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    President Ghani Arrived in Kandahar

    ARG, presidential palace announced that president Ghani travelled in Kandahar province on Wednesday morning.
    President Ghani, leading a high-rank delegation travelled in Kandahar city this morning, presidential palace said in a statement.

    Beside meeting with elders, Ulama, youth and women of Kandahar, the president will inaugurate a number of public welfare projects including Kandahar Airport Road and solar power plant.

    Meanwhile, the recent provincial trips of the presented had faced the reaction of a number of presidential candidates and they attributed the travels as election campaign.

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    Ghani Urges International Community & Election Institutions to Monitor Presidential Election Process

    While emphasizing on transparency in election, president Ghani says that government officials should not interior in election process.
    In a joint meeting held in presidential palace on Tuesday, he urged international community and election institutions to closely monitor each stage of the process.

    The meeting was held concerning upcoming election with the presence of members of Independent Election Commission, International Community and the government, presidential palace said in a statement.

    The meeting discussed the funding for use of technology in the upcoming election, and Mr. Ghani has directed that the procurement works for election must start without any delay, and the National Procurement Commission should complete the necessary procurement procedures.

    The Ministry of Finance also pledged to finalize the details of Independent Election Commission budget today in coordination with the international community in which the volume of government budget and the financial contributions of the international community will be determined.

    Meanwhile, a number of presidential candidates are concerned about the lack of transparency in the upcoming presidential election and accused the government of interfering in the work of the Independent Election Commission.

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    Amir Khan Yar & Ahmad Shah Ramazan Elected as First & Second Deputy Speakers of Parliament

    In the third round of elections over the seat of deputy speaker, members of Afghan parliament elected the first and second deputies of the speaker of the House.

    Amir Khan Yar, an MP from Nangarhar province won 131 votes in the third round over seat, and has been elected as the first deputy of the parliament speaker.
    In last year of previous round of Afghan parliament, Mir Khan served as second deputy speaker of the house.

    Meantime, Ahmad Shah Ramazan, an MP from Balkh province won 119 votes and was elected as the Second Deputy Speaker of the House by securing 119 votes.

    However, none of the candidates for administrative board has been able to win the seat of the secretary of the house and the election over the seat continue to the second round.

    Meanwhile, the election to elect the administrative board for parliament ended without any result on Monday.

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    Suicide Bomber Killed Before Reaching the Target in Kandahar

    Security officials have reported the killing of a suicide bomber before reaching the target by security forces in Kandahar city.

    Gen. Tadeen Khan Kandahar Police Chief tweeted that, a suicide bomber was killed before reaching to the target by security forces on Tuesday around 9am in PD6 of Kandahar city.

    Tadeen Khan added that, the suicide bomber was killed when he wanted to target Faiz Mohammad, police chief of PD6 of Kandahar province.

    When the suicide bomber was targeted by security forces, he donated his explosive material, as a result a child was injured, according to Kandahar police chief.

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    9 Security Forces Killed & Injured in Taliban Attack in Daikundi

    Provincial officials of Daikundi reported the killing of 6 security forces and the injuries of 3 others in a Taliban attack in the province.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Tuesday, Daikundi provincial governor spokeswoman said that:” Taliban insurgents attacked on Monara check posts in areas in the surrounding of Kijran district on Tuesday around 1AM, as a result 6 security forces including National Army, National Police and Local Police were killed and three others were injured.”

    Ms Ehsani further added, 35 Taliban insurgents including Mullah Noor a famous Taliban commander was also killed in the clash.

    The clash is ongoing in the area, the spokesman of Daikundai governor said.

    Meanwhile, Taliban had attacked on Kijran district last Friday in which 7 security forces were killed and 16 others wounded.

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    Key Taliban Commander and Subordinates Killed in Herat

    Security officials reported the killing of a key Taliban commander along with nine of his subordinates in Herat province.

    The clash took place while a group of Taliban insurgents attacked Civil Order Force out posts and D30 artillery compound in Chorchi region, Pashtun Zarghon district of Herat on Monday midnight, Press office of Herat police command said in a statement on Tuesday.

    As a result of the clash Bilal, a senior commander of Taliban insurgents was killed along with his 9 subordinates and 9 others were injured.

    According to Herat police, two Civil Order Force personnel were also injured in the clash.

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    Germany & Qatar Set To Host Intra-Afghan Dialogue

    Ambassador Markus Potzel Special Representative of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that Germany and Qatar will host the intra-Afghan dialogue conference from 7th to 8th of July.
    “As part of our efforts to peace process in Afghanistan, Germany and Qatar will convene an Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference to be held in Doha on 7 and 8 July 2019,” Ambassador Markus said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The statement further added that, Germany and Qatar have extended joint invitations to the Afghan participants, who will participate only in their personal capability and on an equal footing.


    Meanwhile, US Special Reprehensive for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said in a Twitter that Germany and Qatar have agreed to host the intra-Afghan dialogue conference from 7-8 July.

    “This dialogue is an essential element of the four-part peace framework & an important step in advancing the Afghan Peace Process,” Khalilzad said.

    Announcements about Doha Intra-Afghan Dailogue comes at a time that the 7th round of talks between the U.S. and Taliban representatives has been underway for the last three days in the Qatari capital of Doha.
    The sixth round of talks between U.S. and Taliban representatives concluded earlier in May.

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    Mike Pompeo: Taliban Attack Reminds Us of What is At Risk in Afghanistan

    U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo strongly condemned Monday’s attack in Kabul in which more than 100 people were injured.
    “Attacks like this remind us of what is at risk in peace process, and why we remain committed to helping those Afghans who seek a peaceful future for their country, Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Monday.

    He called on Taliban to stop harming civilians saying that Afghan yearn for peace and deserve an end to these senseless acts of violence.

    Meanwhile, in Kabul complex attack, 105 people were wounded, including 26 children and 5 women, and 6 individuals were killed.

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    Jawzjan Local Officials: Communication Lost with Quesh Tapa District

    Following the Taliban attack on Quesh Tapa district of Jawzjan province, provincial officials of Jawzjan province say that communication is lost with the district,

    Speaking to Reporterly on Tuesday, Faraidon Aniq provincial spokesman of Jawzjan province said that, the clashes are ongoing since last two days in Quesh Tapa district of the province

    He further added that, communication was lost with the district around Monday midnight and still it is not clear whether the district collapsed to Taliban or not and as of now there is no details about the district.
    According to the latest number of casualties we have obtained on Monday, 6 security forces were killed and 14 others were wounded, as per spokesman of Jawzjan province.

    He added that, 25 Taliban insurgents were killed and 10 others injured in the clashes.