Newsfeed: Wednesday, May 22

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    Delegate Established to Probe into Midwife’s Sexual Abuse in Samangan Province

    A team will be sent to investigate the alleged rape of a midwife in Samangan province, as per Attorney General’s Office.

    Attorney General’s Office said in a statement on Wednesday that in order to fully investigate the rape case, a delegation will be sent to Samangan province to investigate the case.

    According to the Attorney General’s Office, 9 people have been arrested in connection with this case, of which 4 were under age.

    Attorney General’s Office has emphasized that the case will be followed up seriously and impartially.

    On Tuesday, Mohammad Sidiq spokesman of Samangan governor told Reporterly that, three days ago several individuals raped a midwife in Ab Qort village in Ruyi Du Ab district of Samangan province.

    Police arrested nine people in connection with the incident and the case is under investigation at attorney office of Samnagan province, Mr. Sidiq said.

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    Developing: Eight Injured Due to Vehicle Explosion in Ghazni

    Local officials reported that 8 individuals were injured as a result of an explosion in Ghazni.

    Ghazni press office said that so far 5 civilians and 3 security personnel were wounded in the explosive-laden vehicle’s explosion in the province.

    In the meantime, Nasir Ahmad Raqiri, head of Ghazni Provincial Council told Reporterly that the explosive-laden vehicle was detected by security forces.

    Ghazni governor’s press office said that after the security forces’ warning was not taken seriously, the tire of car was targeted and then then the car bomb was destroyed with an RPG.

    More details to follow.

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    Developing: Car Bomb Explosion in Ghazni City

    An explosion was reported in Ghazni City on Wednesday afternoon. Ghazni press office announced that this incident occurred near the area controlled by Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Ghazni province.

    It was also said that the car bomb was detected by security forces. Ghazni governor’s press office said that after the security forces’ warning was not taken seriously, the tire of car was targeted and then the car bomb was destroyed with an RPG.

    No news on casualties yet.
    More details to follow.

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    Breaking: Explosion in Ghazni

    An explosion was reported in Ghazni City on Wednesday afternoon.

    The incident was confirmed to media sources by Ghazni police.

    No news on casualties.
    More details to follow.

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    Seven Key IS-K Terrorists Killed in Kunar

    Security forces reported the killing of seven terrorists of IS-K terrorist group in Kunar province.

    Ministry of Interior spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said on Wednesday that, as a result of operation of special police forces, seven key IS-K terrorists including their group leader were killed on Tuesday night in Kunar province.

    Rahimi added that, some weapons, ammunition and several Pakistani ID cards were confiscated by security forces.

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    Enlightening Movement: Continuation of NUG is Unconstitutional after May 22

    The Enlightening Movement says that the continuation of the National Unity Government after 22 May is contrary to the law and constitution and to all national and international agreements. They believe that extension of the NUG means heading towards a “disaster”.

    “Holding a transparent, fair election without intervention of the government is impossible, and if a crisis happens on the result of election, neither a person nor an institution can manage it and Afghanistan will fall into the brink of war and devastation”, said Enlightening Movement in a statement on Wednesday.

    The statement says that the Movement’s belief of a-government which is established on the basis of a political agreement-shall come to an end as a result of lapse of that agreement.

    The Movement has emphasized that in this current situation, the National Unity Government has lost the existing political consensus.

    Electoral commissions do not act independently and presidential palace will intervene in elections with its full power, they said in a part of the statement.

    The statement also said that the results of the parliamentary elections in Kabul and at least ten other provinces lack transparency, accusing the government of interfering in the recent parliamentary election results.

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    Key Taliban Commander and Five Insurgents Killed in Ghazni

    Security officials reported that Guerilla fighters’ commander and five other insurgents were killed in Ghazni province.

    As a result of security forces ambush in Gadol village of Qarabagh district, 5 insurgents and Qari Bashir, the Guerilla fighters’ commander were killed, said Interior Ministry on Wednesday.

    Media office of Ghazni province said in another report that 3 Taliban insurgents were killed in the air operation of Afghan forces in the surrounding of Deh Yak district of Ghazni province.

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    Let’s Level-It Said the Captain Naib and Shahzad Of Afghanistan

    A superlative inning by Afghanistan against Ireland got the rushers a 126 run win in Dehradun in India. Mohammad Shahzad’s century and the captain of the team Gulbadin Naib with a tremendous score of 6 wickets threw fireworks with their performances each. Levelling the series against Ireland after losing to them by 72 runs in the previous ODI, the two masters took the opposite team for a roller coaster ride.

    Embarking on the right platform Shahzad started off with a boundary on the very first ball. He made it loud and clear to not take the otherwise underrated team for granted. Being the opener Shahzad made sure he would leave the ground only after ensuring the win for his country and he fulfilled it by being not out and scoring a partnership of 150 runs and century off the 40 balls to snatch the win.

    Shahzad scored an unbeatable 101 where he shot 16 fours in merely 88 runs to reach the ultimate target. Talking control of the match where Paul Stirling’s 56-ball half century could not add much to their status, Afghanistan has publicly started their world cup preparations and with a playful show.

    Naib’s score of 6 wickets made sure that Ireland collapses and made it hard for them to buckle up. Acceleration was a word long gone in the match’s dictionary for Ireland. Thanks to the disciplined bowling and focussed play by the captain, the match gifted him his maiden five-for in international cricket.

    Losing James McCollum for 3 off 16 balls, Ireland was shaken pretty much and started losing wickets consistently and rapidly. The Afghanistan skipper and captain gave a match-winning 6/43 from 9.2 overs. A rather marvellous figure to look at which is the third-best figures by an Afghanistan bowler in ODI cricket.

    Crumbling at 179 runs, Ireland could not match up with the asking rates and gave up. A practise match sort of where the security of triumph is hard as a rock helped Afghanistan to gain momentum and fine tune themselves for the upcoming Wolf Cup 2019. Making a dent in the dream box of Ireland, Shahzad and Naib proved their place and earned their roles and importance in the team. Sewing up a fantastic victory with a visible gap has brought the team right back in the game. Sending a strong message to the world cup teams Afghanistan sat with a strong bat.

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    Kabul Police: Situation in City in Normal Condition, Roads Reopened

    Many residents of Kabul city complained on Wednesday morning about the blockage of a number of public roads and squares of Kabul.

    A number of residents of Kabul expressed their grievance on social media about the blockage of roads to traffic in every corner of Kabul city and also strict security measures taken in the city.

    Meanwhile, Ferdows Faramarz, spokesperson of Kabul police told Reporterly that the roads are open for commuting and situation is also normal in Kabul.

    Faramarz added, “there was a possibility that on Wednesday morning people could do something and therefore the police took some preparation.”

    In the meantime, Ministry of Interior spokesman Nusrat Rahimi has said that all roads are open to traffic and there is no problem.

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    President Creates Position of Senior Adviser on Social Solidarity & Welfare of Minorities

    The Presidential palace office has announced that Saheb Nazar Sangin was appointed as a senior adviser to the president on social solidarity and the welfare of minorities.

    According to presidential degree and based on the provisions of article 64, paragraph 13 of the Constitution, Saheb Nazar Sangin was appointed as a senior adviser to thr president in social solidarity and the welfare of minorities affairs, said presidential palace office on Tuesday evening.

    Mr. Sangin has previously served as Dr. Abdullah’s adviser and at the same time is one of the leaders of Ismaili Hazara’s of Afghanistan.

    This statement comes after a number of presidential candidates announced that May 22 would be an end to legal working of National Unity Government.

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    India Launches Earth Observation Satellite

    The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scripted history on Wednesday by successfully launching earth observation satellite RISAT-2B that would enhance the country’s surveillance capabilities among others.

    As the 25-hour countdown which began on Tuesday concluded, the agency’s trusted workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C46) blasted off at 5.30 am from the first launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota on its 48th mission, carrying the 615 kg satellite.

    The RISAT-2B (Radar Imaging Satellite-2B), meant for application in fields such as surveillance, agriculture, forestry and disaster management support, was released into the orbit around 15 minutes after the lift-off.

    It would replace the RISAT-2, which was successfully launched in 2009.