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    Taliban Kill & Injure Three Local Police In Sar-e Pol

    Security officials reported that 3 local police were killed and injured in Sar-e Pol province.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Tuesday, provincial spokesperson Zabihullah Amani said that Taliban group attacked an outpost of local police in the vicinity of centre of Sar-e Pol province.

    He added that the assault took place on Monday night in which 2 local police were killed and another injured. Casualties were also inflicted on Taliban insurgents but there is no precise figure reported, Amani said.

    Spokesperson of Sar-e Pol governor added that the area is now under control of security forces.

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    14 Taliban Insurgents, 2 Security Personnel Killed & Injured In Faryab

    Security officials reported that 14 Taliban insurgents and 2 security personnel were killed in Faryab.

    The press office of Faryab police said in a statement that Taliban attacked in Gurziwan district of the province on Monday night which was repulsed by security forces.

    The statement further added that 6 insurgents including 2 group leaders of Taliban who were identified as Mullah Mohammad Baloch and Shaikh Zakria Baloch were killed and 8 others wounded.

    Two security personnel were also injured in the clash, according to the statement.

    Faryab is among one of the insecure provinces in north where Taliban insurgents have an active presence.

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    Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualties in Balkh, Shadow District Governor Among 58 Killed

    At least 58 Taliban insurgents were killed including a shadow district governor of Taliban in the past 24 hours in Balkh province, as per officials.

    209 Shaheen Corps said in a statement on Tuesday that, ANDSF launched the operations in the past 24 hours in Balkh, Sholgara and Chahar Kint districts of Balkh province in which 58 Taliban insurgents including a shadow district governor were killed.

    The statement said that security forces carried out ground and air operations on Monday afternoon in Qaland Khalili and Sia Ab villages of Sholgara district, Boryabaf and Zargartapa villages of Balkh district.

    As a result of these operations, 58 insurgents including Mawlavi Abdul Ahad, shadow district governor for Chahar Kint district, Mawlavi Shirin military in charge and deputy shadow district governor for Sholgara district and Qari Noorulhadi Red Unit commander of Taliban for Sholgara district were killed.

    Additionally, 7 Taliban insurgents including Qari Salahuddin the newly appointed shadow district governor of Taliban for Chahar Kint district was injured and another one was arrested, according to the statement.

    209th Shaheen Corps reported that, a Taliban compound and 7 motorcycles were destroyed in the operation and 2 rockets, 3 Kalashnikov, 3 set radio, 3 combat vests and 2 motorcycles were seized by security forces.

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    16 Members Of Public Uprising Forces Killed & Wounded in Jawzjan

    Local officials reported that 9 members from the public uprising forces were were killed and 7 others suffered injuries in an attack by Taliban in Jawzjan province.

    Faraidon Aniq Jawzjan provincial spokesperson told Reporterly that at around 8 pm on Monday night, the Taliban group attacked in the Kokaldash area in the vicinity of Fayzabad district of the province.

    Mr. Aniq added the clash continued till 4 am today in which 16 members of the Public Uprising Forces suffered losses.

    Taliban group also suffered casualties in the clash but there is no exact report about it, as per Jawzjan provincial spokesperson.

    He added that, back up forces arrived in the area and it was now under the control of security forces.

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    16 IS-K Terrorists Tackled In Nangarhar

    Provincial officials of Nangarhar reported that 9 IS-K terrorists were detained and 7 killed as a result of security forces operations carried out in Maska Meyna and Pachir Aw Agam districts.

    Nangarhar press office confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that 6 IS-K terrorists were killed in Tangi Sulaimankhel region of Pachi Aw Agam district and one terrorist was killed and 9 others were arrested in the vicinity of Maska Meyna district.

    Two weapon cache of IS-K terrorists were also demolished during the operations, as per the statement.

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    Taliban Shot Killed 3 Residents of Samangan

    The Taliban insurgents have shot and killed three inhabitants of the Samangan province in the vicinity of Baghlan province, local officials reported on Tuesday.

    The spokesman of Baghlan Police, Jawid Besharat told Reporterly that the Taliban group that abducted three people earlier including a provincial council member of Samangan three days ago, was shot dead by them this morning.

    Besharat added, after killing the three residents of Samangan, Taliban took their corpses and left them near a highway in Baghlan. Police handed over the corpses to their families.

    The Taliban insurgents had abducted five inhabitants of Samangan on August 24 from the province’s highway and killed provincial member named Abdul Alim Sadat along with one of his companions earlier.

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    Taliban: Efforts Are Underway To Finalize Peace Deal Today

    Taliban’s political office spokesperson said that, the delegation of the group and United States will try to finalize peace deal today.

    Suhail Shaheen in a tweet said that peace talks between Taliban and the US negotiating team will continue until 10 am today. He added that, both the sides are trying to finalize the final points of the peace deal.

    Meanwhile, US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad said in a tweet yesterday that, “No one should be intimidated or fooled by propaganda. US will defend Afghan forces now and after any agreement with the Taliban.”

    The United States and the Taliban officials resumed the ninth round of talks in Qatar on Thursday 22 August with a focus to finalize the peace deal and also work on the means of implementing the agreement.

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    Indian EAM Jaishankar to Discuss Critical Afghan Issues In Russia

    India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar will be in the Russian capital of Moscow for a two-day visit between September 4 to 6. Bilateral talks will be held with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the situation in Afghanistan, Iran and the Gulf region.

    Both the sides will address a press conference following the talks, announcing the top developments including regional convergence.

    “They will discuss efforts to preserve the joint comprehensive plan of action on Iranian nuclear programme, developments in the Persian Gulf area and situation in Afghanistan,” Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

    This is a critical time for Afghanistan as the peace process is in progress and recently Pakistan Ambassdor to the US Asad Majeed Khan made a comment that that the ongoing tensions in Kashmir could potentially affect Afghanistan’s peace process.

    Afghanistan’s ambassador to the US Roya Rahmani, raised strong objections to Pakistan trying to link the Kashmir situation with Afghanistan and said that it was “reckless, unwarranted and irresponsible”

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    The Curse of Illiteracy Affects 10 Million Afghans Countrywide

    Acting Education Minister said that around 10 million illiterate people exist around Afghanistan. In order to eradicate this problem, along with efforts of the ministry, there is a need for public mobilization in collaboration with civil society, volunteers, partner institutions and organizations.

    Addressing a ceremony hosted by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan held on the occasion of Literacy Day, Mirwais Balkhi said, “One of the programs of the ministry in the ‘Decade of Education’ has been to eliminate the paths that lead to illiteracy”.

    He added that the Ministry of Education is working to eradicate illiteracy not only in terms of reading and writing but also in promoting positive changeability.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Hameda Huma Nooristani, Director of the Literacy Department of the ministry said that currently 7000 literacy classes are active for 190000 students and there are 69 literacy schools in the country.

    Speaking at the ceremony Latifa Majidi country director of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan), highlighted the programs of the organization and said that the launch of knowledge tree (Darakht-e-Danish) the creation of 41 literacy centers for 1400 students in Kabul, Takhar, Badakhshan, distribution of books and laboratory packages are the main activities of the organization for eradication of illiteracy in the country.