2018 Bloodiest & Most Dangerous Year for Afghan Media: NAI

Nai (SOMA) Supporting Open Media, Afghanistan has reported that 2018 is the bloodiest and most dangerous year for the media in Afghanistan.

Abdulmujib Khalwatgar, the executive director of NAI, said on Thursday that 196 cases of violence against journalists have been recorded this year, showing an increase of 18 percent compared with last year’s 166 cases.

20 media reporters and media workers were killed this year and 20 others were injured, according to figures.

11 cases of attacks on the media, 34 cases of assault, 52 cases of insults, 9 cases of detention, and one case of abduction were recorded, as well as 49 people complained about the lack of access to information in 2018, according to NAI

Khalwatgar added that 55% of the violence was committed by the government and individuals within the government, 23% of the violence was reported to be committed by the Taliban and the terrorists, 14% by unidentified people and 8% by the general public and by civilians.

This comes after a report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) informed that Afghanistan was the third deadliest country in 2017 for violence against media workers.

Additionally, the Committee to Protect Journalist also estimated that Afghanistan was the most dangerous country for journalists in the year 2018, in their annual analysis.

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