Afghan Leg-Spinner Rashid Khan Awarded Game Changer Award, His First In IPL19

Yesterday night while facing Kings XI Punjab, Rashid Khan took the ball out of the court for good. The Afghanistan stalwart won the game changer award in the game team put a target of 213 runs in front of the opposition and successfully won the game. The credit has to fall in the lap of Rashid Khan who has been performing breathtakingly since the start of his career.

In the match, he took three wickets, two out of which were consecutive. Although there wasn’t a hattrick, the leg spinner conceded merely 20 runs in four over to snatch the winning moment for his team. Rashid Khan has proved to be the most successful investment and rather the best choice that Sunrisers Hyderabad team has ever made.

The player cleverly leveraged the game plan of the Punjab players to his benefit and handled the peculiar situation rather fruitfully. With a strike rate of 24 so far in the IPL, Rashid Khan has no plans to stop just yet. It is, in fact, a rise of three wickets in total from the previous season where the score was 21. Having given, a performance as such where the game was indeed changed owing to the terrific player from Afghanistan, it was not hard to guess the beholder fo the ‘Game Changer Award’.

Rashid Khan is one of those players who creates a longing for the batsman to play him on the ground and prove their worth. Post winning the first game changer award of his IPL career, Rashid has unknowingly given a warning to not just the IPL teams but for players facing him in any forthcoming matches either in IPL or at the global platform. Rashid Khan is a live wire in the field who with his efficient playing skills forces the opposing team to collapse for good.

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