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    40 Taliban Insurgents Killed and Wounded in Baghlan

    Security officials reported that 40 Taliban insurgents were killed and injured in Baghlan province.

    Ministry of Interior in a statement said on Tuesday that 35 insurgents were killed following a clash with Afghan national and defence security forces in Kilagi region, Khinjan district of Baghlan.

    The statement further added that 5 other Taliban insurgents were also injured in the clash. During the clash, Afghan Air Force reached the area and backed ground forces, the statement added.

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    Deputy MoD Visits Zari District To Review Security Situation

    Local authorities said that Taliban group attacked Zari district on Monday night, and clashes are ongoing.

    Monir Ahmad Farhad spokesperson for Balkh governor said that Taliban group launched offensive attack last night on Zari district and the fighting is underway in the district.

    Additionally, Fawad Aman deputy spokesperson for Ministry of Defense said that Gen. Yasin Zia deputy minister for MOD has visited Zari district of Balkh province where he met the ANDSF and evaluated the security situation.

    Aman added that Taliban attack on Zari district was repelled.

    Meanwhile, Taliban group claimed that they captured Zari district building and police headquarters

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    Taliban Shadow District Governor Killed in Farah

    Taliban shadow district governor for Gurziwan district, along with two other insurgents have been killed in Farah province, officials said.

    As a result of clashes between security forces and Taliban insurgents in Haidar Abad and Bandar Shakh villages of Gurziwan district, Qari Wakil, Taliban shadow district governor and two other insurgents have been killed, as confirmed by 209 Shaheen Corps in a statement on Tuesday.

    The statement said that three other insurgents have also been injured in the fighting.

    “An important Taliban compound was destroyed in an airstrike by security forces and they suffered heavy casualties, but the precise number is not reported yet”, the statement added.

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    Afghan Security Forces Kill Taliban’s General Commander for Kunduz

    Afghan security forces have reported that Qari Mansoor, Taliban’s general commander for Kunduz province was killed in Kanam area of the province on Monday night.

    The 217 Shaheen Corps in a statement said that Qari Mansoor was killed in a targeted operation by security forces.

    The statement further added that, Taliban attack on Dasht-e Archi district has been pushed back killing 12 insurgents and wounding 8 others.

    It has almost been a week since Taliban attacked Kunduz, in which the city witnessed two deadly suicide attacks.

    Meanwhile, security officials reported that Taliban attacks were repelled and clearance operations are underway.

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    Taliban Kill Director of Counter-terrorism of Panjab District Bamyan

    Security officials in Bamyan said that the director of counter-terrorism of Panjab district was killed by Taliban in Maidan Wardak province.

    Kazim Jafari, the director of counter-terrorism of Panjab district was killed two days ago by Taliban insurgents in Jilrez district of Maidan Wardak while he was enroute from Kabul to Bamyan, Mohammad Reza Yousufi spokesperson for Bamyan police told Reporterly on Tuesday.

    He added that, Mohammad Kazim Jafari was shot dead by Taliban after checking his phone the insurgents found documents that could indicate he is a government employee.

    It has been reported that two other individuals were also with Kazim Jafari; one of whom was beheaded by Taliban and the other one is missing.

    Meanwhile, Bayman police spokesperson rejected the reports and said that only the director of counter-terrorism of Panjab district was shot by Taliban.

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    Ghani: Taliban Under Control of Outsiders

    Taliban’s leadership is under control of outsiders and they are destroying our country and attacking Afghans on their instruction, president Ghani said following deadly Kabul bombing.

    Mr. Ghani condemned the Taliban attack on Green Village Compound in PD9 Kabul city, and said that Taliban attack against our people and country is a crime against humanity.

    While praising Afghan national and defense security forces for preventing Taliban attacks, president Ghani emphasized that the group is unable to fight with security forces and therefore they carry out terrorist attacks.

    Meanwhile, at least 16 people were killed and 199 including civilians were injured in car bomb attack on Green village compound in PD9 of Kabul city.

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    Local Residents Protest After Green Village Compound Was Targeted

    Dozens of local residents are protesting, following last night’s car bomb attack on Green village compound in PD9 of Kabul city.

    While speaking to Reporterly, a spokesperson for Kabul Police Firdows Faramarz said, “Dozens of local residents protested after the attack carried out on Green village compound in PD9 Kabul city.”

    He did not provide further details about the protest. It is being reported that, the protestors want foreign offices and compounds to be taken out of residential areas.

    Meanwhile, the Brashna company said that as a result of the car bomb blast the 2-kV electricity line of E41 and E19 were destroyed in the area along with the electricity in some parts of Pul-e-Charki Industrial Parks, 1st Macroyan, Andimarak and Pol-e- Mahmood Khan areas was cut off.

    Meanwhile, at least 16 people were killed and 199 were injured in the bomb attack as reported by the Ministry of Interior.

    At least five attackers were involved in the attack on Green Village compound in Kabul who were killed after Special Forces arrived in the area, ministry of interior added.

    The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the deadly car bomb explosion that rocked the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday night.

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    20 Insurgents Including Taliban Shadow District Governor KIlled In Gulran District Herat

    At least 20 Taliban insurgents including several commanders of the group and shadow district governor for Gulran district were killed in Herat, local authorities said.

    Jailani Farhad spokesperson for Herat governor told Reporterly, that they were killed as a result of air operations carried out on Taliban gatherings in the vicinity of Gulran district.

    Farhad added that, some Taliban insurgents were also injured in the same operation conducted on Monday.

    According to Farhad, Mullah Awlia and Mullah Nabi are also among insurgents killed in the raid.

    The operation had a positive impact on the security situation of Herat province, Jailani Farhad added.

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    India Supports Any Peace Deal For Afghanistan, Hopes For A Stable Political Situation

    As the US and the Taliban close in on a deal, India on Monday said it has always supported a peace settlement in Afghanistan which will ensure stability and not leave ungoverned spaces for terrorists or their proxies to take advantage of.

    As per The Times of India report, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale, while briefing the media on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia this week, said that both India and Russia believe that whatever the outcome of the discussions between the US and the Taliban is, they hope to see a stable political situation.

    He said, India and Russia want to see a situation in Afghanistan where there is political order and where the peace agreement or the post-agreement process will hold.

    “By and large, we have been on the same page with Russia on the issue We are in touch with each other,” he said.

    On what sort of representatives India would send if invited for talks on Afghanistan, Gokhale said he does not want to speculate on it.

    Finally when asked if India and Russia feel the US-Taliban talks were legitimate considering the government was not part of negotiations, Gokhale said: “We support all peace initiatives. We have been a part of all of them and in some cases when we were not part of them initially we have been supportive of them.”

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    NSA Meets South Korean Special Representative For Afghanistan

    The Office of National Security Council (ONSC) in a press statement announced that National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib met with Kim Young Chae, the South Korean Special Representative for Afghanistan.

    They discussed the importance of peace & elections. NSA said that the government negotiation offer to Taliban is unconditional but there are crucial conditions for peace.

    NSA Mohib added, that the investments made in Afghanistan by our partner countries including South Korea during the past 18 years should not be in vain.

    He emphasized that these efforts should delineate the path for the country to shape a prosperous future in a civilized society.