observer’ in Moscow Talks

    Rober Palladino, deputy spokesperson for the US State Department said in a press briefing on Thursday that “In coordination with the Afghan Government, the United States embassy in Moscow will send a representative to the working level to observe the discussions, and the United States stands ready to work with all interested parties to support and facilitate peace process”.

    He said that the US feels that all countries should support direct dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban to reach an end to the war. “We’ve been clear that no government, including Russia, can be a substitute for the Afghan Government in direct negotiations with the Taliban,” he said.

    Russia has invited 12 countries, including the US, to the talks which will be attended by delegations from Afghanistan High Peace Council and the Taliban. India’s response is still unclear and yet to be confirmed.

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    106 Insurgent Killed and Wounded in Several Provinces of Afghanistan

    Security officials have reported that 106 insurgents have been killed and wounded across 15 provinces of Afghanistan.

    The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that as a result of the invasive and clearing operations and airstrikes of the ANSDF in Nangarhar, Kunar, Paktika, Ghazni, Maidan Wardak, Logar, Khost, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Farah, Samangan, Baghlan Faryab and Helmand 86 insurgents were killed and 20 others were wounded.

    In these operations, several vehicles belonging to insurgent have been destroyed as well, the statement added.

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    HPC Delegation Leaves for Moscow Peace Talks

    The spokesperson of the High Peace Council, Sayed Ehsan Taheri announced that the HPC delegation is on its way to Moscow for the long-awaited Peace Talks.

    The delegation is comprised of Habiba Sarabi, a deputy to HPC and some other members.

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    39 Insurgents Killed in Jaghori

    As per a statement by the Ministry of Defense, it has been announced that 39 insurgents were killed after clashes in Jaghori, Ghazni.

    This comes after Taliban have carried out series of attacks in the district and the people of the area have had to defend themselves. But the forces made a strong presence soon after.

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    Taliban Attack Army Base in Kunduz

    According to an Army official, the Taliban have attacked an army base in Northern Kunduz which has claimed several lives.

    Ghulam Hazrat Karimi, a spokesman for 20th Pamir Division, told 1TV that the attack took place at 1:00a.m. on Thursday, and the targeted base was located in Kal Tarash area of Dasht-i-Archi district.

    Karimi added that both sides suffered casualties in the resulting clash.

    Sources from hospital have said that some 15 soldiers were killed or wounded in the assault.

    Taliban has not released any comment on the matter yet.

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    Taliban Attack Jaghori in Ghazni Again

    A local source told Reporterly that the Taliban has re-attacked people’s resistance forces in Jaghori district on Wednesday night, and during the clashes, three from people forces were killed, while one stronghold and a vehicle were set on fire.

    According to the source, the ongoing clashes are currently taking place between the people and the Taliban.

    The source added that more than 50 commando forces have arrived in Jaghori province so far.

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    2 IS-K Insurgents Hand Themselves Over to Afghan Forces in Nangarhar

    2 IS-K insurgents who reportedly hail from Pakistan, have been arrested during the operations of the security forces in eastern Nangarhar province.
    The 201st Silab Corps of the Afghan Military in the East in a statement informed that the two militants were arrested during the operations in Nazian district.

    The statement further added that both the militants handed over themselves and their family members, including two women and four children to the security forces during a search and clearance operation.

    According to 201st Silab Corps, the militants handed over two Ak-47 assault rifles to the security forces.

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    Afghan Forces Operations Kill Several Insurgents in Baghlan

    As per reports, clashes and airstrikes in Baghlan have killed more than a dozen Taliban insurgents near the capital during an ongoing operation, an official told Pajhwok.

    11 Taliban rebels were also wounded and 4 more were captured alive in the Dand-i-Ghori area on the outskirts of Pul-i-Khumri, Baghlan’s capital, as informed by Maj. Mohammad Hanif Razai, spokesman for the Afghan National Army’s 209 Shaheen Military Corps.

    The military spokesman also informed that security forces confiscated 150 kilograms of explosives besides weapons and ammunition.
    Razai assured that civilians escaped unhurt in the offensive but a resident pointed that 5 civilians were killed and 14 others were wounded in the operations.

    The operation against Taliban in Baghlan had begun 5 days ago and is still ongoing.

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    Memorial Service For Kazemi in Held in Kabul

    A memorial ceremony was held on Wednesday in Kabul to commemorate the 11th death anniversary of victims of a suicide attack which took place in Baghlan and claimed lives of nearly 80 people including 5 MPs and Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, the then head of Parliament’s Economic Commission at the time.
    Kazemi had taken part in the Bonn Conference after the fall of the Taliban, was killed along with almost 80 others. The blast happened during an inauguration for a sugar factory in Baghlan and several schoolchildren also lost their lives.

    Kazemi’s family feels that the government has not done much to probe into the attack. “The Government of National Unity must seriously investigate these cases and, in particular, the Baghlan incident that remains unsolved,” said Sayed Ali Kazemi, a parliament member.

    Lower House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and the first deputy speaker of senate, Mohammad Alam Ezedyar have also called out the government for not having investigated the attack that killed Kazemi.”If there is no intention, it is impossible to find clues and the perpetrators are then not arrested or prosecuted according to the law,” said Ibrahimi.