Afghan Industry Grew by 8% in 2019

Zuhoruddin Sherzadah, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce announced that Afghan industry grew by 8% in comparison to last year, “our exports have increased and imports decreased”.

He explained that investment has taken place in two sectors of heavy and light industry, for example; about 0 million in iron and steel industry, $ 520 million in oil refining industry, and $ 230 million in the flour production industry, were invested.
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“We have about 25 industrial parks across the country, including 18 provinces, which covers more than 32,000 acres of land”, Sherzadah said.

He added that part of the projects under construction in 1398 are being worked on on an infrastructure project in 5 industrial parks worth 70 million AFN.

In the same conference, Manizhah Wafiq, Head of AWCCI said that since last year, they have been granted a contract by National Procurement Authority and work is underway for more projects.

“The hope for the ease of air and ground transportation for women has led to an investment of $ 200,000 in process of packaging dried fruits and saffron”,Wafiq said.

She also said that with the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, they have been able to create a bussines brand “Afghan women’s product”. By this brand, women can compete in domestic and foreign markets.

Shirbaz Kaminzadah, Head of ACIM said that “The growth of industry and trade is promising comparing to recent years, and it indicates the self-sufficiency of Afghans”.

It was added that Afghanistan has reached self-sufficiency in 35 sectors so far, as it produces 42 construction materials all over the country.

Afghans supporting domestic products has also added an impetus to import substitution and self-reliance.
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