Ad Blitz Urged Biden Administration to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

An ad blitz by American war veterans, urging the Biden administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, is set to begin this week, a media outlet reported on Monday.

Concerned Veterans for America, a Koch-backed group, is spearheading the digital ad campaign for the withdrawal of all remaining US troops from Afghanistan by May.

American news website Axios reported the war veterans could initially pump $1.25 million into their nationwide ad campaign. One of the ads asks viewers to urge the White House and elected representatives to bring the troops home.

“What we would like to do is find ways to work with the administration where there’s common ground,” Will Ruger, vice-president of Stand Together, a Koch Network organization, was quoted as saying.

Ruger added: “We have to hold them accountable. …The president will talk about ending the war there, but then keep a counterterrorism force — and that’s a contradiction. And I think that contradiction needs to be remembered by the public.”

The campaign has generated more than 700,000 emails to Washington leaders, urging them to bring the conflict in Afghanistan 00 the longest war in US history — to an end.

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