Afghan school-girls join ISIL: Member of HoR

A member of the Afghan parliament has pointed to the horrifying information that girls of Afghan descent may be joining ISIL despite hailing from schools in Kabul.

Mohammad Arif Rahmani, a member of the House of Representatives and the High Council of the Enlightenment Movement, wrote in a Facebook status post while quoting a reliable source at the National Directorate of Security: “Adolescent girls studying in some religious schools who are now joining ISIL terrorist group make up a new and serious national security threat. ”

A reliable source in NDS, confirming this, told Mr. Rahmani that these girls are taken to Achin district of Nangarhar province for suicide attacks trainings.

According to the report, a number of these girls were arrested by police and NDS forces.

According to this member of the House of Representatives, these girls have been recruited by ISIL from schools in Kabul!

Regarding this, Mr Rahmani has stated: “What has not been paid attention to by government officials in any way is that these schools need supervision and management.”Unfortunately, the terrorist groups, using the weaknesses and negligence of government bodies, have been manipulating the religious schools and the education process at those schools for many years, and they are relying on such institutions for their own terrorist purposes and recruitment.A member of the High Council of the Enlightenment Movement emphasized that the consequence of this indifference and negligence is that ISIL and Takfiri groups today are penetrating into these schools in order to recruit and attract students.

He said that this situation is posing a new threat to the Afghan national security.

Mr. Rahmani has asked the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs and the National Directorate of Security to monitor the situation of education in all these religious centres so as to prevent the recruitment of girls and boys by takfiri groups.

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