Newsfeed: Tuesday, December 25

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    UN Condemns Attack in Kabul

    The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released a statement condemning the attack carried out last night in an area of Kabul city heavily populated by civilians.

    The statement added that “The Mission is actively working to verify information indicating scores of civilians, including women, were killed and injured in a coordinated attack in and around government offices”.

    “These attacks cause untold human suffering to Afghan families,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA. “The United Nations unequivocally condemns them, as there is no justification whatsoever for such attacks.”

    The United Nations maintains that those who have organized and enabled such attacks must be brought to justice and held to account, and once again calls on all parties to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law, at all times, to protect civilians from harm.

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    UNAMA Head Tadamichi Yamamoto Meets CE Abdullah & HPC Chair

    UN envoy and UNAMA head Tadamichi Yamamoto met with CE Abdullah today in Kabul to discuss elections, peace and the latest developments in Afghanistan.

    MR Yamamoto also met with High Peace Council chair Karim Khalili and HPC Executive Secretariat CEO and presidential envoy Umer Daudzai, to discuss ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan.

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    Developing: Suicide Attack in Kandahar Claims 2 Lives

    Ahmed Zia Durani, Kandahar police spokesperson told Reporterly that a suicide attack took place near a residential house on street 3 Aino mina PD 11 kandahar.

    The attack has killed 2 and injured 3 from the members of family living in the house.

    More details to come.

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    EU Ambassador Condemns Kabul Attack

    Pierre Mayaudon, the Ambassador and Head of European Union Delegation in Afghanistan posted on social media condemning the complex attack that took place in Kabul on Monday.

    “My personal condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist attack in Afghanistan yesterday on the government building in Kabul. Wishing the injured a prompt recovery. Targeting the Afghan Authority for Martyrs and Disabled was shameful”, he wrote.

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    CE Abdullah Blames Taliban for Kabul Complex Attack

    Chief Executive Abdullah has expressed that Taliban are mainly responsible for Monday’s deadly attack which left 40 dead and 27 wounded. The incident happened in PD16 area of Kabul.

    Dr Abdullah said “Taliban don’t dare to hold face-to-face negotiations with Afghan government. Taliban and countries providing safe haven are stubborn in carrying out terrorist operations”.

    This comes after he posted on social media that Taliban brings disgrace to peace efforts in Afghanistan.

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    Wahidi Exculpated From Charges

    Abdul Razaq Wahidi, Ex-Minister of Communications & IT has been exculpated from his charges due to lack of evidences in his third tribunal session.

    Wahidi had previously appeared in two other special tribunal sessions at the Supreme Court after being accused of embezzling revenue collected from the ten percent tax levied on mobile phone users as well as misuse of authority in appointments.

    The accused had rejected the claims and said the allegations have been part of a political conspiracy against him.

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    Breaking: Explosion in Kandahar

    An Explosion Heard in Aino Mina area of Kandahar, Aziz Ahmad Azizi Kandahar governor spox confirmed but no detail yet.

    More details to come.

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    Taliban Attack Repelled in Faryab

    Security officials have reported that a Taliban attack has been repelled leaving 4 policemen and 16 Taliban fighters dead in Faryab province.

    The press office of Faryab Police said in a statement that around 6 Pm on Monday, the armed insurgents raid on the security outposts and the center of the Garziwan district.

    The attack was repelled by the responsea of the air force and the resistance of the commando and security forces, according to the statement.

    In this battle, 16 Taliban were killed and 8 others wounded. In the course of the fighting, Abdul Samad Garziwani, the district police chief, was killed with three of his bodyguards.

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    Not Sure Who is Behind Attack: Interior Ministry

    It was confirmed that 40 were killed ( 11 women and 29 men), and 27 were injured (including 18 men, 7 women and 2 children) in the Kabul complex attack of monday in PD16 area. 4 assailants are also killed, said Mr Majroh, Ministry of Public Health Spokesperson.

    Interior Ministry spokesperson Danish said that four “terrorists” entered two buildings in Kabul on Monday and 357 government employees were evacuated during the attack.

    “We are not sure which group is behind this attack, but for sure we can say it is a terror act and we are investigating that which group is behind it,” Danish said.

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    Chinese Embassy in Kabul Hosts Seminar on Afghanistan

    The Chinese Embassy hosted a seminar entitled “China’s Reform and Opening-Up and Afghanistan” on Dec 24, as announced by a statement from the Embassy on social media.

    Attendees included some 50 Afghans from government, political parties, mainstream media, and think tanks, most notably Hekmat Karzai, Former Deputy Foreign Minister.

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    Afghan Presidential Elections Likely to be Postponed, IEC Discussing Options

    While nobody has been enrolled on the third day since the start of Afghan presidential candidates registration process, the debate on the postponement of the elections has been gathered steam.

    Presidential election which is scheduled to be held on April 20 could probably be postponed, Rafiullah Bidar, an IEC commissioner, told BBC Persian.

    The reason behind the postponement is to “bring reforms and improve the electoral affairs that require more work and time”, he said.

    The IEC Commissioner commented that consultations have begun with stakeholders, and now discussions with parties, observer institutions and civil society are ongoing, and the outcome of these meetings will be shared with the Afghan government, which provides financial and security facilities for the election.

    Meanwhile, a reliable source from the National Unity government has told Radio Azadi that the Independent Election Commission had previously presented a plan to the National Security Council to hold the presidential election three months later than the assigned date, but according to the source, The plan was not accepted and the Independent Election Commission has been given a mandate to put forward another plan.

    The Independent Election Commission (IEC) is scheduled to officially announce the postponement of the presidential election in the coming days, the source added.

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    President Ghani Condemns Complex Attack of Kabul

    President Ashraf Ghani in a statement condemned the Kabul complex attack which claimed the lives of 43 people and left 25 others wounded.

    President Ghani expressed his condolences with victims’ families and praised security forces for “eliminating the terrorists”.

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    CE Abdullah Calls Taliban’s Conduct ‘Disgrace’ to Notion of Peace

    Chief Executive Abdullah on Tuesday morning posted on social media that “The “Taliban” crime syndicate must know that with every attack they carry out against our people our resolve is further strengthened to eliminate them.”

    The statement further added that “Their [Taliban’s] conduct is a disgrace to the very notion of peace.”

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    Kabul Complex Attack Leaves 43 Dead and 25 Wounded

    The spokesperson to Ministry of Public Health, Wahid Majroh told Reporterly that the complex attack which took place in PD16 Kabul, took lives of 43 people and injured 25 others.

    On Monday, a complex attack took place wherein two blasts occurred and clashes set near the Ministry of Public Works, in PD16 Abdul Haq Square, Kabul.

    Najib Danish, the interior ministry spokesperson had confirmed on Monday that there were two explosions near the ministry of public works and gunshots were heard in the area.

    He also later confirmed that over 350 people were rescued by ANDSF.

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    You Have a Mission, Get After it: US Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Dunford tells Troops in Afghanistan

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford is in Afghanistan on the USO tour to meet the troops during Christmas eve.

    Gen Dunford remarked regarding the speculation of troop pull out from Afghanistan while addressing the troops on Monday, “There’s all kinds of rumors swirling around, The mission you have today is the same as the mission you had yesterday”.

    “When there is something else to tell you, I’ll make sure Gen. Miller knows in real time what changes may be taking place,” he said. “Right now, you’re American soldiers, you have a mission, just get after it.”

    Dunford visited Camp Dahlke West as part of the annual Chairman’s Holiday USO Tour that also included events with soldiers in Norway, Bahrain and on the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis that deployed to the Persian Gulf earlier this month.

    Before Trump’s announcement was made, Gen Dunford had spoken in November at an address that the approach with Afghanistan has to be very patient. Trump’s troop withdrawal decision comes as a surprise to even the senior most military officials in US.

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    Khalilzad to Attend Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi

    The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad is set to visit India in early January over the Afghan peace talks, according to India’s The Economic Times.

    Khalilzad, on his third visit to the region will attend the Raisina Dialogue, which India’s premier foreign policy dialogue. This comes after Khalilzad did not make any visits to India in his previous two visits to the region.

    According to reports, Khalilzad will brief Indian officials on his efforts for Afghanistan reconciliation, talks with the Taliban and the future of Indo-US partnership.