Kabul: Well, a day after India hosted security czars of almost all Central Asian countries to discuss the fragile security situation of Afghanistan, Pakistan too held the Troika Plus meet on Afghanistan on Thursday with diplomats from the United States, Russia and China and even an official from the acting Taliban government. Islamabad warned the international community not to isolate the war-torn nation

11 November 2021

Kabul: Well, its yet another meet on the security situation on fragile Afghanistan, but here’s the caveat- it’s the first time that almost all Central Asian countries have come together on the same table to discuss the future of the war-torn country after Taliban’s takeover. Go deeper: The regional security summit hosted by India was attended by the national security advisers of seven other

10 November 2021

Kabul: Sirajuddin Haqqani, the acting Afghan Taliban interior minister and commander of the Haqqani network, has managed to bring the Pakistani Taliban and their government to the negotiating table and mediated a one-month ceasefire between both the parties.
Go deeper: This was revealed by Pakistani Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry in a Twitter message. The Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman also confirmed

10 November 2021

Kabul: The Presidency announced on Saturday that President Ashraf Ghani had donated 40 million afghanis to address the situation of IDPs. President Ghani said that a camp will be set up to house the displaced and that all the necessary facilities, including electricity mosques and other facilities, will be provided. "I will help the IDPs with 40 million afghanis and all the activities will

14 August 2021