Newsfeed: Tuesday, March 26

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    Atmar Criticises Pak PM’s Remarks on Interim Setup

    Hanif Atmar, the presidential candidate responded to the recent remarks made by Pakistani prime minister regarding proposal for an interim setup in Afghanistan.

    Atmar wrote on Twitter “Recent statement attributed to PM Imran Khan of Pakistan is a willful interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Afghanistan is a sovereign nation & the Afghan people, not the leader of a neighboring country, can decide the future of govt & politics in our country.”

    He added that his Peace and Moderation team condemns the inappropriate statement by Prime Minister of Pakistan. “We call on our neighboring country to respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty and abide by internationally accepted norms of state behavior in its relation with our country.
    To clarify, our position about the formation of a caretaker govt post 21st of May 2019 is strictly a domestic matter, based on a legitimate national concern & fully consistent with our constitution. Regardless of any foreign inference, we will continue to pursue this policy”, he wrote.

    “Our team’s past record of sacrifice for our country’s independence speak for itself. We’ve always stood & fought on the right side of history and shall continue to do so in future”, he clarified.

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    Former Prez Karzai: Pakistan Should Stop Interference in Afghanistan’s Internal Affairs

    In response to statement by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding proposal for establishment of interim government, Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan asked the government of Pakistan to stop their interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

    Mr. Karzai cited Prime Minister Imran Khan’a statement as explicit involvement in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

    The former president of Afghanistan has emphasized: “We want good relations based on mutual respects with neighboring countries and the region, and we call on the Pakistani government and other countries, on the basis of goodwill and mutual respect, to avoid such statements and interventions in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, under different titles, such as the proposal to create interim administration and issues related to our election. ”

    Meanwhile, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday proposed that an interim government be established in Afghanistan as a possible solution to the deadlock in peace process.

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    Acting Defense Minister, Resolute Support Commander in Nangarhar

    The ministry of defense released a statement informing that acting minister of defense Asadullah Khalid, Resolute Support Commander General Austin Scott Miller, and Deputy interior minister BG Khoshal Sadat arrived in Nangarhar on Tuesday to discuss the security situation in the province.

    Khalid addressed the security leadership in Nangarhar, “there are good security coordinations, but need improvements. Coordination will lead to good decision-making”.

    He added that the province’s security leadership has the authority to conduct independent operations without too much reliance on Kabul.

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    Key Taliban Commander Killed in Kabul’s Sarobi District

    A key commander of Taliban, Mullah Rasheed, was killed in an operation in Sarobi district in Kabul, as informed by the National Directorate of Security.

    The statement by NDS added that unfortunately, casualties were inflicted on civilians in a counterattack by Afghan forces in response to Taliban’s firing.

    This comes as there have been findings by UNAMA of civilian casualties in Kunduz province and the body expressed deep concern over it.

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    Taliban Urges People to Send Children to Regular & Religious Schools

    In a statement released by Taliban, they asked the Afghan people to send their children to school for the sake of Afghanistan’s development and progress.

    The statement said: “We ask all our compatriots that for the progress and development of Afghanistan they should enroll their children in schools from traditional prospective and also to religious schools from obligation prospective. Every student who goes to school also needs to be attending one of the religious schools close to their village to study religion lessons”.

    In this statement theTaliban also emphasized that they are ready for any kind of cooperation with education staff, teachers and students, and even if the education sector faces any challenge, they can help to resolve it.

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    Bill Gates Urges Afghanistan and Pakistan to Fight Polio Virus, Attributes Hindrance Factor to Taliban

    Bill Gates has urged Afghanistan and Pakistan to continue their fight to eradicate polio, despite Taliban’s interference in achieving zero cases.

    “We’ve got to get Afghanistan and Pakistan to zero,” Gates said. “We need government donors to stay committed.”

    “The big issue there is always with the Taliban,” said Gates.

    In a telephone interview with Reuters, Gates was optimistic about the global plan to eradicate the paralyzing viral disease, but said Afghanistan’s conflict and power struggles hamper progress.

    Gates is the founder of multi-billion dollar philanthropic with his wife, named the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The organisation is one of the biggest funders of the polio eradication campaign.

    Latest Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) figures show that worldwide, there were 33 cases of polio in 2018 and six so far in 2019 – 16 of them in Pakistan and 23 in Afghanistan.

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    Pak PM Khan Proposes Interim Setup in Afghanistan,

    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday proposed that an interim government be established in Afghanistan as a possible solution to the deadlock in peace process, according to Pakistani media. Khan blamed the Afghan government for the stalemate in talks.

    The suggestion came during Khan’s interaction with journalists at his office here on Monday.

    “The Afghan government was a hurdle in peace process that was insisting that Taliban should talk to it,” said PM Khan.

    The Afghan peace process can only be successful if there is a neutral interim government, which can hold free and transparent elections to be participated by all the stakeholders, Khan said.

    This comes after the Afghan government had objected to a meeting between Taliban representatives and Khan and has been insisting on a proper participation in the peace process. Many are of the view that Afghan government has been unfairly excluded from the talks of peace process.

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    EU Envoy Federica Mogherini Arrives in Kabul

    European Union Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini arrived in Kabul on Tuesday.

    She is set to meet with Afghan leaders on her visit.

    Mogherini arrived in Afghanistan after having visited Pakistan and meeting with prime minister Imran Khan, their foreign minister Qureshi, and Chief of Army Staff.