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    China Reaffirms Support For Intra-Afghan Peace Talks

    China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying at a press conference has reiterated support from intra-Afghan peace talks.

    “China firmly supports the ‘Afghan-led, Afghan-owned,’ broad and inclusive process of peace and reconciliation”, Chunying said in response to a journalist’s question regarding the Taliban’s announced participation in an upcoming peace meeting in China.

    “We support the intra-Afghan dialogue between the Afghan government, the Afghan Taliban and other parties,” She said.

    She added that China is ready to offer help to Afghanistan’s peace and reconciliation process based on China’s “respect for the will of all relevant Afghan parties.”

    This comes as Afghan officials said that talks are ongoing with the Chinese government for a possible summit in Beijing.

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    Afghanistan Journalists Center Call for Action Against Intimidation and Violence Towards Journalists

    The Afghanistan Journalists Center have called for an action against the negligence of the local authorities after the arbitrary beating and arrest of a local journalist by a number of bodyguards of a parliamentary candidate in the province.
    The reporter’s name is Abdul Fattah Fayez, who is the correspondent of Radio Resalat in Kapisa.

    Ataullah Anas, Director of Radio Resalat, told The Afghanistan Journalists Center that Abdul Fattah Fayez, while covering the voting process in Hase Awal Kohistan District in Kapisa province on Saturday, was beaten by 4 bodyguards of a parliamentary candidate, Abdul Zahir hakimzada, And then the attackers intended to take him to another place but did not succeed because of the district’s secretary’s disagreement.

    Hakim Zadeh’s bodyguards, took the phone of the reporter which contained photographic evidence of the electoral abuses and fraud committed by the candidate.
    The spokesman for Kapisa governor said the local authorities have been seeking investigations after the incident.

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    Ashraf Ghani Emphasises on Holding Parliamentary Elections in Ghazni

    Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, addressing the Cabinet meeting today, emphasized that the issue of parliamentary elections in Ghazni province should be resolved soon.
    President Ghani called on the second vice president, Sarwar Danish, and first deputy Chief Executive, Engineer Mohammad Khan, for the immediate solution to the challenge facing the Ghazni elections.

    “The Kandahar elections will be held on Saturday next week, and I would like to call on the second vice president, Sarwar Danish, and first deputy Chief Executive, Engineer Mohammad Khan to resolve the issue of Ghazni elections as soon as possible so that all the people of this province can contribute to this national process,” he said at the meeting.

    President Ghani also emphasized at the meeting that the Afghan National Security continues to actively investigate the recent terrorist incidents, including the case of Jabbar Ghahraman, a parliamentary candidate from Helmand province, and the assassination of Kandahar police chief, General Abdul Raziq.
    “Our main call is to identify those involved in these plots,” he added.

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    Taliban Mutilate Finger of Helmand Resident for Casting Vote

    A resident of Greshk district, Hafizullah, has told reporters of Pajhwok that the armed Taliban had mutilated one of his fingers on Thursday morning because he had voted in the parliamentary election.

    The head of Bost Hopsital in Helmand, Dr Ahmadzia Hayat confirmed to Hushdar Media the severe injury of the person as well.

    According to this resident of Greshk district, the Taliban took him with them and hurt him while he was on the way to Kandahar after he voted in the elections on Sunday.

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    US Drone Strike Kills Taliban Insurgents in Nuristan

    Not less than half a dozen Taliban militants have been reportedly killed in a U.S. drone strike in Nur Geram district of eastern Nuristan, according to 201st Silab Corps of the Afghan Military in the East.

    The militants were targeted as per the 201st Silab Corps in the Ganda Labok area of the district. No statement has been issued by the Taliban yet.

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    Nangarhar Residents Shut Torkham-Jalalabad Highway for Traffic

    To convey the message of their frustration over the killing of civilians by Afghan security forces, the residents of Nangarhar have closed the Torkham-Jalalabad highway for any traffic movement.

    The residents claim that 17 civilians lost their lives on Tuesday as a result of Afghan special forces operations in the eastern part of Nangarhar.

    However, according to local officials’ comment to Radio Azadi, the highway might have been reopened to traffic.

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    22 Insurgents Killed and Wounded, 1 Taliban Local Commander Arrested across Afghanistan

    Ministry of Defense has informed of Security officials reporting that 22 terrorists have been killed or wounded across 7 provinces of Afghanistan.

    As a result of the invasive, airborne and cleanup operations of the security forces over the past 24 hours in the provinces of Ghazni, Helmand, Kandahar, Farah, Badakhshan Logar and Balkh, 12 insurgents were killed and 10 others wounded.

    The statement added that during these operations, 1 taliban local commander was arrested, and a significant amount of ammunition and explosives belonging to the terrorists were also seized.

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    Family of Taliban IED Expert Killed by Own Bomb in Faryab

    A Taliban IED expert’s wife and children were killed in an incident of explosion by self in Faryab, as per a statement of the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in the North.

    According to the statement, the incident took place within the house of a famous Taliban IED expert identified as Sadruddin.

    The statement further added that Sadruddin was making an IED when a pre-mature explosion happened, claiming his family.

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    NPC Approves 14 New Projects to the Tune of AFG 2.2 Billion

    As per a statement issued by the Office of President, it has been announced that the National Procurement Council on Wednesday approved 14 new projects which have a gross value of AFG 2.2 Billion.

    Key approvals include the first phase of road between Maruf and Arghistan in Kandahar, printing of 12.2 million books in Dari and Pashto for the Ministry of Education, procurement of 118 types of medicines for Ministry of Public Health, and contract for linking 120 sites of Salam network through ABS7 satellite.

    Some other approvals include contract for Ministry of Finance, project for concrete works in Herat customs department, procurement of gas for the National Directorate of Security, procurement of stationery items for the army units, and recommendation by ministry of defense for the procurement of 29 medical items for the Chief of Staff medical facility, extension of fiber optics services in 43 sites for the strategic network of the telecommunications directorate of the Chief of Staff’s office of the Afghan military, and procurement of 13 food items for the Afghan police, police special forces, public order police, and 404 Maiwand Zone.

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    Chief Executive Abdullah Meets US Ambassador Bass, Discuss Elections

    As per the statement of CEO Office on Wednesday, CEO Abdullah visited US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass to discuss elections, security progression and political developments.

    Ambassador Bass was glad to express that he was pleased with the elections and congratulated Afghan people, calling the elections a step forward.

    CEO Abdullah right after elections last weekend made it clear that people’s participation in elections was an open defiance and a no to terrorism and insurgents. He said that “The Taliban wanted to build a blood stream, but the Taliban were defeated and the Taliban’s thoughts and ideas were rejected.”

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    Afghanistan, India and Iran Hold First Trilateral Meeting on Chabahar Port

    The first trilateral meeting between India, Afghanistan and Iran of the Coordination Council of the Chabahar Agreement took place on Tuesday in Tehran.

    The three sides discussed about the full operationalisation of the port and the trilateral agreement. It was also decided to constitute a Follow-up committee that will hold its first meeting within two months in Chabahar Port, Iran.

    Coordination Council’s next meeting will be held next year in New Delhi.