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    150 Programs To be Held in Capital & Provinces for Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Afghanistan

    ARG, presidential palace said that on the occasion of the centennial of Afghanistan’s Independence, 16 committees have worked on 150 programs in the center and provinces of the country, in which the participation of people and state institutions have been comprehensive and widespread.

    Mr. Ashraf Ghani met with members of organizing board of the 100th year anniversary of gaining Independence and stressed on magnificent celebration of this occasion, the presidential palace said in a statement on Tuesday.

    In this meeting, Sayed Abdul Wahid Qatali, Head of the Administrative Office of the President spoke about the preparations for the 100th anniversary of Independence Day.

    16 committees have worked on 150 programs in the center and provinces of the country, in which the participation of people and state institutions has been prevalent and comprehensive so that the ceremony will be held in a magnificent way, Mr. Qatali said.

    President also stressed that all government institutions should cooperate in celebration of independence of the country.

    It is said that more than 384 million Afghani is allocated for celebration of 100th years of Independence of Afghanistan.

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    Taliban Capture At Least 20 Guards of Lapis Mine of Badakhshan

    Provincial officials have reported that Taliban captured at least 29 guards of Lapis mine of Badakhshan.

    Taliban insurgents attacked on Lapis mine in Keran wa Menjan Monday night, speaking to Reporterly on Tuesday, Nek Mohammad Nazari, spokesman of Badakhshan governor said.

    Nazari further added that, 15 to 20 guards were captured as a result of Taliban attack.
    The mine is also under the control of Taliban group, as per Mr. Nazari.

    Lapis mine of Keran wa Menjan is located near the Pakistan‘s borders and Panjshir and is considered as a major mine of Afghanistan.

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    Senior Security Officials Travel to Ghor to Review Security Situation

    The Afghan Ministry of Defense has announced that, senior security officials traveled to Ghor on Tuesday to review security situation in the province.

    Gen. Yasin Zia, first deputy of MoD along with Gen. Khoshal Sadat, deputy minister security and Matin Bek head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance and Gen. Abdullah, provincial deputy of NDS traveled to the center of Ghor province to review security situation, ministry of defense said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The statement further added that, senior security officials held meetings with residents of Taywara, Firozkooh, and center of Ghor province and heard about security problems and emphasized on addressing the issues.

    Ghor province has recently witnessed offensive attacks by Taliban group. According to reports and local resources, Taliban have carried out several attacks in Taywara, Tulak, Pasaband, Du Layna and Saghar districts which killed and injured dozens of individuals.

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    22 Taliban Insurgents Killed In Logar

    22 Taliban insurgents were killed during General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU) overnight operation backed by Afghan Air Forces (AAF) in Kamal Khil village, Mohammad Agha district of Logar.

    Four senior members of Taliban insurgents were among those killed.

    Unfortunately, one child was also killed and one woman was injured in Taliban mortar attack and the wounded were taken to the hospital by Afghan National Police (ANP).

    In other news, two men arrested accused of helping Taliban insurgents were arrested in an operation carried out by General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU).
    The operation took place in the vicinity of the PD12, Kabul City.

    In another report, General Command of Police Special Units (GCPSU) conducted a clearance operation in Sayed Abad district of Maidan Wardak. As a result, several villages of Sayed Abad cleared of terrorists.
    During the operation, GCPSU arrested a suspected terrorist as well.

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    4 Civilians Killed in a Rocket Attack in Zabul

    Local officials reported the death of 4 civilians as a result of rocket attack in a bazar in Zabul province.

    Press office of Zabul province in a statement said on Tuesday that, 4 civilians were killed on Monday night as a result of a rocket crash in bazar of Shahjoy district of the province.

    The statement further added that, the rocket was fired by Taliban insurgents.

    Two shops were also demolished as the rocket hit the bazar.

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    Wakhan District Governor Suspended Over Charges of Sextual Harassment

    Independent Directorate of Local Governance announced that, Abdul Marouf Khairkhah, district governor of Wakhan district of Badakhshan has been suspended of his duties over the charges of sextual harassment on a foreign tourist.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Tuesday, Syed Shah Qasim, a spokesperson of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) said that, based on reports obtained by the directorate, IDLG has directed Badakhshan local office to send a fact-finding team in Wakhan district to investigate the case as soon as possible.

    He added, until the completion and finalization of the case, Abdul Marouf Khairkhah the district governor of Wakhan is suspended of his duty and would not be able to continue his tenure until completion of the case.

    Independent Directorate of Local Governance reacted to this case after a foreign tourist, who is reported to be an Australian citizen, in a complaint letter claimed that she was harassed by Wakhan district governor about two months ago.

    Wakhan district of Badakhshan is considered one of the few places for foreign tourists which annually sees a number of foreign tourists visiting the district.

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    AGO Solves Case of 8 Year Old Girl Assaulted by Father

    Appellate Prosecution Office of Ghor province received a case of injuring an eight years old daughter by her father with hatchet, the AGO announced in a statement.

    This incident occurred on 18th of May 2019 at Qizal village of Lal Sarjangal district of Ghor Province.

    The assigned prosecutor referred this case on 16th of June 2019 after completing his lawsuit based on the available evidence of the crime to the Primary Court of Eliminating Violence against Women and Juvenile Delinquency of Ghor Province.

    The Prosecutor proposed the implementation of Article 22 of Prohibition of Violence against Women Law with observing the Article 577 of Penalty Code to the court.

    During the investigation from the suspect, he stated that “I attacked on my daughter (sufferer) because he was hugging her small sister and so injured her head.”

    But according to the investigation of the Appellate Prosecution Office of Ghor, it shows that the suspect is addictive to opium the fact that was approved by the villagers too. He has repeatedly plundered the properties of the villagers too.

    It has also been said that he was taking out his home stuffs to market in order to supply drug for himself, and his daughter barred him and eventually such incident occurred.

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    Five Security Forces Personnel & 13 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Faryab

    Afghan Army in northern part of Afghanistan has reported the death of 5 security forces and 13 Taliban insurgents in Faryab province.

    As a result of clash between security forces and Taliban insurgents on Tuesday around 2 AM in Nazir Abad and Nadir Abad in Pashtun Kot district of the province, 11 Taliban insurgents were killed and 7 others were injured, Mohammad Hanif Rezaee, spokesman of 209 Shabin Corps said on Tuesday.

    Rezaee added that, 5 security forces personnel were killed including Public Uprising Forces in the clash and 4 others were wounded.

    Meanwhile, the spokesman of Shahin Corps added that, as a result of artillery attack on a compound of Taliban insurgents in Tup Khana village of Dawlat Abad district, 2 insurgents were killed and 6 other insurgents who are Uzbek members of the group were injured.

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    Explosion Occurs in PD12 Kabul, No Causalities

    Security forces have reported the occurrence of an explosion in Kabul city.

    Confirming the incident, Firdows Faramarz told Reporterly that: “an explosion occurred in Arzan Qimat area in surrounding of PD12 of Kabul city.”

    He added that, the explosion didn’t have causalities but left financial damage.

    Mr. Farazard did not say about the type of explosion.

    The explosion occurred near a police checkpoint.

    Meanwhile, Taliban group claimed the responsibility of the explosion.

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    Pakistan Reopens Airspace After Balakot

    Pakistan’s airspace has been reopened to civil aviation with immediate effect, its aviation authority said on Tuesday, following months of restrictions imposed in the wake of a standoff with neighbouring India earlier this year.

    “With immediate effect Pakistan airspace is open for all type of civil traffic on published ATS (Air Traffic Service) routes,” according to a so-called Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) published on the authority’s website.

    Pakistan closed its airspace in February after a standoff with India in the wake of an attack by a Pakistan-based militant group on a police convoy in Pulwama that killed 40 paramilitary police.

    Both countries carried out aerial attacks over the other’s territory during the standoff and warplanes fought a brief dogfight over the skies of Kashmir.

    Partial operations at Pakistani airports resumed once tensions eased but restrictions continued to affect many international carriers using Pakistani airspace.