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    International Community Expresses Support for Afghanistan’s Transparent and Timely Election

    Chief Executive Office of National Unity Government says that the international community supports timely and transparent elections in Afghanistan.

    The Chief Executive Office said in a statement that Dr Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer and Sarwar Danish, second vice president of presidential palace met with ambassadors of countries that support Afghanistan in elections, UNAMA representatives, Resolute Support Mission and European Union at Office of Chief Executive Officer.

    The statement added that in this meeting, the representatives of the countries supporting election process and the UN office expressed their support for holding a timely, transparent and credible election in Afghanistan.

    While stressing on holding a transparent and credible election, Dr. Abdullah said that the people of Afghanistan believe in determining their own destinies through elections.

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    Nabil’s Team: SC Interpretation for Extension of Government Unconstitutional Post May 22

    The Security and Justice Election Team led by Rahmatullah Nabil and Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan say that the interpretation of the Supreme Court from article 61 of the Constitution for extension of NUG government after (First Jawza) May 22 is in cotta dictionary to constitution.

    The joint statement of Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan and Election Team led by Rahmatullah Nabil which was released on Tuesday states that, in accordance with article 61 of the constitution of the country, the president’s tenure ends in (First Jawza) May 22 of the 5th year after the election.

    “The extension of the president’s tenure based on the provisions of the constitutional review which took place in 2009, cannot confer legitimacy to extension of an unlawful status,” statement added.

    The statement emphasizes that ” Security and Justice Election Team and Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan in cooperation with politicians, tribal elders and people, considers it as their duty and responsibility to use all legal channels and civil protests to put an end to this unlawful action after (First Jawza) May 22.

    Security and Justice Election Team and Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan while stating that the authorities of the president should be confined, has emphasized that the president should abstain from issuing any legislative or statutory decrees, as well as avoid the change, transformation or appointment of high officials and decision makers in the government.

    Prior, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan said that, given the political and security situation, the decision of the election commission to postpone the presidential election, preventing the vacuum of power, delay in government duties and continuing presidential work, the work of president Ghani and the vice-presidents can continue until (Mizan) September 2019.

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    Taliban Cut Turkmenistan Imported Power in Badghis

    Badghis officials have said that the Taliban cut Turkmenistan’s imported power to the northwest province over the past 10 days.

    The group targeted pylons and refuse to allow technical teams to reconnect the wires and do the damage control.

    The residents of Qala-e-Naw city have also complained of facing many difficulties following the disconnection of electricity in the province.

    Local officials told media sources that, Taliban has demanded power for 20 villages under their control in Moqo district.

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    Audit for Afghan Civil Aviation Authority and Airlines to Happen Soon

    The Deputy Chief of Mission/Minister Counsellor for EU & NATO, Sifat Rahimee tweeted about the support of the EU Air Safety Committee to conduct safety standard audit of the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority and Airlines so as to fly to European capitals.

    Peter Bombay, the Chairman of the EU Air Safety Committee has confirmed that the audit will take place soon in the near future avoiding any possible delays.

    Sifat Rahimee also confirmed the start of technical flights from Afghanistan to various nations in Europe. Technical flights are for the maintenance of the Afghan aircraft in Europe. He also mentioned the progress on JV Flights of Afghan Airlines to Europe.

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    Afghan Security Forces Arrest an ISIS-K member in Kabul

    The Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday that the Afghan security forces have arrested a group member of the IS-K in Kabul.

    The member was arrested from Bagrami district of Kabul. Further details are awaited on the identity of the terrorist.

    This encounter is a result of the operations that were conducted by Special Forces of the Afghan National Police where villages from Nahrin and Bor districts of Baghlan were cleared.

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    Insurgents Explosives Store Dismantled in Uruzgan

    Security officials reported that an explosives store was destroyed in Uruzgan province.

    “According to intelligence report, CID personnel of Uruzgan Police Headquarter discovered a large number of explosives and roadside mines from the store of Taliban insurgents,” said Interior Ministry in a statement on Wednesday.

    The statement added that, in this storage, 25 IED bombs, 10 mines and some heavy ammunition and weapons were seized by the police.

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    10 Taliban Insurgents Killed and Wounded in Ghazni Province

    Local authorities have reported that 10 Taliban insurgents including a self-claimed district chief of Taliban were killed and wounded Ghazni province over the past 24 hours.

    “As a result of two air and commando operations and clashes in surrounding of center and Muqur, Andar and Gelan districts of Ghazni province 10 Taliban insurgents including a self-claimed district chief of the group were killed and wounded,” Ghazni governor spokesman Muhammad Aref Noori said Reporterly on Wednesday.

    Ghazni Governor’s spokesman said that, on Wednesday a clash occurred between Taliban and security forces in Mangor area but there is no report about the causalities of insurgents but the civilians and security forces were not harmed in the clash.

    According to Mr. Noori, the Mangor area, is 16 km from Ghazni which has been one of the major centers of armed opposition in Ghazni. He said that insurgents also held the kangaroo courts in the area. The area has been in control of security forces since a week.

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    President Ghani Expresses Readiness to Inaugurate Afghan Parliament

    President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani considered the members of parliament as democratic partners of people and said that “I am ready to inaugurate the parliament in the next few days.”

    ARG, presidential palace said that in a meeting with a number of newly elected representatives of Afghan parliament on Tuesday afternoon, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that anyone who bypasses constitution, is coup and nation does not accept it.

    While stating that “I am ready to inaugurate parliament in the next few days,” Mr. Ghani added that “we are not in conflict but are partners in securing stability on the basis of constitution and democracy.”

    Ghani emphasized that the parliament shouldn’t turn into a conflict center. He said that respect between the executive and the legislative powers is necessary.

    Mr. Ghani considered Peace, Consultative Loya Jirga and the Presidential Elections as three important issues and said that active presence of members of the National Assembly, especially the parliament is indispensable and necessary in Peace Consultative Jirga.

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    30 Insurgents Killed & Wounded in Takhar

    Afghan Army in the north-east reported that 30 Taliban insurgents were killed and wounded in the Dashti Qala district of Takhar province.

    217th Pamir Corps said in a statement that as a result of the joint operation of Pamir 400 which was launched two days ago for clearance of Dashti Qala district of Takhar province, 17 Taliban insurgents including Mawlavi Abdul Rariq-shadow district governor of Taliban for Baharak district- and 3 other key commanders of the group were killed and 13 other insurgents were wounded.

    The statement added that, these Taliban commanders which were targeted by air strike during their meeting were involved and played a major role in insecurity of Dashti Qala and Mawarai Kukcha.

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    India & Sri Lanka Look into Pak-Based, Lankan & State Sponsored Extremist Groups

    According to Indian media sources, Indian and Sri Lankan security apparatus are investigating links between Pakistan-based terror groups and Lankan extremist groups as well as the role of state actor as suspicion grows about the motive of Sunday’s serial blasts.

    Sunday’s terror attacks in Sri Lanka has been perceived by the region as signal about the reach of terror network to destabilise the countries.

    India is especially concerned with Sunday’s attacks because a revival of terrorism in Sri Lanka is also likely to have repercussions in Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

    In the meanwhile, there is growing suspicion about thr role of state actors in the serial attacks given sophistication of the strikes and quantum of explosives used in the attack, as per India’s The Economic Times.