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    Officials Withdraw 50 Billion Pakistani Rupees From Market Exchange in Nangarhar

    Afghan local officials say over 50 Billion Pakistani Rupees have been withdrawn from the market exchange in Nangarhar province.

    The governor of Nangarhar, Shah Mahmoud Mia Khail in a monthly report of promoting Afghan currency said, “The campaign of anti-foreign currency withdrew over 50 Billion Pakistani Rupees and about $ 30 million have been invested in Nangarhar market during the past month.”

    “In Jalalabad, there are 19,000 shops and 20,000 rickshaws; there are 22 districts with a population of more than 4 million. The fight against foreign currency is not easy at all,” Mia Khail said.

    According to him, at least 32 monitoring committees have been formed to promote the Afghan currency in Nangarhar province.

    “There are a number of circles inside and outside Nangarhar that work against this achievement and change the minds of people as prices in Nangarhar have gone up. These people have previously advertised that there is no Afghan currency in the market, but the problem was resolved within a month,” he added.

    Mia Khail added that the exchange rate in Nangarhar is under control now and the process is not temporary but is permanent.

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    Civil Aviation Revenue Reaches $100,000 Per Day: Officials

    Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says its revenue has increased by an average of $100,000 per day.

    “As the number of flights crossing the country increased, the CAA’s average income reached 100 thousand dollars daily,” Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada, the head of CAA said.

    According to officials, the cost of crossing the country’s airspace is currently $700 and is set to rise to $950 by July.

    Currently, more than 400 aircraft pass through Afghanistan’s airspace every day, according to aviation officials.

    The civil aviation officials added that the authority has recently created two new routes into the country, which contribute eight percent to the increase.

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    Denmark Contributes Additional $3 Million to Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis

    The Denmark government has contributed an additional $3 Million to Afghanistan Humanitarian crisis.

    According to the Denmark embassy in Kabul, the project will be implemented by FAO Afghanistan and will provide emergency assistance to over 129,000 people, prioritizing support for women-headed households.

    The deputy minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Hashmatullah Ghafori said, “This assistance is aimed at helping vulnerable peasants, agricultural women who have economic and family problems.”

    Ghafor added that the project will be started for modifying seeds, fertilizers, farming, and revitalizing the irrigation systems.

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    Khan Mohammad Takal Appointed as Acting Minister of Energy & Water

    The Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) has announced that Khan Mohammad Takal has been appointed as the new Acting Minister of Energy and Water.

    MoEW in a press release on Tuesday said, “Based on the article of 2574 of the Presidency, Khan Mohammad Takal appointed as the new acting minister.”

    According to the press release, Takal started his work and called working in water and energy sectors are essential and critical.

    Previously, Takak was working as the deputy minister of MoEW.

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    Woman Brutally Murdered By Father in Taliban’s Field Trail

    Afghan local officials say a woman was brutally murdered by her father in a Taliban’s field trail in Faryab province.

    The spokesman of Faryab governor, Jawid Bidar told Reporterly, “Based on the received reports, a 25-year-old married woman was murdered by her father as a result of a Taliban’s field trail.”


    According to Bidar, the incident has been taken place in Gholbeyan village of Garizwan district.

    “The Taliban group also has also broken the fingers and toes of a 20-year-old boy named Eisa who may have had an illicit relationship with the woman,” Bidar said.

    He further added that the area where the field trail took place is under the control of Taliban.

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    Two Afghan Soldiers Killed, Wounded in Taliban’s Shootings

    Afghan security officials have confirmed that at least one Police soldier was killed and another one was wounded after Taliban militants opened fire on Police in Kandahar province on Tuesday.

    The spokesman of Kandahar Police, Jamal Naser Barikzai told Reporterly, “Two armed Taliban insurgents opened fire on Police in Herat Bazar area of PD1 in Kandahar city at around 11:00am (local time) on Tuesday.”

    According to Barikzai, the two insurgents were gunned down in the clashes by Police forces.

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    Germany Intends to Further Intensify Cooperation with Afghanistan: State Minister

    Germany’s Minister of State Niels Annen has emphasized that Germany intends to further intensify its cooperation with Afghanistan and key partner countries in the region.

    The Federal Foreign Office of Germany in a press release said, “The efforts surrounding a peace process as well as the domestic situation and the reform process in Afghanistan were the focus of the last two destinations of Annen’s trip.”

    “Following talks with President Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, other high-ranking government representatives and the UN Secretary-General’s Tadamichi Yamamoto, Minister of State Annen stated that the latest efforts being made towards a peace process gave rise to hope for a durable resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan,” the press release reads.

    Annen said, “Germany would continue to support Afghanistan as a reliable friend and partner in meeting these challenges in the future.”

    However, he added, “success would also depend on the appropriate participation of all relevant social groups in the country in potential peace talks. To this end, it was necessary for stakeholders to remain in a position to reach compromises in domestic politics and to approach the results of the presidential elections in a responsible manner.”

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    Afghan Student Stabbed Near Goa University of India

    An Afghan student studying at the Goa University of India was stabbed by a group of men near Panaji, an Indian police official said today.

    One person has been arrested in connection with the incident that took place on Monday afternoon in Dona Paula area near the university campus, he said.

    24-year-old Afghan student Mathihulla Aria, who was pursuing M.Com course at the university’s Goa Business School, was injured in the attack and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital in Dona Paula, the official said.

    Panaji Police have arrested Satish Nilkanthe, a Maharashtra resident, for allegedly stabbing the student, the official told news agency Press Trust of India.

    “The reason behind the assault is not known. We are interrogating the accused,” the official said.

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    Ghani Orders Investigation Into Kabul Family Murder

    President Ashraf Ghani on Monday ordered an investigation into the deaths of four family members killed in Kabul city, the Palace said in statement.

    According to the statement, Ghani directed the Ministry of Interior and National Directorate of Security (NDS) to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

    Ghani also called for aid to be given to the remaining family members, read the statement.

    Three children and a parent were killed by an unidentified man with an axe in Kabul on Sunday evening. The children were between the ages of 7 and 14.

    Relatves say they are seeking justice, but have little confidence in the courts or law enforcement.

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    Turkmenistan Preparing Humanitarian Aid Program for Afghanistan

    Turkmenistan is developing humanitarian aid program for Afghanistan for the years of 2020-2022, Trend reports with reference to the Turkmen Government.

    The document is being prepared in the context of the peaceful development of Afghanistan and was discussed at a government meeting, Turkmenistan State News Agency reported.

    The Rabatkashan-Kalainau border power line has also been commissioned to supply Turkmen electricity to the northern regions of Afghanistan.

    Turkmenistan supports the implementation of a number of regional infrastructure projects involving Afghanistan.

    In particular, Ashgabat is working on the implementation of projects through Afghanistan’s territory, such as the construction of a railway to Tajikistan and a pipeline to Pakistan and India.

    The projects on the use of Afghanistan’s territory as a transit route for the supply of Turkmen electricity are also being considered.

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    Taliban Delegation in Doha Met With US Peace Envoy & Gen. Miller

    The Taliban delegation in Qatar has met with the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad and the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, the group’s spokesperson said.

    The spokesman of Taliban’s office in Qatar, Suhail Shahin in his twitter account said, “A Taliban delegation including Mullah Bardar, Shir Muhammad, Abas Stanikzai and Amir Khan Mutaqi met Khalilzad and Miller on Monday night.”

    Shahin added that the two sides discussed further steps for the peace negotiations and discussion will continue on Tuesday.

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    Training Courses for Kyrgyz Repatriated from Afghanistan Start in Alay District

    Training courses for ethnic Kyrgyz repatriated from Afghanistan have started in Alay district, Osh region administration said.

    The training is delivered in 3 groups: 7-17-year-olds, 15-45-year-olds and a group of women. They are taught three subjects under 15-hour program a week.

    They are taught writing, country studies and ethics. The Council of Women teaches them how to use home appliances.

    Families of Pamir Kyrgyz arrived in Alay district on December 23.

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    President Ghani Left for World Economic Forum in Swiss

    President Ashraf Ghani has left for Swiss to attend the World Economic Forum 2020 Davos, the Presidential Palace said.

    ARG in a statement said that President will be meeting with the world leaders and talk about Afghanistan’s peace and economic development.

    World leaders, chief executives, thinkers and celebrities are gathering in the Swiss mountain town of Davos for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting which begins on Tuesday.