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    Kidnapper Killed in Clash with Security Forces in Herat

    Herat police reported the killing of a kidnapper in clash with security forces in Herat province.

    Aref known as Ustad Aref, one of the kidnappers and armed robbers was killed by police, press office of Herat province said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The kidnapper was targeted by counter-terrorism police of Herat police last night when he and one of his crime partners were escaping from a security checkpoint in PD8 of the province, as per statement.

    The statement added that, the kidnapper was killed and his companion was injured.

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    German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen Becomes European Commission’s First Female President

    Ursula von der Leyen has been confirmed as the European commission’s first female president and the first German in the job for more than 50 years, as reported by Guardian.

    In a secret ballot, Members of European Parliament voted narrowly to support the German defence minister as a replacement for Jean-Claude Juncker when he steps down on 31 October.

    She won the support of 383 MEPs, nine votes more than required to secure an absolute majority but below the 400 threshold that would have given her a stable majority to get her policies through parliament over the next five years.

    She will take over from Juncker on the day that Boris Johnson, who is likely to be the next British prime minister, has said he will take the UK out of the EU with or without a deal.

    Von der Leyen said she would be open to Brexit being delayed further “for a good reason” although she insisted the withdrawal agreement would not be renegotiated.

    After the announcement of the result, she said: “The trust you place in me is confidence you place in Europe. Confidence in a united and strong Europe, from east to west, from south to north. The confidence in a Europe that is ready to fight for the future rather than fight against each other.”

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    IEC Employee Killed in Ghazni

    Security forces has announced that an employee of Independent Election Commission in Ghani province was killed by unidentified gunmen.

    An employee of Independent Election Commission, named Mohammad Naiem, was killed on Tuesday night around 9pm by unidentified gunmen in Ghazni province, Ahmad Khan Serat, spokesman of Ghazni police told Reporterly on Wednesday.

    Serat added that, the incident took place in Khashik area, in surrounding of Ghazni province.

    No one has been detained in connection with the murder, but police investigation is underway, as per Ahmad Khan Serat.

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    18 Taliban Insurgents Killed In Kandahar and Laghman Provinces

    16 Taliban insurgents were killed in an operation carried out by Afghan National Police (ANP) backed by Afghan Air Forces (AAF).

    The operation took place while a group of Taliban terrorists attacked an Afghan National Police (ANP) convoy in Chinar region, Shah Wali Kot District of Kandahar.

    Meanwhile, two Taliban insurgents were killed and four others were injured in a clash with Afghan National Police (ANP) in Laghman.

    The clash took place while a group of Taliban terrorists attacked Afghan National Police check posts in Shamaram region, Alishang District of Laghman.

    In other news, the Afghan National Police (ANP) arrested two Taliban bomb planters during an operation in Lashkar Gah City of Helmand.
    ANP seized two roadside bombs, one pistol and one motorcycle as well.

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    LeT Head Hafiz Saeed Arrested in Pakistan

    Pakistani media sources have reported that the infamous terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba’s head Hafiz Saeed has been arrested by Pakistan government authorities on Wednesday.

    LeT is one of the many militant groups claimed to be stationed in Pakistani territory, and was responsible for several attacks in Pakistan as.

    Saeed is also said to be the mastermind behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks which happened in 2008.

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    Presidential Residence’s Head of Security Passes Away After Succumbing to Injuries

    ARG, presidential palace said that Gen. Abdul Ghafar Ahmadzai, presidential residence’s head of security passed away on Tuesday.

    This morning,
    President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani paid his respect to the body of Abdul Ghafar Ahmadzai who was killed on Tuesday in a terrorist incident, presidential palace said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Presidential palace didn’t clarify on how and where Mr. Ahmadzai was targeted and later died in a hospital.

    Meanwhile, the Taliban group in a tweet said that, on last Thursday morning the vehicle of the head of security of President Ghani’s house was targeted by the group in Sarak Bala area in surrounding of PD16 of Kabul city in which Ahmadzai was injured and today lost his life in the hospital.

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    Swedish Committee: 42 Centers & Hospitals of Committee Closed in Maidan Wardak Due to Taliban Threats

    The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has announced that 42 centers and hospitals of this organization are closed in 6 districts of Wardak province due to Taliban threats.

    Out of 77 active health centers and hospitals in Maidan Wardak which are managed by the committee, 42 centers and hospitals were closed due to Taliban threats in 6 districts of the province, Swedish Committee said in a statement on Wednesday.

    With the closure of these health centers, 5700 patients will face problems on daily basis.

    Forcing the Swedish committee to close health centers that deprive the people of health services is a flagrant violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, Sonny Mansson, country director of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan said.

    He asked on immediate reopening of the health centers.

    Mansson called on sides involved in war to refrain from actions that deliberately put in danger the life of civilians.

    He reported the direct contact of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan with sides involved in war and emphasized that the committee tries to reopen the closed health centers in Maidan Wardak province.

    Mr. Mansson asked Taliban to agree for immediate reopening of the health centers in Waidan Wardak.

    Meanwhile, in an airstrike of security forces carried out in Day Mirdad district of the province killed four civilians and demolished a health center of Swedish Committee.

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    One of the Most Dangerous Leaders of Taliban, Dadullah Killed in Jawzjan

    Afghan Army in the northern part of the country has reported that Dadullah who is also known as Surkhabi, has been killed. He was considered to be one of the most dangerous leaders of Taliban in Jawzjan province.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Wednesday, Mohammad Hanif Rezaee, spokesman of 209th Shahin Corps said that, as a result of commando and national army operation in Shurabi village of Qaraqin district of Jawzjan, Dadullah alias Surkhabi, one of the most dangerous leaders of Taliban was killed with his 3 companions.

    Rezaee further added that, security forces also destroyed a Taliban compound and several villages were cleared of the insurgents during the operation.

    Meanwhile, Mullah Hashim known as Khaibar and 10 of his subordinates were killed by commando forces and 13 others were injured in the operation conducted in Architu village of Belcharagh district of the province, as per spokesman of Shahin Corps.

    He said that no harm was posed to security forces in the operation.

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    NSA Mohib Discusses Civilian Security with UNAMA Head Yamamoto

    National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib met with the UN SRSG and UNAMA Head Tadamichi Yamamoto on Tuesday.

    The two discussed the importance of protection of civilians, security situation, and regional dynamics as per ONSC press.

    NSA Mohib assured Mr Yamamoto of Afghan government’s strategies to ensure civilians are protected in conflict and military operations.

    NSA Mohib also said that a Joint Committee of ANDSF has been developed to oversee impact of military operations and added that unfortunately the Taliban use civilians as shield during the war, and target civilians indiscriminately.