Afghanistan Freedom Front Claims to Have Killed 2 Taliban Members In An Operation in Kabul


The latest: The Afghanistan Freedom Front has claims that as a result of an attack by its members on a Taliban outpost in Kabul, two Taliban fighters had been killed and another was wounded.


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  • The attack took place at 9pm on Sunday at a Taliban outpost in the Khair Khana area of Kabul’s 11th security district.
  • The group announced the attack through a newsletter and a video on its Twitter page, but did not mention any potential casualties among its own forces.
  • Residents of the 315 area in Kabul also reported hearing gunfire in the area. The Taliban have not yet commented on the incident.
  • According to reports, this is the second attack by Afghanistan Freedom Front forces on Taliban positions in Kabul since the beginning of the solar year.
  • The Afghan Freedom Front has also carried out attacks against the Taliban in Baghlan, Kapisa, Zabul, Badakhshan, and Kandahar.


Back story: Last month, the group also claimed that several Taliban fighters were killed as a result of an attack on a Taliban military center in the Pul-e-Charkhi area of Kabul.

  • The modus operandi of AFF which involves hand grenades and improvised explosive devise (IEDs), targeted killings, and other guerrilla-based tactics.
  • The group has claimed attacks on Taliban targets in several provinces, from Badakhshan in the north to Kandahar in the south, offering as proof night-time videos of fighting.


Zoom out: This is the first operation by the Freedom Front since clashes with the Taliban in Salang on April 16. In the attack, the front lost Akmal Amir, and six key forces.

  • The Front for Liberation of Afghanistan said it would avenge every drop of blood of its men and “the suffering of the defenseless people under the Taliban.”


Meanwhile, in another development, the National Resistance Front (NRF) also claimed that two fighters of Taliban had been killed and at least four others were wounded, in an attack by the forces of this front on a Taliban outpost in Parwan province.

  • According to sources, this attack was carried out at 0300hrs on Monday, in ​​Bagram district and the Taliban’s outpost was first attacked with a rocket attack and then, NRF members clashed with fighters of the Taliban.
  • Taliban have not yet commented about this issue.
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