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    14 IS-K Members Including a Commander Join Hands with Government in Kunar Province

    Local officials have announced that there are 14 IS-K commanders joining hands with the the government in Kunar province.

    Speaking to Reporterly on Wednesday, Abdul Ghani Mosamam Kunar provincial spokesman said that, 14 IS-K fighters including a commander of theirs named Qayum who is famous as Zindani joined the government’s side.

    Mr Mosamam added that, the fighters have been operating in different parts of Kunar province and with the efforts of Kunar Police Command, today they joined hands with the government along with their weapons.

    Kunar is among those provinces of Afghanistan in which IS-K terrorists operate.

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    NPC Approves Purchase of Biometric Devices Worth € 14m

    The National Procurement Commission has approved the purchase of 17,865 biometric verification devices for the upcoming presidential election, which are expected to cost more than 14 million euros, said presidential palace.

    The Presidential palace said in a statement on Wednesday that, the meeting chaired by president Ghani was held on Tuesday evening in ARG concerning the preparation and provision of biometric devices for Independent Election Commission.

    At the meeting, the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) request regarding providing 17,865 biometric devices and software needed by IEC were reviewed and the purchase of biometric devices with its accessories (printers, power bank, printing paper) based on the request of the IEC was approved by National Procurement Commission with cost of more than 14 million euro.

    The Independent Election Commission (IEC) needs nearly 39,000 biometric devices for holding presidential elections, including more than 20,000 biometric devices which were purchased for parliamentary election earlier this year, and more than 17,000 other biometric devices will be purchased.

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    Big Weapons Cache Discovered, Seven Killed in Helmand

    NDS reported that a big weapons cache of Taliban group was discovered and 7 Taliban insurgents were killed in Helmand province.

    As a result of NDS elite forces operation in Kajaki district of Helmand province on a hideout of Mohammad Khan, a military district chief of the group in Kangom Rez area of Kajaki district, a big weapon cache of the group was discovered, NDS said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The statement added that, seven Taliban insurgents were killed in the operation. National Directorate of Security elite forces demolished 21 thousand kilograms of explosives during the operation, as per NDS

    A rocket launcher, 4 rifles, a Ak-47 rifle, 50 rounds of SPG9 rockets, 300 rounds of RGP7 rockets, 2 anti-personnel mines, 2 radio sets, a Pakistani identity card and more than 150 thousand rounds of ammunition were confiscated from the cache by NDS elite forces.

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    Minister of Women’s Affair: 45% of Women Become Addict Due to Family Men’s Influences

    The Minister of Women’s Affair says that research conducted in the recent years indicate that 45% of Afghan women become addicts by family men.

    Addressing a conference on Tuesday under the theme “Women’s Addiction to Drugs is the Motive of Robbing Safe Environment of Family” Ms Delbar Nazari said that: “drug prevention is part of the activities of Ministry of Women’s Affairs and we have also directed Provincial Women’s Affairs Directorate to cooperate with relevant institutions who work to prevent addiction because women addiction undermines the foundation of the families.”

    She added that, the only source of violence in families is addiction and when women become addicts, it not only detrimental to their life but also contribute to the deteriorating of the families.

    Previously the Ministry of Women’ Affairs had announced that about 1 million women are addicted.

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    Operation to Collect Unlicensed Weapons & Military Equipment Kicked Off In Kabul

    The Ministry of Interior has reported the arrest of three irresponsible armed in Kabul city.

    As a result of MoI’s Special Forces operation in surrounding of PD8 of Kabul city, aimed to collect unlicensed military equipment and weapons from irresponsible armed men, 4 Ak-47 rifles, 20 AL-47 ammunition magazines, 2 pistols, a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle and some other military kits were seized, Ministry of Interior (MoI) in a statement said on Wednesday.

    Three individuals were arrested in the operation, according to the ministry.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior said the security forces are conducting operations to round up unlicensed weapons and equipment in different parts of Kabul city.

    Furthermore, the ministry warned that irresponsible armed men should not use military equipment and uniforms and hand over their weapons to security forces.

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    Kandahar Airport Renamed to Ahmad Shah Baba Airport

    The Presidential palace says that president Ghani had renamed Kandahar airport to Ahmad Shah Baba airport.

    In a visit to Kandahar province today President Ashraf Ghani renamed Kandahar International Airport after Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport, presidential palace said in a statement

    President Ghani also inaugurated the newly-constructed Kandahar Airport Road and named it after Late General Abdul Raziq.

    The road has been built at a cost of 2.8 billion AFN, funded by the government.

    Meanwhile, he also inaugurated Kandahar’s second phase of solar power plant and put it into operation. The plant, built at a cost of $39 million, has the capacity to generate 30MW of power.

    This is the second trip of president Ashraf Ghani to Kandahar province in recent months.

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    President Ghani Arrived in Kandahar

    ARG, presidential palace announced that president Ghani travelled in Kandahar province on Wednesday morning.
    President Ghani, leading a high-rank delegation travelled in Kandahar city this morning, presidential palace said in a statement.

    Beside meeting with elders, Ulama, youth and women of Kandahar, the president will inaugurate a number of public welfare projects including Kandahar Airport Road and solar power plant.

    Meanwhile, the recent provincial trips of the presented had faced the reaction of a number of presidential candidates and they attributed the travels as election campaign.

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    UNSG “Outraged” At Taliban Attack in Kabul

    The United Nations Secretary-General is outraged and deeply saddened by the Taliban-claimed complex attack that took place on 1 July in a civilian-populated area of Kabul, as reported in a statement by UNAMA.

    According to preliminary findings of the UN, the explosives set off at the outset of the attack caused more than 100 civilian casualties, including women and children. The explosives also damaged schools and other civilian infrastructure in the immediate vicinity.

    The Secretary-General reiterated that international humanitarian law explicitly prohibits indiscriminate attacks and attacks directed against civilians, and appeals to all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan to uphold their obligations to protect civilians.

    The Secretary-General expressed his deepest sympathies to the families of the victims and to the Government and people of Afghanistan. He wishes a speedy recovery to those injured.