Afghan NSA: We will retaliate for last night’s attack in Kabul

Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib condemned last night’s attack in PD 9 of Kabul, saying that they will retaliate for the attack.

In a statement issued by the Afghan National Security Council, Hamdullah Moheb in response to last night’s attack in Kabul said: “Enemies once again, by carrying out terrorist attacks, targeted the civilians majority of whom are children and committed unforgivable crimes.
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He emphasized that while we are struggling for peace and stability and building a regional consensus, the enemy uses every opportunity to sabotage the peace process.

The national security adviser went on to say that they will not remain silent against this crime and will investigate the attack and take revenge.

He further warned the perpetrators of the attack that “anyone behind the attacks should not think that their crime will remain unanswered.”

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