6 ‘Taliban’ Commanders Killed In Herat Airstrike As Residents Allege Civilian Casualties

Herat governor’s office claimed that six Taliban local commanders were killed and several other commanders were wounded, in an airstrike in the Guzara district of the province on Wednesday.

Jelani Farhad, the governor’s spokesperson, said that the strike was conducted in the Kham Ziarat area of the district.

According to Farhad’s list, the fatalities include the local commanders for Guzara, Adraskan, Pashtun Zarghun districts of the province: Abdullah Akbari, Mawlavi Haidar, Mullah Rahmatullah, Zabiullah Akbari, Mullah Mohammad (known as Idres), and Mullah Abdulhaq (known as Osama).

Farhad said that the commanders had all gathered to make plans for attacking government installations and Herat city.

However, media reports have given two different claims from the residents of the district, but both indicate civilian casualties.

One version claims that the airstrike took place when residents had gathered to meet a local Taliban commander who had been released from Bagram prison. The residents claimed that six civilians were killed, including a child, while six others were wounded in the airstrike.

Another report said that at least eight civilians were killed and nearly 20 wounded when the airstrike targeted a wedding party. Witnesses also claimed that the aircraft went on to target those who were fleeing the area after the bombing.
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Women and children were among the dead.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesperson Qari Yusuf Ahmadi said that 20 civilians were killed or wounded in “two airstrikes” in the Guzara district.

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