Afghan Women’s Network Urges Qatari Leader’s Mother to Call on Taliban to Declare Ceasefire

In a letter, Afghan Women’s Network has urged Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the mother of Qatari leader, to call on the Taliban to declare a temporary ceasefire for the remainder of Ramadan.

“Since the Taliban representatives currently reside in Doha, Qatar, we urge your Highness to call on them to declare a temporary ceasefire for at least the remainder of Ramadan to bring an end to the ongoing bloodshed of Afghans and allow us to focus on responding to COVID-19 and the needs of millions of our country’s men, women and children,” AWN wrote to Sheikha Moza, who is also the wife of a former Emir of Qatar.

“We have heard and read stories of your generosity to people in need. As the women of Afghanistan who are losing our lives and the lives of our beloved ones daily, because of attacks by the Taliban, we are humbly urging you to personally take a stance and support our call for a temporary COVID-19 ceasefire in Afghanistan, to be followed by an inclusive and reconciliatory political settlement with a permanent ceasefire and peace for all,” AWN wrote.

Afghan government, US, EU, UN and OIC have called on the Taliban to declare ceasefire, but the group has rejected it.

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