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    Six Security Forces Killed in Jawzjan Clashes

    At least six security forces have been killed after Taliban’s attacks on Aqcha district of Jawzjan province, local officials confirmed.

    The spokesman of Jawzjan governor, Abdul Marouf Azar told Reporterly, “The Taliban militants stormed security forces’ outposts in Bala Hesar area of Aqcha district at around 04:00AM, the clashes lasted for one hour and the security forces recaptured the outpost.”

    According to Azar, after the Jawzjan Police commander with the reinforcements arrived at the area, they recaptured the outposts and the clashes are sporadically underway.

    He declared that based on the primary statistics, more than 40 insurgents were killed and wounded during the clashes.

    The governor’s spokesman emphasized that there are rumors about security forces that have suffered heavy casualties in Aqcha district, but he rejected the claims and added that only four national army soldiers with two police were killed in the clashes.

    Azar noted that when the two Police were killed that the insurgents attacked a civilian hospital in the district, but the hospital employees have not hurt in the incident.

    He further added that Taliban escaped the area after reinforcements arrived at the area.

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    Security Forces Destroy Large Depot of Taliban Munitions in Kunduz

    The Afghan security forces destroyed a large depot of the munitions of Taliban group during an operation in Kunduz province.

    The Pamir 217 Corps in a statement said that the depot was discovered and destroyed during a joint operation by Commandos and National Directorate Security (NDS) 09 units in Khanabad district of Kunduz.

    According to the statement, the depot included 23 different types of Improvised Explosive Device (IED)s, 18 mines, 12 kg explosives 1800 AK rounds and 20 uniforms of the Police and army.

    The statement further added that at least eight hideouts of Taliban with four bases of them have been destroyed in the operation.

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    Security Forces Kill 33 Militants in Ghazni

    As many as 33 insurgents have been killed as government forces backed by fighting planes struck Taliban positions in parts of the eastern Ghazni province over the past 24 hours, said an army statement released on Tuesday.

    In the operations, which have covered Muqar, Ab Band, Gero and Andar districts of the restive province, 11 more militants have been wounded, the statement further said.

    High amount of arms and ammunition and a number of the militants’ vehicles have also been discovered and seized by security forces, added the statement.

    Without providing information on the possible casualties of the security forces, the statement said the security forces would continue to target the insurgents elsewhere in the country.

    Taliban militants have not commented regarding the incident so far.

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    Gov’t Should Address Problems of Disabled People: Abdullah

    The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has met with a paralyzed artist Robaba Mohammadi in his office and called her work of arts wonderful and admirable.

    The Chief Executive Office in a press release said that Abdullah Abdullah emphasized that the government is obliged to provide more fields for Afghan youths’ talents.

    “The Chief Executive has promised Robaba for more cooperation with her art works,” the press release said.

    In the meantime, Robaba urged CE Abdullah to address the problems of people with disabilities and provide the education fields for them.

    Robaba Mohammadi was born without the use of her hands and feet, but that doesn’t stop her from making art.

    The 16-year-old has partial paralysis in her limbs, leaving her with only the use of a few toes. She creates detailed sketches with her mouth, using her lips and tongue to control the pencil.

    Her sketches started as an outlet for her frustrations at being unable to go to school with her siblings.

    Mohammadi’s dream is to hold an art exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

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    War Will Continue Without Regional Countries’ Support: NSA

    The National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib says the regional consensus over any peace agreement is important, and without the support of regional countries for a peace deal, the war will continue.

    During a press conference in Kabul, Mohib described the government’s 7-Point Peace Plan which was shared with the media and people a few days ago.

    “The point of the peace plan is a negotiation with US and NATO. We want know that what our allies want from us. In what way do they want to continue their cooperation with Afghanistan? We believe they want to continue their cooperation,” he said.

    NSA declared that before entering the peace talks, the Taliban must show how much control they have, suggesting them ceasefire for a month and then holding the negotiations.

    “Before this we didn’t have the conditions for peace talks with the Taliban, but a year later we found that the Taliban are not together, they (Taliban) don’t have control in the war and some key Taliban commanders joined Daesh,” Mohib noted.

    He stated that the Afghan government will have negotiation with Pakistan and the country must guarantee that they will not support the Taliban and not give them safe havens and that they will stop the war in Afghanistan.

    “It’s clear to the world that the Taliban can’t continue this war without support, and they are assuring us that they will separate themselves from Pakistan,” he added.

    NSA stressed that the Taliban must stop killing Afghans and must give clarity about their secret ties with Pakistan.

    “So far the Taliban have not given details to the people of Afghanistan about their relations with Pakistan,” he said.

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    Special Forces Kill 22 Taliban Insurgents in Kunduz, Nangarhar Operations

    Afghan Special Forces have killed at least 22 Taliban insurgents during operations in Nangarhar and Kunduz provinces.

    The security officials have declared that the Special Forces have also detained eight other Taliban militants during the same operations.

    According to them, the forces killed 11 insurgents in Shirzad district of Nangarhar and arrested eight of them.

    The Special Forces also destroyed a weaponary cache during the operations, the officials added.

    At the same time, Afghan forces killed 11 other Taliban militants in Khanabad district of Kunduz province and destroyed another cache of weapons in the operation.

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    President Ghani Meets USIP Delegation In Kabul

    President Ashraf Ghani met with a delegation of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to discuss strengthening peace and government capacity, the Presidential Palace said on Tuesday.

    In the meeting held at the Presidential Palace yesterday, both sides discussed about the activities and programs of USIP in peace field and institutionalizing Democracy in Afghanistan.

    According to the Presidential Palace, President Ghani outlined the Afghan Government’s seven-point plan for securing sustainable peace, emphasizing that the goal of the seven-point peace plan is to build capacity in the government and seek ways to integrate the Taliban and continue to implement priorities, particularly solutions to tensions.

    While emphasizing the strengthening of governance, President Ghani added that the government would do more to assess and identify the factors behind the war in Afghanistan, and that the issue of republicanism and citizenship is crucial to making peace a reality.

    ARG further added that the two sides also discussed the factors behind the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, particularly the Taliban’s imposing war on the Afghan people.

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    BelCCI Signs Cooperation Agreement with Afghanistan Chamber of Industries & Mines

    Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines signed a cooperation agreement with the the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BelCCI) at the trilateral business forum Tajikistan – Belarus – Afghanistan in Dushanbe, BelTA learned.

    Forum brought together around 150 representatives of Belarusian, Tajik, and Afghan enterprises.

    Belarusian representatives held talks with representatives of Tajik and Afghan companies and discussed cooperation in the chemical industry, the food and light industries, energy, construction, agriculture, mining, mechanical engineering, healthcare, pharmaceutics, transport and logistics, banking, and so on.

    Representatives of the Belarusian business community also met with a delegation of the business circles of Afghanistan.

    The parties discussed specifics of doing business in Belarus and Afghanistan, promising areas of bilateral cooperation, and export of Belarusian mechanical engineering products (agricultural vehicles and equipment, trucks), food products, dry baby food, and medicines to Afghanistan.

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    Khalilzad Met Pakistani PM, Reiterates Support For Afghan Peace Deal

    US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday and reiterated Pakistan’s steadfast and sincere support to Afghan peace and reconciliation process.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan’s office said in a statement issued late Monday that the prime minister during his meeting with Khalilzad also underlined the need to overcome the difficulties in this regard, so that an enduring political solution to the Afghan conflict could be achieved at the earliest.

    The U.S. envoy visited Islamabad a day after briefing leaders in Kabul on his renewed Afghan peace-building efforts. Khalilzad traveled to Afghanistan for the first time since President Donald Trump abruptly ended talks with Taliban insurgents last month.
    “As a sincere facilitator and a friend, Pakistan remains ready to do everything possible in its capacity, as part of a shared responsibility, for (an) early conclusion of a peace deal,” Khan said.

    Khalilzad’s visit comes amid a new international diplomatic push by key regional players, including Russia, China and Pakistan, to help restart the stalled U.S.-Taliban talks and conclude the peace deal to end the Afghan war, which completed 18 years this month.