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    Developing: Two Policemen Injured In PD5 Kabul Grenade Attack

    It has been reported by officials that in the grenade attack that happened in PD5 area of Kabul, 2 policemen were injured.

    Earlier sources in Kabul Police confirmed that there was an explosion in PD5 of Kabul and that hand grenades were thrown at the check post in PD 5 of Kabul. No one has claimed responsibility so far.

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    Breaking: Explosion in PD5, Kabul

    Sources in Kabul Police have confirmed that there was an explosion in PD5 of Kabul.

    Some media outlets report that hand grenades were thrown at the check post. The nature of the explosions are not clear.

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    President Ghani Meets Japan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan

    President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday met with Japan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Mitsuji Suzaka as well as the president of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Shinichi Kitaoka, as per a statement by the President’s Office.

    “We use JICA’s document [Support for Urban Development Sector in Kabul] as a basis for preparing a developmental framework for Kabul,” said President Ghani as per the press release.

    The statement also informed that Mr Kenji Takahashi, JICA’s technical assistance project’s team leader, had presented an overview of JICA’s Support for Urban Development Sector in Kabul in the meeting.

    President Ghani also thanked and commended his efforts for Japan’s assistance to Afghanistan by calling it “effective and comprehensive” and talked about the “deep rooted cultural and historical relations” that Afghanistan and Japan share

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    Asian Development Bank Approves $75 m Grant to Help Horticulture Value Chains in Afghanistan

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Wednesday approved a $75 million grant to aid the development of the horticulture value chains in Afghanistan, in an aim to empower the farmers, crop producers, and agri-enterprises.

    The Horticulture Value Chain Development Sector Project aims to improve agricultural productivity and food security in Afghanistan, and also in the process, help promote business association between agro-businesses and farmers. This project is set to help increase the growth in this particular subsector of horticulture value chains which generally has been lacking adequate finances and infrastructure.

    “For the enterprises, the horticulture project will help provide pre-cooling rooms; packhouse, sorting, or grading buildings and equipment; storage facilities; processing equipment and machinery; a quality control accredited laboratory; tissue culture laboratory; and an introduction to international best practices for horticulture processing plants. As part of the risk-sharing mechanism and sustainable financial management of the project, selected enterprises will have to contribute 50% of subproject costs and implementation,” the grant statement by ADB added.

    Farmers are also going to benefit significantly from this project.
    Thus, this project has three-pronged benefits; to agri-enterprises, to farmers and for a larger cause of better food security and boosting the export potential of Afghanistan.

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    Ministry of Finance Presents National Budget for Parliamentary Approval

    The Ministry of Finance presented AF 399 billion national budget of financial year 1398 for an approval from the parliament.

    According to the Deputy Ministry of Finance for revenue and customs, on Wednesday, national budget document of FY 1398 was present, and he said that out of 399 billion Afghanis, 124 billion were allocated to the development budget and 275 billion have been allocated to the regular budget.

    While, Afghanistan faces budget deficits in fiscal year 98 with 2.3 billion Afghanis,
    Afghanistan has collected revenue of 387 billion afghanis this year, 51% of which has been funded by donor countries.

    Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue and Customs, Abdullah Raqibi, while addressing the parliament emphasized that the security challenges, the involvement of powerful people in the revenue collection, the tax evasion of private companies, lack of effective cooperation of security institutions at the time of revenue collection, the time-demanding implementation of development projects and smuggling of goods from neighboring countries to Afghanistan are the serious challenges facing the national revenue in the country.

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    61 Insurgents Killed Across 3 Provinces

    The Ministry of Defense has issued statements to inform that a total of 61 insurgents were killed across Ghazni, Nangarhar and Jowzjan province by the ANA airstrikes and clearing operations.

    Additionally, 11 of the insurgents were also wounded.

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    Television Presenter Stabbed in Kabul

    Zamir Quraishi, the television presenter of state-run agency was reportedly assaulted by an unknown person in Kabul on Tuesday night. He was stabbed by the stranger.

    It is still unknown what the reason of the assault was and whether it was some political/work-related motive.

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    Deputy NSA Resigns

    Abdul Hakim Noorzai, a deputy head of NSA office, has quit his position.
    Mr. Noorzai expressed in his resignation statement that he resigned because of sympathizing with the victims of security incidents during the parliamentary elections.

    He went on to say that: “I resign from my position to pay respect to and sympathize with my sisters and my brothers, and those who, despite the high security threats, went to polling centers to vote but some of them were killed and wounded and a number of them were deprived of their right to vote and returned to their homes due to the negligence and incompetence of the IEC staff. “

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    Heavy Rain, Flash Floods Alert in 15 Provinces

    The Afghanistan Meteorological Department has issued a weather warning for possibility of heavy rain and flash floods, and even snow across 15 provinces of Afghanistan.

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    22 Projects Launched in Khost

    The Independent Directorate of Local Governance announced in a statement that the construction work of 22 projects was launched in Khost province.

    Governor of Khost, Hukam Khan Habibi and the Minister Of Rural and Rehabilitation Development Mujiburahman together inaugurated the construction of Karwan Sarai road, bridges and pipe schemes on Wednesday.

    A total sum of 281 million Afghanis are to be spent on these projects according to IDLG.

    Mujiburahman also announced a new power supply project in Khost province, which will benefit 80,000 households Matun, Zazai Maidan, Bak, Ali Sher, Tanio and Greo districts.

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    Wolesi Jirga forms Delegation to Probe General Raziq’s Assassination

    The lower house of the parliament on Thursday set up a delegation to investigate the assassination of General Raziq, the late Kandahar Police Chief.

    Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the speaker of the lower house of the parliament, urged the delegation to report to the parliament as soon as they reviewed the incident.

    Previously, Kandahar MP, Lalai Hamidzai, had criticized the statements of National Security Director, Masum Stanikzai, regarding the assassination of General Raziq.
    Hamidzai said that the Kandahar police chief had been assassinated by regional intelligence.

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    Parliament: Uruzgan Calamity should be Stopped Urgently

    Wolsi Jerga Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, called the Taliban assault on civilians in Uruzgan as a calamity and called on the government to end this humanitarian catastrophe as soon as possible.

    According to the speaker of the lower house of the parliament, the Taliban have carried out a massacre in Uruzgan Khas district of Uruzgan and Malistan district of Ghazni province.

    The Speaker also asked the Emergency Committee to deal with the displaced people as quickly as possible.

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    NPC Approves 6 Projects Worth AFG 1.5 Billion, President Directs Parliament Related Projects to be Reviewed First

    The National Procurement Commission headed by President Ghani on Monday approved 6 new projects valuing AFG 1.5 billion.

    The approved contracts include those for road maintenance machinery, amendment of construction of various roads, for procurement of laboratory equipment related to Ministry of Mines, for technical service for customs and revenue directorate, and finally for procurement of diesel, petrol and kerosene and security equipment for Wolesi Jirga.

    Another important development in the meeting was when President Ashraf Ghani emphasised that projects related to upper and lower houses of parliament should be reviewed and all “involved authorities should be prosecuted and publicised to the people,” as per the statement issued.

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    MoE Announces 11 Director-Level Posts for Women

    To encourage gender-equality in government offices, the Ministry of Education has come out with an announcement, presenting 11 new director-level position openings exclusively for women. The recruitment will take place through an open competition according to an official who told Pajhwok.

    The director-level posts are civil services positions which are typically filled by those who clear the civil services exam. However this is a new concept to recruit women by open competitions, thus widening the scope of gender-equality and women empowerment in leadership positions of workplaces.

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    Developing: Farah Governor Spokesperson Confirms Crash and Casualties

    The spokesperson to Farah governor, Mohammad Nasir Mahdi informed Reporterly that the helicopter crashed in the Dahane Jamal Ghazi area located between Anar Dara and Shindand districts.

    25 were on board and killed which include Farid Bakhtawar, Head of provincial council of farah, Jamila Amini, Member of PC and Nematullah Khalil, Deputy of 207th Zafar corps and other ANA soldiers. He said that the bad weather was the reason for the crush. but the Taliban have claimed responsibility of the crash.

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    Breaking: Military Helicopter Crashes in Farah

    Officials have confirmed that a military helicopter suffered a crash on Wednesday morning in the Anar Dara district of Farah.

    Two choppers were flying together when one crashed according to Zafar Military Corps spokesperson Najibullah Najibi.

    More details to follow

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    Most in The Staff Vehicle Targeted by Explosion were Women Security

    Security officials have confirmed that the death toll is surging from the explosion that took place on Wednesday morning and attacked Pul-e-Charkhi prison employees’ vehicle. The death toll now stands at 7 dead and 10 others have been wounded.

    The security officials also informed TOLONews that the staff vehicle mostly consisted of women employees.

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    Casualties Rise in Explosion at PD9, Kabul

    Ministry of Interior officials confirm that an explosion took place near the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in PD9 of Kabul.
    Reportedly, the blast targeted the gate of the prison and it was a suicide attack.

    Casualties now stand at 7 killed and 10 wounded.