Afghanistan to be an Exporter Country: President Ghani at Chabahar Shipment Export Inaugural Ceremony in Nimroz

On Sunday, the first shipment of Afghan exports is to set sail for India via the Chabahar port of Iran. President Ghani inaugurated the shipment from Zaranj City, Nimroz province and while addressing the inaugural ceremony, he was happy to announce that, Nimroz is turning from a deprived province into a key province.

President wrote that Afghanistan is not a landlocked country, it is the heart of Asia and that Afghanistan is turning into an exporter country.

Afghanistan’s exports will reach $2 billion in one year, pointed Ghani, while adding that no one can deceive an Afghan in commerce.

“We increased Afghanistan’s revenue 90 percent in four years. No country has become rich with foreign aid and 18 billion Afghanis have been saved in procurement. For the first time, 92 percent of development budget spent”, Ghani added in his address.

On the matter of Women’s jirga, the president clarified that t will be held in Kabul in few days.

Ghani also made remarks on the Presidential election, saying they would be held in due time as it is prescribed by constitution and wanted by the Afghan people. “There is no religious legitimacy for continuing war”, as he turned the discussion towards the ongoing conflict.

Recently, the president announced that he has called for an inclusive consultative Grand Assembly for peace process, “This country is a country of jirga; in a jirga, everything can be resolved. I want all the Afghan people to take part in consultative Loya Jirga”.

Addressing at the same inaugural ceremony, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan said that Afghanistan’s exports to India increased nearly 40 percent after launch of air corridor. Sunday’s shipment from Nimroz is a watershed development for the trade status of Afghanistan.

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