Newsfeed: Tuesday, November 13

Latest news and happenings of Afghanistan and region…

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    US Assures They Want Timely Presidential Elections

    US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass released a statement on social media announcing and assuring that “We remain committed to helping the electoral commissions and the Afghan government prepare for presidential elections in April 2019. Timing of Afghan elections is for Afghans to decide.”

    This comes after there was a rumour flying around that Washington might be considering to ask Afghan government to delay the presidential elections so as to negotiate well with the Taliban.

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    Chief Executive Abdullah meets John Bass

    US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass had a meeting with Dr Abdullah, the Chief Executive on Tuesday.

    The two discussed about political and security developments, Parliamentary and presidential elections, according to statement by Dr Abdullah. Dr Abdullah reiterated that the upcoming presidential elections shall be held on time.

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    1,800 IDPs from Jaghori and Malistan Arrive in Bamiyan

    Bamiyan officials have announced that 1800 displaced people from 260 families have arrived in Bamiyan from Malistan and Jaghori districts.

    The Bamiyan governor Office today emphasized on better reception for displaced people at a meeting held in this province.

    At the meeting, it has been decided that Bamiyan Disaster Prevention Department provide the IDPs with cash and non-food items including clothing, fuel,heater and other supplies, and the Public Health Department provide healthcare to displaced persons.

    VP Daniush has also called in a meeting today on residents of different regions of the country today to warmly welcome the displaced people of Malistan and Jaghori and not to deny any assistance to them.

    The second vice president also emphasized that the return of displaced persons will be ensured by the launch of military operations in the districts of Jaghori and Malistan.

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    VP Danish: Military Op Launched in Ghazni

    Vice President Danish has released a statement to announce the launch of a large-scale military operation in Ghazni to confront insurgency.

    He explained that “various units of the ANSDF consisting of aerial and ground forces arrived in Ghazni, with adequate equipment, under the command of Mohammad Sharif Yaftali chief of the National Army staffs and in coordination with the Resolute support Mission for the suppression of Taliban insurgents.”

    The vice president added that by carrying out this military operation, the Taliban’s attacks will be eliminated in the districts of Jaghori and Malistan.

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    50 Insurgents Killed Across 6 Provinces

    The Ministry of Defense has released multiple statements announcing that 50 insurgents were killed across 6 provinces.

    4 insurgents were killed,2 wounded and some weapons and ammunition were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Chora district of Uruzgan Province.

    In Nimroz, 4 insurgents were killed and 7 wounded in ANA response attacks in Khashrod district.

    Furthermore, 8 insurgents were killed in ANA airstrikes in Andar district of Ghazni Province.

    Moreover, 15 insurgents were killed and 6 were wounded in ANA response attacks in Muqur district of Ghazni Province.

    15 insurgents were killed, 30 wounded and 2 vehicles were destroyed in ANA clearing operations in Posht Rod, Gulistan districts and Bagha-e Pol area in capital of Farah Province.

    Finally, 5 insurgents were killed and 3 wounded in ANA airstrikes in Charsada district of Ghor Province.

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    ANA Chief of Staff Arrives in Ghazni

    General Sharif Yaftali, Chief of Staff of the Afghan Army, has arrived in Ghazni today at the head of a high-ranking military delegation, according to the office of Ghazni governor.

    Yaftali arrived in the Malistan district in Ghazni and said that a major operation will be launched today to clear the area of Taliban insurgents.

    Gen Yaftali’s visit comes after the Afghan president pledged urgent measures for security in Jaghori and Malistan to protesters on Monday.

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    Blast on Civilian Vehicle in Nangarhar

    It has been reported by a local source that 11 civilians were wounded in a blast on civilian vehicle. The vehicle reportedly hit an IED.

    The incident took place in Ghani Khil district of Nangarhar province.

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    18 Taliban Insurgents Killed & Wounded in Uruzgan

    The Ministry of Interior has released a statement announcing that 18 armed Taliban terrorists were killed and wounded in Uruzgan.

    The Afghan National Police, as per the statement, repelled an armed attack by the Taliban in the province.

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    68 Afghan Female Cadets Deployed to Turkey for Police Training

    The UNDP announced in a statement that 68 newly-recruited Afghan female cadets were deployed to Sivas in Turkey. They have been sent for a 6-month advanced police training programme.

    “The skills they bring back will be an important contribution to the rule of law and justice in Afghanistan,” added the UNDP statement.

    This is a great example of women empowerment and enriching the law & order provisions in the country.

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    US Envoy Khalilzad Reiterates US Support to Negotiations Among Afghans

    The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, visited Kabul November 10-12 and met with various leaders and officials. This is the first of his visit to the entire region.

    “During the visit, Special Representative Khalilzad met with a number of stakeholders in Afghanistan, both in and outside of government. He met with President Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah, and other government officials, as well as representatives of a variety of political groups and the High Peace Council. In his meetings, Special Representative Khalilzad reiterated the United States government’s support to promote the negotiations among Afghans required to bring the conflict to an end,” informed in a statement by the US Embassy in Kabul.

    The US envoy is to now visit Pakistan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

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    Taliban Officials Released from Jail by Pak Government

    As US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad is visiting the region, two Taliban officials confirmed to the Associated Press that Abdul Samad Sani, who served as the Afghan Central Bank governor during the militants’ rule in the late 1990s, has been released from the jail along with a lower ranking commander of the Taliban.

    This comes as another senior Taliban leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was released from the jail in Pakistan a fortnight ago.

    The Pakistan government officials have not commented yet.