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    Afghan Singer Aryana Sayeed Expresses Concern Over Taliban’s Returning in Power

    Afghan female singer Aryana Sayeed spoke as a Human Rights Defender thru ‘Music’ at the ‘NATO Engages’, a side event to NATO Leaders Meeting in London, expressing her concerns and fear of returning ‘The Taliban’ back in power.

    Aryana Sayeed has welcomed the Afghanistan reconciliation process, but said is in ‘fear of’ women’s losing achievements and rights if the Taliban is back in power.

    “There are discussions about the international community to walk away and leave Afghanistan or to potentially reach a deal or a compromise with Taliban, even-though I personally support the peace like everyone else, but I do not want us to sacrifice or risk the rights of Afghan women or all those achievements and the progresses that have been made in the country for the past twenty years.” said Aryana Sayeed.

    She expressed concerns about NATO forces leaving Afghanistan, thinking that violence and civil wars can resume in the absence of the international community.

    “If you leave and walk away from Afghanistan, I think that Afghanistan will return to civil war, where all those warlords are waiting to attacking and fighting each other for money and for power and they will not care about all those millions innocent souls and lives that will be lost in the process and Afghanistan will again go back to be the home of terrorism,” she added.

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    Afghanistan to Use Sri Lanka’s Experience to Bring Sustainable Peace: President Ghani

    Afghanistan would use the successful experiences of the world countries, especially Sri Lanka’s to bring long lasting peace, President Ashraf Ghani has said.

    Ghani has made this remark at a meeting with outgoing Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Kabul Gagan P. Bulathsinghala, at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

    At the farewell meeting President Ghani extended gratitude to Ambassador Bulathsinghala for his endeavors during his mission in Afghanistan to further consolidate and expand relations between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka at political, economic and cultural areas, a statement from the President’s Palace said.

    The Statement said the Sri Lankan Ambassador expressed delight over his mission in Afghanistan and lauded the president’s efforts for Afghanistan economic development, ending war, and restoring peace and stability to the country.

    He added that Sri Lanka once had gone through a dark time of conflict, but now peace prevails in the country.

    President Ghani has said peace is top priority of Afghanistan and main demand of the Afghan people. He has added that “Afghanistan will take advantage of the copious experience of other countries, particularly Sri Lanka, for bringing sustainable peace to the country.”

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    Ex-President Karzai Met Wang Yi Discussed Afghan Peace, Reconciliation Process

    The former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has met with the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and discussed the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement issued here on Wednesday.

    During the meeting, the Chinese foreign minister said Afghanistan situation has come to a crucial point, and the top priority now is to achieve progress and results in both US-Taliban talks and intra-Afghan dialogue.

    China has always respected the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, Wang said.

    On the premise of respecting the willingness of Afghan people, China will continue to play a constructive role in promoting the country’s peaceful reconciliation based on the needs of all parties in Afghanistan, he added.

    Karzai, currently in China to attend the 2019 Imperial Springs International Forum held in Guangzhou, said Afghanistan appreciates China’s effort on promoting the intra-Afghan dialogue and is willing to enhance coordination with China to push the start of the dialogue as soon as possible.

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    US Gen. Votel Stresses on US South Asia Strategy in Afghanistan

    US General Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) has testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about military operations in the Middle East.

    General Votel answered several rounds of questions regarding the U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan.

    Asked about the main focus of US policy in Afghanistan, Gen. Votel said, “Our main focus in Afghanistan should be on implementing the President’s August 2017 South Asia Strategy which identified that achieving a political reconciliation between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban was our principle objective.”

    Gen. Votel declared that this approach attempts to put focus back into the political and diplomatic realm and recognizes that pursuing a political settlement is our best chance to bring an end to the long war in Afghanistan.

    Asked about does Gen. Votel believe a deal can be reached with the Taliban, he said, “I do believe it is possible to achieve a deal with the Taliban and this has been the primary focus of our Special Envoy, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, supported by our military forces and of course the weight of the US Government and the NATO-led Coalition.”

    “We knew from the start that this would be a difficult and lengthy endeavor – a fractured Afghan Government; continued enablement of the Taliban by Pakistan; the influence of Iran and Russia; uneven Afghan military performance; spiraling high profile urban attacks; lack of trust between the principal Afghan adversaries; and, emergence of a regionalized branch of the ISIS Caliphate all mitigate against a quick resolution,” he added.

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    Japanese-Afghan Aid Worker Nakamura Died of Wounds

    Tetsu Nakamura, head of the NGO Peace (Japan) Medical Services, has died from gunfire wounds from morning attack in Nangarhar, Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for provincial governor confirmed.

    The head of Japanese NGO Peace Japan Medical Services Dr. Nakamora has been wounded and five others killed in an armed attack in PD1 of Jalalabad city in Nangarhar province on Wednesday morning.

    The spokesman for the provincial governor, Attaullah Khoghyani told Reporterly that five including the guards and driver of Nakamora were killed and Nakamura died after sustaining injuries.

    Tetsu Nakamura, Japanese aid worker has been previously awarded honorary citizenship by the Afghan government.

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    QRCS Initiates Phase 2 of Education Aid Project in Urozgan Province

    The representation office of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Afghanistan has initiated Phase 2 of a project to support education in remote and poor provinces of the country.

    Educational aid has been distributed to five schools in Urozgan Province, southern Afghanistan. At a total cost of $180,000, the aid offered included 548 double chairs and desks, 38 classroom tents, 9,500 copies of textbooks, 1,095 school bags with stationery, 300 kits of teaching aids, and five containers to be used as administration offices.

    Estimated to benefit up to 1,095 students, the project was co-implemented with the Afghan Welfare Society, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education.

    Earlier this year, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by the three parties to stipulate partnership in all preparations, logistics, selection of beneficiaries, purchase of aid, delivery to the province, and handover to the target schools in the Chora and Tarinkot Districts, central Uruzgan.

    During the handover ceremony, attended by parents’ council members, school directors, and community leaders, Othman Ghani, from a village Shura Council, said this was the first time they received such educational aid.

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    NATO Representative Calls on All Candidates to Accept Afghan Presidential Election Results

    Nicolas Kay, the NATO senior civilian representative to Afghanistan in speaking with Afghan journalists and media representatives in London said that every party or group should accept the election results.

    “Despite the treats many Afghans went out to cast votes on September 28 and now we are two months after the voting day. It is important that we see very soon a decision by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan on the preliminary results”, said Nicolas Kay a day before the NATO leaders meeting in London.

    Nicolas Kay urged that proper communication should be established between the election commission and candidates and everyone should accept the IEC’s decision.

    “The commission is following its rules and procedures to check and double check, to count and to recount and to audit the whole process, but that must come to an end quite soon and what I think is necessary is more communication between the candidates and the IEC so that the IEC can explain very carefully to the candidates exactly the basis for the decisions on what they are doing and how they are working and the candidates must listen very carefully and at the end after that when the IEC makes the announcement of the preliminary results candidates should respect those decisions”, he said.

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    FIFA Bans 3rd Afghan Soccer Official in Sexual Abuse Scandal

    FIFA has banned a third Afghanistan soccer official implicated in a sexual abuse scandal alleged by women’s national team players.

    FIFA says its ethics committee judges banned Mohammad Hanif Sediqi Rustam from soccer for five years for failing to report complaints over several years. Soccer officials have a duty to disclose wrongdoing.

    Sediqi Rustam was a secretarial assistant to the now-disgraced Keramuudin Karim, the former Afghan soccer body president. FIFA banned Karim for life in June after several players accused him of repeated sexual abuse.

    Sediqi Rustam’s five-year ban and 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,125) fine are the same sanctions FIFA imposed in October on Sayed Aghazada, the former general secretary of Afghan soccer.

    Aghazada was elected this year to the Asian Football Confederation executive committee despite the allegations. He is no longer listed as a member of the ruling panel.

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    Armed Men Attack Vehicle of Peace Japan Medical Services in Nangarhar

    The head of Japanese NGO Peace Japan Medical Services Dr. Nakamora has been wounded and five others killed in an armed attack in PD1 of Jalalabad city in Nangarhar province on Wednesday morning, officials confirmed.

    The spokesman for the provincial governor, Attaullah Khoghyani told Reporterly that five including the guards and driver of Nakamora were killed and he himself was wounded in the incident.

    Tetsu Nakamura, Japanese aid worker has been previously awarded honorary citizenship by the Afghan government.

    No group has still claimed responsibility for the attack.