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    UN Expresses Conver Over Taliban’s Threat to Civilians in Election Process

    The United Nation expressed deep concern on the Taliban’s stated threat to target civilians participating in the 28 September presidential election process and urged the group to respect and protect Afghan civilians.

    According to international humanitarian and human rights law, the electoral process in Afghanistan is a civilian undertaking and everyone has the right to take part in public affairs, to vote and to be elected to government without discrimination and without unreasonable restrictions, the UN statement said.


    All citizens – whether voters, candidates or election-related staff – have the right to be free from fear, intimidation and violence at all stages of an elections process, the statement added.

    The United Nations urges the Taliban to respect and protect civilians and not to threaten them or carry out violence should they engage in their constitutional right to participate in elections.

    The United Nations emphasised that attacks directed against polling centers and civilians participating in the electoral process are clear violations of international law, and perpetrators of such crimes must be held accountable.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban in a statement on Tuesday called the democratic process of elections in Afghanistan as “deceiving”. It has asked people to stay away from gathering so they don’t become “potential targets”, possibly signaling that they could attack on any rallies of presidential candidates.

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    Developing: 14 Killed & 145 wounded in Kabul Car Bombing

    Security forces have reported that as a result of Wednesday’s massive car bombing attack in PD6 of Kabul city, 14 people were killed and 144 others were injured.

    14 people were killed and 145 others, mostly civilians, were wounded as a result of today’s Taliban’s massive car bombing attack in 6th Police District of Kabul city, Gen. Khoshal Sadat said.

    Nasrat Rahimi, the spokesperson at Interior Ministry, earlier informed that the explosion in the west of Kabul was a car bombing which targeted the police district 6 headquarters.

    Taliban has claimed responsibility for the car bomb explosion that targeted a police headquarters 6 in the west of Kabul on Wednesday.

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    Clearance Operation Ends in Kabul: 2 Suicide Bombers Killed, 3 Suicide Vests & Car Bomb of IS-K Destroyed

    The National Directorate of Security announced that NDS had carried out 3 target and separate operations on bomb-making caches and hideouts of IS-K group in Kabul.

    As a result of joint clearance operation of security forces in Kabul, two IS-K suicide bombers were killed and three IED making factory and car bomb destroyed, NDS said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The National Directorate of Security said in a statement that based on previous information and in collaboration with locals, the operations were conducted in PD9 and PD15 of Bagrami district where IS-K group were hiding and planning to carry out subversive activities in Kabul city.

    The statement added that, two suicide bombers of IS-K group were killed in the operation and some heavy weapons, IED explosives and suicide vests were demolished.

    Three security force members were killed in an operation against IS-K fighters, the statement said.

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    Government Declares Eid Al Adha Holiday From August 10 to 13

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has announced that the upcoming week (Saturday to Tuesday) is holiday on the eve of Eid Al Adha.

    The Labor ministry in a statement said on Wednesday said that Saturday to Tuesday is public holiday in the country. According to Hijri Shamsi calendar this year’s Eid Al Adha is on upcoming Sunday.

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    Magnetic-IED Explosion Injures 6 in Herat

    At least six people were wounded as a result of a magnetic-IED which was attached to a vehicle.

    Abdul Ahad Wali Zada, Herat Police spokesman told Reporterly that as a result of a blast that occurred due to a magnetic bomb attached to a Corrolla type vehicle in PD5 going off, six civilians were wounded.

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    President Ghani, CE Abdullah Express Condolence for Demise of Indian Leader Sushma Swaraj

    President Ghani released a statement expressing profound sadness over the demise of former Minister of External Affairs of India and a senior member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sushma Swaraj.

    “Mrs. Swaraj as one of the most prominent and pioneering politicians of India had shown remarkable dedication to serve her country and people. I am confident the Indian nation will always remember her for her significant achievements and contributions. She was a good friend of Afghanistan and always aspired the best for the Afghan people. At this moment of tragedy, I share the Indian nation’s grief while my thoughts are with her family”, President Ghani stated.

    Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah also expressed that he was very sad to hear of the passing away of Sushma Swaraj.
    “Ms Swaraj was a brave stateswoman & steadfast friend of Afghanistan. We will sorely miss her. My deepest condolences to her family, government & people of India”, he wrote.

    Sushma Swaraj, passed away on late Tuesday night at the age of 67, due to a massive cardiac arrest. She had many accolades in her name, and was most famous as India’s External Affairs Minister from 2014-2019.

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    Taliban Insurgent’s Family Killed & Wounded in Faryab by Own IED

    At least four family members of a Taliban insurgent were killed and wounded as a result of their own IED explosion in Faryab province, security officials said on Wednesday.


    Faryab Police Press Office in a press release said a hand-made IED which was installed by a remote control went off at the house of Ghulam Nabi, a Taliban member in Moqani village of Pashton Kot district.

    A 7-year old child was killed, while two women and a girl were wounded in the incident.  According to Faryab Police, the killed and wounded are all family members of Ghulam Nabi.

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    Developing: Taliban Claims Responsibility of Kabul Explosion

    Taliban has claimed responsibility for the car bomb explosion that targeted a police headquarters 6 in the west of Kabul on Wednesday.

    Moreover, Ministry of Public Health spokesperson Wahidullah Mayar has said that the number of wounded in Wednesday’s explosion in Kabul has now reached 95.
    Women and children are among those wounded.

    Nasrat Rahimi, the spokesperson at Interior Ministry, earlier informed that the explosion in the west of Kabul was a car bombing which targeted the police district 6 headquarters.

    More details to follow.

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    India and US Discuss Afghan Peace on Khalilzad’s Visit to New Delhi

    US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad on Tuesday met Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and briefed him about progress in the Afghan peace process.

    Khalilzad’s visit to India comes amid signals that the US-brokered peace deal with the Taliban is likely to be finalised soon to end the nearly two-decade-long war in Afghanistan.

    “Useful discussions with US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad. Provided a comprehensive update on the situation in Afghanistan. Shared views on how we could work together effectively,” Jaishankar tweeted.

    On Monday, Khalilzad also said that “excellent progress” has been made in the peace talks and the potential deal with the Taliban would allow for the conditions-based withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

    “Building on excellent progress in Kabul last week, I’ve spent the last few days in Doha, focused on the remaining issues in completing a potential deal with the Taliban that would allow for a conditions-based troop withdrawal. We have made excellent progress,” he tweeted on Monday.

    India has been a key stakeholder in the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

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    Suicide Attackers’ Attempt Fails on Kelagay Camp of Baghlan

    Suicide attackers attempted assault on Kelagay camp of security forces in Baghlan on Wednesday morning was unsuccessful as per reports. The spokesman of Baghlan Police, Jawid Besharat told Reporterly, “At around 04:00am this morning, the suicide attackers using a Humvee tank tried to attack the Kelagay camp”.

    Besharat noted, a vehicle full of explosives was recognized by security forces at the first gate of the camp and targeted by security forces. According to him, two of the attackers were killed during the Humvee’s explosion and the other one was killed by security forces.

    He added, security forces had no casualties. In the meantime, the Shahin 209 Corps has declared that one of the security forces personnel was wounded in the incident.

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    Developing: VBIED Explosion in PD6 Kabul Leaves 34 Injured

    Nasrat Rahimi spokesperson at Interior Ministry says the explosion in the west of Kabul was a car bombing which targeted the police district 6 headquarters.

    At least 34 people were wounded in the blast in Kabul’s PD6 on Wednesday morning: Ministry of Public Health announced.

    No claims of responsibility yet.

    More details to follow.

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    Developing: Explosion on Kateb Road in Kabul Confirmed, Gunfires Heard

    The Ministry of Interior has confirmed an explosion in Golaee Dawakhana, on Kateb road, Kabul at around 9am on Wednesday morning.

    Meanwhile eyewitnesses say that a gunfire has also been heard near police district 6 headquarters in the west of Kabul after the heavy explosion.

    No claims of responsibility or reports of casualty yet.

    More details to follow.

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    Security Forces Launch Operations Against Terrorists in Kabul

    NDS Special Units have conducted clearance and target operations in several spots in Kabul last night, as per Feroz Bashari, the GMIC Director. He added that so far operations in one spot have already concluded, but other clashes are still ongoing in two other spots.


    Moreover, the ANDSF conducted offensive operations in three spots where terrorists were hidden. “We believe there are suicide bombers in these places. Three of the terrorists killed so far. The areas are cordoned off. ANDSF is making sure no civilian is harmed. All terrorists will be killed”, Bashari added.

    Meanwhile, 2 would-be suicide bombers were killed at first gate of Kelagai camp in Baghlan early hours of Wednesday morning after the security forces identified them and started shooting on the bombers, the 209 Shaheen Corps said in a statement. The bombers were in a Humvee and after the shooting, the vehicle exploded and the bombers were killed, the 209 Shaheen Corps added.