Taliban’s Courts Orders More Barbaric Punishments As Floggings Continue Across Afghanistan

Credit: Afghanistan International

What happened? In another case of barbaric brutality, the Taliban said that they flogged “seven men and women” accused of moral crimes at a stadium in Firuzkooh city, the capital of Ghor Province on December 4.

Go deeper:

  • Abdul Wahid Hamas, a spokesman for the Taliban governor in Ghor, said, “The Court of Maraafa in Ghor Province has sentenced seven individuals, including a woman, to various crimes, including sexual issues, illegitimate relations, and drinking wine.”
  • The punishment was carried out in the presence of Ghor residents.
  • “Four men were hit by 39 lashes for drinking wine, three for running away from home, while for illegitimate relationships the punishment was of 27 lashes, which was also carried out on a woman,” Rahman Fayez, head of the provincial appellate court, told Taliban-controlled Bakhtar news agency.

Back story: Recently on November 14, Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, announced that the group’s leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, has ordered judges to fully implement aspects of Islamic law. Mujahid quoted Akhundzada as saying, “Those cases in which all the sharia (Islamic law) conditions of hudud and qisas have been fulfilled, you are obliged to implement. This is the ruling of sharia, and my command, which is obligatory.”

  • Since, then Taliban officials have been carrying out these brutal forms of punishment in full public glare, at football stadiums, marketplaces, and have even warned the public not to film these.
  • Earlier, the Taliban had flogged 20 people on various charges in Taloqan city of Takhar province after the Friday prayers.
  • Later, the Taliban officials in Logar province also announced that they had publicly flogged 12 people on various charges.

Zoom out: Taliban courts have carried out flogging sentences in recent weeks in various provinces, which have been condemned by representatives of various countries and international organizations.

  • Hugo Shorter, the Chargé d’Affaires of the UK Mission in Afghanistan, had said that he is shocked to see public floggings.
  • Amnesty International also has called on the Taliban to immediately halt hardline practices, like public floggings, as punishments meted out by the group’s court. It said that these punishments are just another step in the legalisation of inhuman practices by the Taliban’s cruel justice system and exposes the de-facto authorities’ complete disregard for international human rights law.
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