Afghanistan is Continuing to Find a Better Tomorrow: UN Resident Coordinator for Afghanistan Toby Lanzer

Toby Lanzer, the UN Resident Coordinator in Afghanistan spoke for a UN Web TV special series.

He pointed out that Afghanistan has always been a country where UN has had its focus.

He did admit that there are challenges that face the country.

But he pointed about the recent parliamentary elections in October 2018, and also confirmed about the presidential elections that are to take place in April 2019.

He expressed that “There is a conflict which is ongoing [in Afghanistan] that we are challenged by-drought-which is the worst in many years in the country”.

But Mr Lanzer was quick to point out the various signs of progress in Afghanistan: “The economy is growing. There are newfound opportunities for peace;
Trade has expanded multifold over the last few year, in particular with central asia”.

He conceded that “There are many challenges in Afghanistan on the ground and the country team and all of us there are really wanting to work for the people, and for a country that is more stable, could be at peace and is continuing to find a better tomorrow”.

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