Newsfeed: Tuesday, November 6

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    Attending Moscow Talks Doesn’t Mean Negotiating with Particular Side: Taliban

    After a confirmation by the Taliban on attending the Moscow Talks that are to happen this week, it was clarified by the insurgent body’s office that “the conference is not about negotiating with any particular side rather it is a conference about holding comprehensive discussions on finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan quandary and ending American occupation”.

    The statement by the Taliban assured that the insurgents’ representatives would give explanation and clarify their views on “peace and security”.

    This comes after the Afghan government confirmed that it won’t be sending representatives to the Moscow Peace Talks, thus refusing to participate in the event.

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    Attempted Robbery in Herat Ends with Robber and Security Guard Losing Lives

    At a private bank in Herat, there was an attempted robbery in which a security guard and the robber were killed.

    Spokesperson to Herat Governor told TOLOnews that the bank’s security guards successfully prevented the robber from escaping with the money.

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    New National Front Withdraws Support from Grand National Coalition

    The New National Front, headed by Anwar-ul-haq, has officially withdrawn from the Grand National Coalition because of what has been said “disagreement over the structure of the government”.

    A statement by the New National Front states: “The insistence of some major GNC members on the revision of the government structure, especially the continuation of the Chief Executive body within the framework of the agreement signed between the President and the Chief Executive, establishment of the Prime ministry body with three deputies, as well as insistence on the decentralization of the government, showed a fairly large gap between the members of the New National Front and the Grand National Coalition, which is why our joint struggles will not work. ”

    Meanwhile, with the presence of figures like General Abdul Rashid Dostum, Atta Mohammad Noor, Salahuddin Rabbani and Mohammad Mohaqiq, the great national coalition is now in consultations with potential candidates for the upcoming presidential election, according to a ToloNews report released yesterday.

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    NPC Approves Contracts Worth 2.22 Billion Afghanis

    The Office of the President in a statement informed that the latest NPC meeting which happened on Sunday evening, reviewed 12 procurement matters, out of which 11 contracts were approved. The total value of the contracts was 2.2 billion Afghanis.

    According to Presidential Palace’s statement, President Ghani directed the Ministry of Defense to include the health issues and medical care of the Afghan soldiers as an ‘urgent’ issue in their operations.

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    2 Caught Smuggling Heroin from Kabul and Herat Airports

    The Ministry of Interior has informed that two heroin smugglers have been arrested from Kabul and Herat International airports on Tuesday as they were caught trying to smuggle a large quantity of heroin abroad. The two individuals were attempting to smuggle more than three kilograms of heroin from the two airports.

    The statement further added that the two men were arrested during the operations of the Afghan Border Police forces.

    Border Police forces have confiscated six kilo and three hundred eighty six grams of heroin during the operation as per the statement.

    The smugglers had concealed the heroin inside pomegranates to reduce suspicion.

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    President Confers Ghazi Mohammad Akbar Khan Medal to NSA and Afghan Envoy to Pak

    President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday granted the medal ‘Ghazi Mohammad Akbar Khan’ to National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib and outgoing Afghan envoy to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal.

    Mr Omar Zakhilwal has been praised for his work as a diplomat whereas recently appointed NSA Mohib has been duly affirming Afghanistan’s stance in terms of security and representing it at the international platform.

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    Taliban Targeting Several Villages of Uruzgan Khas: AIHRC

    According to the Afghanistan Independent Human Right Commission findings, the Taliban group has been targeting the Kondalan, Hossaini, Kariz and Gherdchaman villages of Uruzgan Khas district, Uruzgan province, since October 27, and the armed conflict is still on in these areas.

    As per the findings and the confirmation of local authorities, hundreds of families have already been displaced from their homes and places of residence.

    AIHRC preliminary findings show that about 63 people were killed and wounded in the Taliban attack.

    The commission continues to emphasize that the continuation of the conflict will result in humanitarian consequences and will lead to further violations of the human rights of citizens.

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    Afghanistan and Pakistan to Discuss Refugee Issue Today

    Afghanistan and Pakistan are going to hold talks on the issue of Afghan refugees in Islamabad on Tuesday as announced by Pakistani officials and diplomats on Monday.

    According to the UN Refugee agency, Pakistan hosts 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees who hold the proof of registration (PoR) cards and the Pakistani government has extended their stay until June 30, 2019. And extra headcount of around 880,000 more were documented earlier this year who hold the Afghan Citizen Cards (ACC) barring several thousand undocumented refugees as per Afghan diplomats in Pakistan.

    The discussions between the two sides are set to focus on the future of all the three categories of refugees, a diplomatic source told Pakistan’s Daily Times and the talks will be held under the Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS).

    The first such meeting was held in Kabul.

    The Afghan delegation will be headed by Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation Dr Alema.

    The United Nations and Afghanistan will hold a ministerial conference in Geneva on November 27-28 on the issue of refugees as well.

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    17 Insurgents Killed Across 4 States in Past 24 Hours

    According to a statement by Ministry of Defense, a total of 17 insurgents were killed across the provinces of Nangarhar, Laghman, Helmand, and Baghalan.

    This was the result of ANA airstrikes and clearing operations.

    In Baghalan, 2 insurgents were wounded as well , and 2 motorbikes seized, some villages cleared of insurgents, 28 IEDs and 150 kg explosives were discovered and defused in ANA clearing operations.

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    Afghan National Police Arrest Man with 31 pistols and 1050 Bullets

    As per a statement by the Ministry of Interior, the Afghan National Police have arrested a man who possessed 31 pistols and 1050 bullets.

    The pistols and bullets were loaded and placed onto a vehicle while Afghan National Police launched an operation and searching vehicles in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Town, Rodat district, eastern Nangarhar province.

    Afghan National Police detained the driver in connection to this case.

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    Special Forces Unit Detain Men Involved in Attacks in Kandahar

    The special unit forces in an operation, have detained a five-man network involved in terrorist attack and blast, from the vicinity of Kandahar city, NDS said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The detainees have been carrying out destructive, terrorist attacks, attacks on security outposts and logistical convoys under the Taliban’s order in Shahwalikot, Zherai and Maiwand district of Kandahar province.

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    As Afghanistan-China Air Corridor Opens, Afghanistan Sends Pine Nuts in First Shipment

    President Ghani on Tuesday morning inaugurated the Afghanistan-China air corridor as a part of Afghanistan’s air freight corridor programme.

    In the first export consignment being sent to China from Afghanistan via this corridor, 20 tons of pine nuts form the inaugural shipment.

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    Former President Karzai Meets Russian Ambassador to Discuss Moscow Talks

    Former President Hamid Karzai met with Alexander Mantytskiy, the Ambassador of Russia to Kabul, and discussed the Moscow Peace Talks on Afghanistan.

    The former President called the High Peace Council delegation ‘capable and representative’. The High Peace Council confirmed a couple of days ago that it will be sending a delegation for the Moscow Peace Talks.

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    President Ghani To Institute an Inclusive Consultative Board for Peace Process

    President Ashraf Ghani in a video tele-conference, has said that a consultative board will be created for the peace process in order to be inclusive of all provinces’ say in reconciliation process. This consultative board would have representatives of political parties, civil society, women, and national figures.

    The Office of the President, clarified that President Ghani has informed the provincial officials about representatives from each province having to be introduced as member of the board once it is in place.

    The President also said that the provincial board members would have to travel to Kabul and start work with the technical team of the government in reconciliation efforts.

    A crucial function of the consultative board would be to establish a team for peace talks and assist with the negotiations process.

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    NATO Secretary General Visits Kabul

    Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of the NATO arrived in Kabul on Tuesday morning.

    As informed to news sources, the President will be holding a joint press conference with Stoltenberg in Kabul today. The two will be meeting at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

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    President Ghani Inaugurates Afghanistan-China Air Corridor

    On Tuesday morning, President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the Afghanistan-China Air Corridor.

    Afghanistan’s air corridor programme has aimed to boost the country’s trade with regional partners. The first air corridor that was opened was with India in 2017. Since then Afghanistan has been seeking to open expand its air freight programme.