Afghan Achievements like Freedom of Press and Speech Not to be Compromised with in Peace Talks: Second VP Danish

Second Vice President Sarwar Danish while addressing an event for Access to Information Commission on Sunday, expressed that peace with Taliban is indeed one of the main priorities of the NUG. He said “The Afghan government and people have welcomed and continue to welcome any steps towards peace”.

But, Danish continued to say “The Afghan nation has made important achievements in the last decades, which cannot be compromised in peace talks. Among those achievements are freedom of speech and free press.”

He explained that without any access to information, it will not be possible to have a lasting freedom of expression in Afghanistan. Hence, he said that access to information is one of the approaches to fight corruption.

At the event, Abdul Subhan Rouf, the Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation deputy head of Administrative office of the president announced “Among the 15 individuals who were eligible for access to information commission, 5 of them are Aynuddin Bahadori, Zahra Musawi, Hamdullah Arbab, Najiba Maram and Fazl Bari Barialai” and he said that these people have been appointed as new members of the commission.

Husnia Safi, the Acting Minister of Ministry of Information and Culture explained that the above mentioned 5 individuals who have been introduced as new members of the Access to Information Commission, have a working time of five years for three of them and three years for other two. She clarified that these members have been only appointed for one term.

Additionally, Sayed Ikram Afzali, the acting head of access to Information Commission expressed that “One of the achievements of the Access to Information Commission is the formulation of an access to information strategy by consulting the media, civil society and government institutions, which provides a clear vision and guidance for culture of access to information.”

Najiba Maram, one of the new members of the Access to Information Commission spoke at the event and said “Afghanistan has had significant improvement in access to information. Access to information should not be restricted just to the capital but should spread to distant districts as well.”

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